Experimenting on Experiments--Bringing Lean Startup to Scientific Research by Brian Frezza


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Experimenting on Experiments--Bringing Lean Startup to Scientific Research by Brian Frezza

The Lean Startup Conference 2013

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  • Late 1960: Regulations tighten post thalidomide Early 1990s: First wave of Biologics research beginsLate 1990s: PDUFA regulations clears a backlog at the FDA
  • Alexander Fleming 1928StaphylococcusConnect to large corporations vs startups.Founders solving their own problems with their own two hands.
  • Slowed Research:No (17%) Yes (83%)Prevented Research: No (27%) Yes (73%0
  • “I think we should consciously look with great dedication for those things that made Moore‘s law work. God didn’t give us Moore‘s law. Even Gordon Moore didn’t give us Moore‘s law. Your predecessors in the labs worked hard for it.” – Andy Grove
  • Alexander Fleming 1928StaphylococcusConnect to large corporations vs startups. Founders solving their own problems head on.
  • Hardware and ICs:Noyes & MooreHewlett & PackardRussell & Sigurd VarianSheldon Roberts, Jay Last, Jean HeorniAmelco -> TeledyneBiotech:Genentech:Swanson & BoyerVC (KP)UCSF ProfessorAmgen:William Bowes & George RathmannVC (US Venture Partners)Executive from AbbotGilead:DuBose Montgomery & Michael RiordanVCs (Menlo Ventures)Biogen Idec:Ivor Royston, Howard BirndorfVCs (Forward Ventures) and former prof.Walter Gilbert, Phil Sharp, Charles Weissmann, Kenneth MurrayProfessors (Harvard, MIT, University of Zurich, University of Edinburgh)
  • Frankenstein Corps
  • Experimenting on Experiments--Bringing Lean Startup to Scientific Research by Brian Frezza

    1. 1. Experimenting on Experiments Bringing Lean to Scientific Research Brian M. Frezza Emerald Therapeutics Lean Startup 2013 v0.92 (16:9)
    2. 2. Learn, Build, Measure in Life Science Hypotheses Ideas ANALYSIS LEARN DESIGN BUILD LAB WORK Data Experiment LAB WORKProduct LAB WORK LAB WORK MEASURE
    3. 3. Moore’s Law Intel and Dataquest reports (2002) Gordon E. Moore, “Our Revolution” Eroom’s Law Nature Rev. Drug Discovery (2012) 11, 191-200.
    4. 4. Cost of Innovation Startup Financing Mean R&D Expenditures per Employee by Industry Sector Costs of Instrumentation per Lab Single Purpose Minimal Complete $500k-$1M $1-3M >$10M $ (USD) Employee-1 Year-1 Dow Jones VentureSource, PWH Coopers / National Venture Capital Association, Thomson Reuters Self report survey, n=130 Scientists (2013) “The Impact of Innovation and the Role of Intellectual Property Rights on U.S. Productivity, Competitiveness, Jobs, Wages, and Exports” N.D. Pham, (2010) NDP Consulting, Washington DC
    5. 5. Modern Laboratory Research
    6. 6. Scientific Research “Product” Cycle Design Experiment Conduct Experiment Analyze Data Troubleshooting Time Most Time Consuming Activity: Conducting Experiments Equipment Access Problems Average Experiment Onboarding Time Acquire Equipment Onboard Experiment Gahh! No Yes Most popular workaround: Troubleshoot Experiment Personal Favor (73%) Self report survey, n=130 Scientists (2013)
    7. 7. Imagining Lean Research • Lower Barriers to Entry – Amortize the fixed costs – Democratize access • Faster Iteration – Minimize experiment onboarding times – Mitigate troubleshooting SNAFUs INNOVATE ON THE PROCESS OR DIE RETIRE
    8. 8. Traditional Laboratory Research
    9. 9. Symbolic Laboratory Research
    10. 10. frezza@emeraldtherapeutics.com
    11. 11. Founding Start-ups • Tech Founders: – Outsiders – Aggressive visionaries – Singular dedication • Biotech Founders: – Insiders – Legendary wisdom – Hedged approach
    12. 12. Supplier Ecosystems • Tech World: – Startup driven – Open access – Interconnecting • Biotech World: – Legacy corporations – Handshake business – Siloed technology stacks