NG BB 11 Power Steering


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NG BB 11 Power Steering

  2. 2. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOCPI Roadmap – Define 8-STEP PROCESS 6. See 1.Validate 2. Identify 3. Set 4. Determine 5. Develop 7. Confirm 8. Standardize Counter- the Performance Improvement Root Counter- Results Successful Measures Problem Gaps Targets Cause Measures & Process Processes Through Define Measure Analyze Improve Control ACTIVITIES TOOLS • Identify Problem •Project Charter • Validate Problem Statement •Project Selection Tools • Establish Strategic Alignment •Value Stream Map • Gather Voice of the Customer & Business •Various Financial Analysis • Create Goal Statement •Effective Meeting Skills • Validate Business Case •Stakeholder Analysis • Determine Project Scope •Communication Plan • Select and Launch Team •SIPOC Map • Develop Project Timeline •High-Level Process Map • Create Communication Plan •Project Management Tools • Prepare High-Level Process Map / SIPOC •VOC and Kano Analysis • Complete Define Tollgate •RACI and Quad Charts •Strategic Alignment 2 Note: Activities and tools vary by project. Lists provided here are not necessarily all-inclusive. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  3. 3. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOLearning Objectives • Learn how to navigate through the Power Steering tool • Understand the Black Belt‟s responsibility • Understand how to use the tool to track projects progress 3 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  4. 4. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOPower Steering Power Steering is a knowledge management and project tracking tool used to: • Track DoD CPI projects • Access and store project tools and templates • Track project progress by phase • Manage gate approvals • Share project best practices and provide replication opportunities DEPMS – Defense Enterprise Project Management System 4 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  5. 5. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOAccessing Power Steering To get into PowerSteering, you need the following: 1) PowerSteering URL 2) User name and password • National Guard students who attend Black Belt training will have a PS account set up for them • You will receive an email with your PowerSteering URL and login information - User name: Your email address - Password: A temporary password will be sent in the email BLACK BELT ROLE: Enter your project into Power Steering Keep your project updated 5 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  6. 6. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOGeneral NavigationPower Steering Navigation Menu (blue bar)• Home Takes you back to Home page• Inbox View Questions, Alerts and Status Reports Due• Browse Various Power Steering functions that you can access• Important Links Quick links to import areas on the site• Last Visited Tracks your most recent activities for quick reference• Search Simple keyword search 6 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  7. 7. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOGeneral Navigation The Help button provides additional training and Help Important Links information and also is used provides easy access for submitting Help Desk to Tools and Requests. Templates, Reference Guides, Tutorials, and other important information. 7 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  8. 8. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOGeneral Navigation Click on Browse to access various options as shown including updating your profile and customizing your PowerSteering views. Work Tree contains special information folders. You can also start a new project from here by clicking on “Create New Work”. 8 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  9. 9. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOGeneral Navigation From the Home Page, use these Quick Links that provide shortcuts to common tasks. Note the option to Create New Work from here versus clicking “Browse” then “Create New Work”. They both get you to the same page for creating a new project. 9 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  10. 10. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOGeneral Navigation Under Browse, >My Settings, > Preferences you can customize your Home Page. You can display various formats on your home page. For instance, “Dashboard” provides an overview of all projects that you are involved with. This is informational - the default is already set to display basic home page 10 information. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  11. 11. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOUpdating Your Power Steering Profile Access your profile at the top right corner or under “Browse”. Click on your name and select Edit Profile. Make sure all of your information is up-to-date, especially this section, which is used to give your organization credit for your training (for organizations who use Power Steering as their primary CPI data collection system). 11 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  12. 12. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOInviting A New Power Steering User From the “Browse” option, select “Invite/Create New User” under “People” Step 1: Red dot items are mandatory. As a basic user, you can only invite someone into Power Steering with “view only” privileges. (See your Deployment Director to assign someone editing privileges.) Step 2: Once you‟re finished The individual can fill in this filling in the red dot items, information when they log select “Invite”. The individual into Power Steering. will receive an Outlook email invite to join Power Steering. 12 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  13. 13. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOLocating An Existing Project Find existing projects easily using any of the following methods: (1) On your Home page - your projects should be listed per your User Preference setup. (2) Use the Search button. (3) Select Browse, Work Tree, find your organization, then select your project. (4) Use the Quick Link Find a project or idea and enter search words. 13 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  14. 14. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Replication Check Define Template I confirm that:  DEPMS (DoD Enterprise Performance Management System) has been searched for similar projects: Yes / No  Replication: List relevant initiatives / potential replication projects found (if any): • Project 1: (DEPMS # or other tracking tool project number) • Project 2:  Collaboration: Identify organizations that can/should be considered for working this project collaboratively: • Organization 1: • Organization 2: Required Deliverable 14 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  15. 15. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOCreating a DMAIC Project 1) Click on Create New Work 2) Select project work type from the pull-down menu 3) Select Continue Most common Project Work Types: •Non-gated project (AKA “Just Do It” or JDI) •Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) •DMAIC gated project 15 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  16. 16. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOCreating a DMAIC Project Fields with red dot are required. Enter your project name. Hint: Enter the full name of the project - spelled out. Also include acronyms - it helps when searching for your project. Enter organization information. 16 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  17. 17. