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Cultivating Leadership 2013 Brochure Cultivating Leadership 2013 Brochure Document Transcript

  • Develop 2012 your ability to bring about positive change. 2013 Cultivating © Simon Delf 2011 Leadership Photo © Simon Delf 2010©
  • Cultivating LeadershipWhat is it?Cultivating Leadership is a 7-day development course for established andemerging leaders. Real life challenges are shared, explored and tackled –with your fellow participants and with external contributors. Activities arethought-provoking and imaginative – stimulating new thinking andunderstanding. Learning is enjoyable, relevant and lasting – undertakenin a spirit of curiosity, open-mindedness and generosity. Who is it for? Leaders and change-makers from all sectors and backgrounds face a future that is unpredictable, complex and turbulent. More than ever before leaders need to find high-quality environments in which they can learn, adapt and develop – away from the coal-face where theclamorous urgency of today’s problems provide no space for the seeds oftomorrow’s solutions to grow.How does it work?It provides participants with a space in which to prepare for thechallenges that lie ahead. It is a “hothouse” in which to developthinking, stimulate ideas, share perspectives, explore options and deepenunderstanding. It is a forum in which conversation, discussion and debatewill give participants the opportunity to explore issues and themes that areimportant to them. But most of all it gives participants the confidence andtools to face the future with an increased sense of purpose, greaterclarity and renewed enthusiasm.You will have the confidence to pursue your ambitions, the courage to actupon your convictions and the willingness and ability to work withothers to bring about individual and collective success.“In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find to Change Ltd 2012 © Leadingthemselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”Eric Hoffer © Leading to Change Ltd 2012
  • Cultivating LeadershipWhat will I gain?As a participant you will benefit from gaining: l A Personal Leadership Manifesto - an individually tailored learning journal and implementation plan. l A chance to meet with and learn from a wide variety of leaders operating in different contexts and environments. l Structured peer coaching and support to address your current leadership challenges through Collaborative Coaching CirclesTM. l A variety of techniques and activities that can be used to support your leadership endeavours and those of your colleagues. How does it work? As a participant you will: Explore the leadership challenges of your peers and play a part in helping them to find imaginative and sustainable solutions – and in the process stimulate your own thinking and practice. Step into unfamiliar territory and gain valuable insights into the contexts in which other leaders operate – broadening and deepening your understanding through a variety of engaging encounters and conversations. Place your real life leadership challenges into a leadership framework that makes self-awareness the catalyst for turning experience into insight, and insight into improved performance. “Simon quickly enabled a large and disparate group of individuals to work together effectively in a non-competitive fashion. He skilfully facilitated the group with a mixture of subtle guidance and careful direction whichever was appropriate to the circumstances. His skills and also his extensive network of private, public and third sector contacts provide him with a unique and valuable insight into all types of challenges facing leaders in the workplace.” Jon Humphreys Relationship Director, Corporate Banking Centre, Santander “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness Leading to Change Ltd 2012 © that created it.” Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955) Physicist & Nobel Laureate © Leading to Change Ltd 2012
  • Cultivating Leadership What do we mean by leadership? Definitions and theories of leadership are plentiful, and with each passing month new ideas and propositions vie for our attention. But there is one self-evident truth – leadership does not exist in the description but in the action. It is when we move beyond intention to expression that leadership realises its potential. It is when we choose to live out our leadership behaviours rather than simply laminate them and put them on the wall that we begin to influence events rather than simply respond to them. For our purpose we use the following definition of leadership: “To take responsibility for, and bring to fruition, the collective process by which goals are achieved, ambitions are realised and potential is brought vividly to life.” Enhance the scope and influence of your leadership. Understand more fully the connections and inter-relationships that shape the wider landscape in which you operate. Explore how to build mutually beneficial relationships based on the “seek first to understand before being understood” principle. Explore the nature of the powerful dynamics that lie behind the “public faces” of other key players in the area and how this helps to define their aspirations and limitations. See your leadership ambitions through the eyes of others and use this knowledge to become more strategic and focused in your endeavours.“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking whatChange Ltd 2012 © Leading tonobody has thought.”Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1893-1986) Nobel Laureate in Physiology © Leading to Change Ltd 2012
  • Cultivating LeadershipIs it right for me?Cultivating Leadership is designed for: People that want to learn from the experiences and insights of others in the real world rather than in the classroom. People that are motivated by a desire to understand themselves and their world more fully and profoundly. People excited by the prospect of being part of a collaborative exploration that poses important questions without promising easy answers. People who are willing to discover, reveal and unearth the benefits of learning rather than expecting them to come neatly labelled and packaged in the form of handouts and theories. You will meet a wide variety of leaders each seeking to bring about positive change in their respective environments. These “leadership encounters” will take various formats – from round-table conversations to behind-the-scenes visits. Each will provide a degree ofunedited insight into the challenges faced by others, and into thestrategies and initiatives undertaken by way of a response.Themes of leadership such as clarity of purpose, communicating vision,resilience in the face of turbulence, imaginative problem-solving, inspiringhigh performance and others will be brought to life through theseleadership encounters – although the changing contexts and environmentsin which they will be explored will ensure a constantly shifting and evolvingseries of perspectives and viewpoints.Cultivating Leadership can be a springboard for those taking the first stepsof their leadership journey as well as a source of re-invigoration for thosealready well down the path.“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the Change Ltd 2012 © Leading toshore for a very long time.”André Gide © Leading to Change Ltd 2012
  • Cultivating Leadership How much does it cost? The cost of the 7-day Cultivating Leadership course is £2,295. Businesses and organisations that employ fewer than 20 people may be eligible for a discounted rate – details on request. Small charities, social enterprises, micro-businesses and community projects are eligible for a bursary, however places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. VAT is not applicable on these course fees. When does it take place? Cultivating Leadership 2013 course dates are as follows: Day 1* Wednesday 06 February Day 2 Thursday 28 February Day 3 Wednesday 20 March Day 4* Thursday 18 April Day 5 Tuesday 14 May Day 6 Thursday 13 June Day 7* Wednesday 10 July Days run from approximately 8.30am to 6pm except where marked by a * in which case they include an evening meal and are likely to finish at about 8pm. Venues are located in and around Norwich. Photographs in this brochure were taken at the Anteros Arts Foundation, Norwich, during a course day. How do I apply? You can request an Application Form by sending your contact details to Simon Delf at or by phoning Simon on 07810 876344.“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didntChange Ltd 2012 © Leading to dothan by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safeharbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”Mark Twain © Leading to Change Ltd 2012
  • Cultivating LeadershipWhat does “collaborative learning” look like in practice?VisitsMeet leaders on their own patch and get a behind-the-scenes insight into thechallenges they face as they seek to put into practice their leadership beliefsand approaches.Experts by experienceSupplement theory and observation by directly drawing on stories andperspectives of those who have “lived experience” to share. Learn to listenwithout judgement in order to broaden the knowledge base you build yourunderstanding on.Creative exercisesReal life encounters are complemented by thoughtfully designed sessionsintended to stimulate new thinking and fresh insights – focused onencouraging imagination and self-awareness. Focused conversations Leadership encounters are designed to allow a candid and productive exchange – bringing the subject to life in ways that generate unexpected learning whilst enabling each individual to explore areas directly relevant to their endeavours.CoachingIndividuals bring real life challenges to be addressed in CollaborativeCoaching CirclesTM in which appreciative enquiry and “open questions” areused to free up thinking and identify practical steps to move forward.ReflectionThe course provides opportunities for structured reflection in order to bringthe experiences undertaken into a personal arena in which learning andinsights can be made sense of in order for them to become catalysts forpersonal development and changed behaviour. "Education should not be the filling of a pail, but the lighting of aLeading to Change Ltd 2012 © fire." William Butler Yeats © Leading to Change Ltd 2012
  • Cultivating Leadership Cultivating LeadershipLeading to Change would like to thank the following people whose contributionshave helped to enrich the experience of participants on the Cultivating Leadershipcourse since its launch. The collaborative learning ethos proposes that throughsharing our experiences and insights with others in a spirit of open-mindedcuriosity and exploration we will both cultivate the learning of others whilstdeepening our own understanding of the issues that concern us most. Thefollowing people have helped to bring this bold ambition to life. Michelle Raper, Partner, Rostrons Graham Tuttle, Chief Executive, Norfolk Community Foundation Peter Mitchell, Group Managing Director, Jarrold & Sons Sarah Mintey, Principal, OPEN Youth Trust Vanessa Trevelyan, Head of Museums & Archaeology, Norfolk County Council Jonathan Cage, MD, Create Consulting Laura McGillivray, Chief Executive, Norwich City Council James Foster, Director, Ask the Audience Lucy Hogg, Operations Director, WEETU Emma Finn, Communications & Engagement Manager, New Anglia LEP Sheila Childerhouse, Chair, NHS Norfolk Rik Martin, Development Manager, Norfolk Rural Community Council Mike Loveday, Chief Executive, Norwich HEART Sue Eagle, Consultant, Eastern Region Leadership Network Martin Graham, Chief Executive, Norfolk & Suffolk Probation Trust Richard Packham, MD, Great Yarmouth Borough Council Chris Gribble, Chief Executive, Writers’ Centre Norwich Andy Newman, Director, Newman Associates Philip Search, Social Media Specialist Tom Macagno, Sustainability Consultant, UEA Anne Francis, Director, Carnival Consulting Andi Gibb, Director, Urbanblu Dick Palmer, Principal & Chief Executive, City College Norwich Peter Wilson, Chief Executive, Theatre Royal Norwich Andrea Rippon, Director, Who Are You Now? Charlotte Young, Chair, School for Social Entrepreneurs Kevin Horne, Chief Executive, NWES Jeremy Robson, Managing Partner, M+A Partners John Last, Chief Executive, Norwich University College of the Arts Elizabeth Claxton, Managing Partner, Rostrons Suzi Heybourne, Director, The Magdalene Group Stephanie Potts, General Manager, Dragon Hall Richard Powell, Regional Director, National Trust Christina Lister, Communications Manager, Norwich HEART Charlie Watson, Director, East Publishing Diana Hare, Editor, BBC East Sharon Choa, Artistic Director, Chamber Orchestra Anglia “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but Change Ltd 2012 © Leading to in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust © Leading to Change Ltd 2012
  • Cultivating LeadershipTestimonials“I greatly enjoyed my time on the Cultivating Leadership course.Simon helped establish a space for critical reflection, where we feltcomfortable continually asking questions of ourselves, and of each other.This helped us take charge of our own learning, and ensured that thecourse stayed relevant to all participants.Simon is highly skilled as a facilitator, and his relaxed and assuredpresence is really effective in framing discussions around organisations,personal challenges, and many other issues. Finally, the course usesdiverse methods on each day – group discussions, creative exercises, sitevisits, coaching circles – which kept us thinking and continued tochallenge us. I’ve learned a great deal about leadership and about myself.”Dr Shawn McGuireSenior Lecturer, University of East Anglia“The Cultivating Leadership course gave me the confidence and skills toprogress in my career. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet otherdeveloping and inspirational leaders.”Claire ReynoldsDirector of Corporate Services, The Benjamin Foundation“Simon is a specialist in collaborative inquiry and learning. His passionand enthusiasm to enable high quality shared learning creates thepossibility of lasting connections between individuals. Simon was aflexible, empathetic and an inspiring catalyst for change.”Alison WhittleProject Manager, Norwich Mind“Simon is inspired and inspiring, a networking genius with limitlessenthusiasm, determination and commitment to connecting people for thegreater good. The collaborative learning experience was for me one of thebest I have had the privilege to encounter and in no small part it is thanksto Simon’s ability as facilitator.”Michelle RaperPartner, Rostron & Partners"Those best able to help in developing the self are those comrades in to Change Ltd 2012 © Leadingadversity who also struggle to understand themselves."Reg Revans © Leading to Change Ltd 2012