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  • This site provides students with an opportunity to interact with other students regarding our government.
  • This episode gives students the ability to listen to a podcast that explains the branches of government. Many students will enjoy listening to a podcast in order to learn about their government.
  • This video uses music to engage students while explaining how our government works. Most students prefer these types of instructional aids to dry lectures.
  • This diagram could be used during a lesson to provide students with a visual representation of how our government is structured.This visual representation helps students understand how a three branch system divides and shares power so that we have a system of checks and balances that keeps any one branch of government from becoming too powerful.
  • Presidential Word Search is linked to www.funbrain.comBranches of Government links to an interactive image of a tree that has branches that students can click on to see more details about the different areas of government. The site is hosted by www.thinkquest.org7 Hats of a President Game- This links to a game that is intended to teach students about the seven major responsibilities of the President of the U.S. This game is hosted by www.scolastic.comHelp Wanted Activity- This links to an activity that will aid students in their ability to describe Presidential powers and responsibilities by creating a detailed help wanted ad for the position of President of the United States. The site is hosted by
  • The first link is an online reference link to article that provide students with a concrete example of the struggle for power between the branches of government. This article will also help students better understand what is meant by “balance of power.” The second link offers students an opportunity to explorer the election process in the United States with an interactive link maintained by the Library of Congress. This site is classified as a Primary Source for the technology module.
  • Since it is difficult to use 2.0 apps like Twitter for elementary students, I opted to link to a couple of YouTube clips that engage my audience of 5th grade students. The first video is a funny rap song that most students would enjoy and the second video is a short presentation on the subject matter made simple for young audiences. Teachers could use these videos as a springboard to challenge students to come up with their own songs or skits that demonstrate their knowledge of the topic.
  • Branches of government presentation

    1. 1. Branches of Government James Russell 5th Grade presentation
    2. 2. Technology IntegrationRationale:The structure of the U.S. Government is often confusingfor elementary students. Technology can enhanceunderstanding by providing a visual representation of thethree branches of government. In addition, interactivesites and programs can provide insight into the dynamicsof our multilayered system of government.Technology Rationale
    3. 3. InternetThe Internet is a powerful tool that can providestudents with multiple outlets to explore thethree branches of government.Blogs, Podcasts, and YouTube videos areexamples of how the Internet can be utilized bycurious students.
    4. 4. Kids’ BlogBelow is a link to a popular blog site thatis designed for elementary students whowant to explore the function andstructure of the three branches ofgovernment.Blog
    5. 5. PodcastBelow is a link to a podcast designed by theNebraska Library Commission that helps toexplain how the three branches of governmentwork together. Please click on Episode 194(Listed as the 17th option on the page.)Podcast
    6. 6. YouTube Below is a link to a YouTube video that helps to explain how the three branches of government function with one another.YouTube
    7. 7. Organizations and Agencies Related to the U.S. Government• Bens Guide to Government – This is a government maintained site specializing in teaching students about government.• Congress for Kids – The Dirksen Congressional Center is a non-partisan organization that promotes a better understanding of Congress and its leaders.• Branches of Government – This site is maintained by the U.S. House of Representatives and provides information regarding the legislative process.
    8. 8. Created Using Inspiration Software Supreme House and Court SenateInterpret Laws Make Laws Judicial Branches of Legislative Branch Branch Government Checks andChecks and Balances Balances Executive Branch The Enforce Checks and President Laws Balances
    10. 10. Interactive LinksPresidential Word SearchBranches of Government Tree7 Hats of a President GameHelp Wanted Activity
    11. 11. Subject Specific Internet ResourceBelow is a link to a site that deals exclusivelywith the three branches of government. Thissite provides students with a plethora of gamesand interactive material related to the topic.U.S. Government Games
    12. 12. Uses of the InternetStruggle Between Executive and LegislativeBranch of Government This links to an articlethat explains the struggle for power betweentwo branches of the U.S. GovernmentInteractive Election Site This links to aninteractive website that helps us to understandthe election process in the U.S.
    13. 13. Web 2.0The following links to a YouTube video that usesHip-Hop music to explain how our governmentworks. This is How Our Government Works!The following links to a funny and entertainingvideo that explains in simple terms how ourgovernment is structured. Silly You Tube Video
    14. 14. Cite the Site• Listed below are all sites used in the creation of this presentation.• government.html• government/id576497533?i=123601335&mt=2•••••• .asp
    15. 15. Cite the Site• bin/wd.cgi?A1=PLAY&A2=2&INT=1&theme=*Presidents&INSTRUCT S=1•• master-roles-president•• htm• .aspx• activities/presentations/elections/home.html••