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOCreating a DMAIC Project Under Parent, click the drop down to select your project location in the Work Tree; this pop up window of the work tree will appear. Use the drop downs to select your organization levels – this is the organization who is the lead and will get credit for the project. Go as low as you can go! Important: This is the most common error people tend to make. Select exactly where you want the project to reside under. Look to find your sub-organization under the parent org. 17 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  18. 18. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOCreating a DMAIC Project Mandatory fields to fill out: • Your project‟s problem statement • The project‟s business case – why is it important to the organization? • The project‟s goal statement • Team members • Scope of the project 18 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  19. 19. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOCreating a DMAIC Project Step 1 To add Team Members: 1) Search by a person‟s name/partial name. If the person‟s name doesn‟t appear, then they are not registered in PowerSteering and you cannot add them as part of the team in this section. See your Deployment Director or Master Black Belt to determine if that person should be registered in PowerSteering. Step 2 2) Drag and drop the name under the appropriate role: a) Project Lead: The person creating the project is automatically set as Project Lead. If the Lead drags & drops another into the role (in this example, Anne-marie is entered), that person will receive a Mandatory fields; notice to accept the role as Project Lead. In the meantime, the project originator • Project Owner (Lead) remains as the Lead and Anne-marie will be listed with an hour-glass beside her • Gate Approver (for gated name, indicating that she has not yet projects) accepted the role. b) Other roles- the members will be listed with an hour-glass beside their name Optional field: until they accept the invite. • Project Mentors (your MBB) • NOTE: For National Guard Select “Finish & Create”. We recommend this, versus “Continue” to ensure you don‟t students, this field is mandatory lose your work. 19 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  20. 20. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOCreating a DMAIC Project Finally, select dates to indicate planned timeline for completion by phase Then select Finish & Create. (We recommend this, versus “Continue” to ensure you don’t lose your work.) 20 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  21. 21. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOAdding Important Project Information After selecting “finish and create”, the screen will refresh to your project‟s Summary page. However, you still need to provide a few more pieces of information. Go into the Edit mode for the Project Details section. 21 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  22. 22. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOSetting Project Planned End Date Edit Project Details: • Under “Schedule”, select “Finish No Later Than”. This allows you to select an end date, which is how National Guard schedules projects. • Enter the planned end date. Typically 3-4 months after the start date. Save the changes. 22 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  23. 23. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOUpdating Tollgate Status & Dates Use the “Update Status” button to change the status of the Tollgate or the Tollgate End Date 23 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  24. 24. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUORequesting Gate Approval Before you request a tollgate approval, make sure any required documents are attached to the tollgate and that you‟ve met your organization‟s requirements for tollgate completion. 24 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  25. 25. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUORequesting Gate Approval This is the view only seen by the Project Lead- notice the “Request Approval” box Once you are ready, click this box to send an email to your Gate Approver. A box will then appear where you can type a message to your gate approver. Select “Request Approval” 25 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  26. 26. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUORequesting Gate Approval The Gate Approver will receive an email and a link to a “question” in their PowerSteering “in box”. They will (hopefully) check “Approve” and submit the approval back to you. 26 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  27. 27. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUORequesting Gate Approval After the Gate Approver approves your gate, the project will automatically update by: 1) Making your next gate active (notice the green color in the “Measure” tollgate bar) 2) Marking the approved gate as “complete” (see the “Define” tollgate status) 27 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  28. 28. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUODMAIC Project Summary Page Basic project information shows whether the project is on track, % complete, and which phase of the project you are in. In this case, the project is in the Control phase (notice the green color) and is on track. Green=on track, Yellow=needs attention, Red=off track, Grey=complete. Scroll further down to see the various stages and documentation. 28 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  29. 29. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOProject Status Reports Status Report: Click “add new” to add a status report. Status reports are used to update your team and your MBB regarding what‟s going on with the project. For example, this is the place where you can let everyone know when you are briefing the project champion. Notice this project has two gate approvers-one is the project MBB and one is the project champion. See your MBB or your organization‟s DD to find out who should be in the “Gate Click on a Phase to view the documentation and Approver” box-each status, “Improve” is shown as an example. Note organization has its own that there are currently no “required” documents business rule. established for any of the phases. 29 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  30. 30. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOAdding Documents Use the “Add/Remove” button to add documents. You can then specify the document type and the Gate to which the document is attached. 30 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  31. 31. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUODeployment Director Options • Deployment Directors have additional capabilities that basic users do not have. Deployment Directors can: – Delete projects – Move a project from one organization to another – Create a completed project – Invite “no access” users (user will not receive any email notification) – Assign a user license (basic users can invite someone, but with view-only capability) • Deployment Directors cannot delete people profiles-contact the NGB Program Office to delete a profile 31 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  32. 32. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Takeaways • Power Steering tracks projects through the cycle • Power Steering is not an „Optional‟ tool • It is the Black Belt‟s responsibility to update and keep record current 32 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  33. 33. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO What other comments or questions do you have? 33 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO