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Getting started socially - SugarCon 2011

Getting started socially - SugarCon 2011



Getting started with social media. Presented at SugarCRM SugarCon 2011

Getting started with social media. Presented at SugarCRM SugarCon 2011



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    Getting started socially - SugarCon 2011 Getting started socially - SugarCon 2011 Presentation Transcript

    • Ge#ng  Started,  Socially   (social  media  marke6ng)  
    • Who  is  this  Dan  Kraus  guy?   •  25  year  sales  &  marke6ng  veteran     –  9+  years  with  Great  Plains  SoFware  (‘89-­‐’98)   –  6+  years  with  SAP  (‘03-­‐’09)   –  Allaire   –  Macromedia   –  Infinium  SoFware   –  ADP,  Con6nental  Cable  (Comcast)   •  Founded  3  companies   •  UMASS  Amherst,  Marke6ng  
    • Leading  Results  Overview   •  Marke6ng  services  firm  –  coaching  and  consul6ng     »  1:1  Coaching,  Group  Coaching   »  Frac6onal  VP  of  Marke6ng   »  Social  Media  Coaching  and  Learning   »  Referral  Marke6ng  Coaching  and  Classes   •  Authorized  Duct  Tape  Marke6ng  coaches   •  Offices  in  Boston  and  Philadelphia   •  Clients  throughout  North  America   •  We  help  our  clients  stop  was6ng  money  on  marke6ng  that   does  not  create  results  
    • Leading  Results  Core  Marke6ng  Mantra   •  Dont  talk  about  the  products  you  sell;  talk  about  the   problems  you  solve.       •  Then  talk  about  the  remarkably  different  way  that  I   will  experience  working  with  you  as  you  solve  those   problems.     •  Be  sure  you  tell  me  what  I  get;  NOT  what  you  do.     Because  I  dont  have  6me  to  figure  out  if  what  I  need   is  what  you  do.    
    • Marke6ng  has  fundamentally    changed!   From:  Outbound   To:  Inbound   (ProspecIng,  HunIng,  InterrupIng)   (ALracIng,  EducaIng,    “GeNng  Found”)   Print  Ads   Blogs,  e-­‐books,    white  papers   Radio  Ads   Podcasts   Television  Ads   Videos   Tradeshows   Webinars   Cold  Calling   Search  Engine  Op6miza6on   E-­‐mail  Blasts   RSS,  Feeds  
    •      Digital  interac6vity    is  now  at  the            center  of                marke6ng  
    • Quick  Poll   How  Many  of  you:   •  Bought  something  online  in  the  last  month?   »  Read  a  review  first?   »  Ask  an  opinion  on  FB  or  other  social  network   »  Read  a  blog  post  about  it   •  Have  a  blog?   »  Have  an  ac6ve  blog?  
    • Defini6on  of  Marke6ng  Know   Like   Trust   TRY   Buy   Repeat   Refer  
    • Marke6ng  Fabric  Needs  Many  Threads   1.   Strategy  before  tac6cs   2.   Complete  Marke6ng  hourglass   3.   Publish  educa6onal  content   4.   Create  a  total  web  presence     5.   Inbound  Lead  Genera6on   6.   Selling  is  systema6c  also   7.   Live  by  the  calendar  
    • "Strategy  without  tac0cs  is  the  slowest  route  to  victory.  Tac0cs  without  strategy  is  the  noise  before  defeat”                          ~  Sun  Tzu.  
    • Strategy  before  tac6cs   •   Define  your  Marke6ng  Purpose     •   Narrow  your  focus   •   Differen6ate  and  dominate  
    • Why  does  it  maper   •  Unique  Difference?  Ideal  Customer?   Marke6ng  Purpose?  
    • Define  your  Marke6ng  Purpose  
    • Marke6ng  Purpose     •  Not  about  what  you  do  –  Its  why  you  do  it   »  Beyond  making  money   •  Ques6ons  to  Answer:   »  What  value  do  we  always  deliver   »  What  advice  would  you  give  to  someone  looking   to  buy  what  you  sell?   »  How  do  you  want  your  customers  to  describe  you,   your  company,  your  service?  
    • Narrow  your  focus  
    • What  is  ideal?   •   Values you •  Profitable •  Refers
    • Ideal  customer   •  Demographics •  Psychographics •  Geographics •  Behavior
    • Differen6ate  and  Dominate  
    • Aprac6on  through  Differen6a6on   •  To  a  prospec6ve  customer,  it  is  not:   »  Great  service   •  They  haven’t  worked  with  you  yet   »  Length  of  6me  in  business   •  But  it  might  be  similar  customers  you’ve  served  over  all   those  years   »  How  well  trained  your  staff  is   •  Cer6fica6ons  &  training  are  the  entry  6cket  
    • What  people  really  buy?   •  Your unique product/service •  Your unique process •  Your unique experience •  Your unique people •  Your unique guarantee •  Your unique packaging/delivery …..Against a problem Its not about the products you sell, its about the problems you solve!
    • How  do  you  differen6ate  ?   Yes Not
    • Ask  Your  Ideal  Customers…   •  What  made  you  decide  to  hire  us?   •  What  was  the  biggest  problem  we  solved?   •  What  that  we  do  is  of  the  most  value?     •  What’s  one  thing  we  do  beper?   •  What  could  we  do  beper?   •  What  would  you  Google?   •  Would  you  refer  us  (and  what  do  you  say)?    ….  Themes  will  emerge  
    • 3)  Content  
    • Content  that  builds  trust  and  educates   •   Educa6onal   •   Reviews   •   Tes6monials   •   FAQs   •   Success  stories   •   Perfect  Intro  
    • Where  to  Publish   •   Newslepers     •   White  papers   •   Webinars   •   Blog   •   Social  Media   •   With  Partners  
    • 4)  Create  a  total  web  presence    
    • General  Web  Stats   •  80%  of  all  Internet  users  go  immediately  to  a  search  engine  when  online.     •  30-­‐40%  of  users  click  on  the  first  organic  lis6ng.     •  62%  of  search  users  click  a  link  on  the  first  page  of  search  engine  results.   •  70%  of  searches  are  LONG  TAIL    (very  relevant,  not  high  traffic)   •  Years  to  reach  50  millions  users:  Radio,  38  years;  TV,  13  years;  Internet,  4   years;  iPod,  3  years.  Facebook  added  100  million  users  in  less  than  nine   months;  iPhone  applica6ons  hit  1  billion  in  nine  months.       •  77%  of  search  users  choose  organic  over  paid  lis6ngs  when  searching,  67%   choose  organic  search  when  purchasing.     •  If  Facebook  were  a  country,  it  would  be  the  worlds  fourth  largest,   between  the  United  States  and  Indonesia.  (600m  users)   •  The  fastest  growing  segment  on  Facebook  is  55-­‐  to  65-­‐year-­‐old  females.     •  LinkedIN  -­‐100m  members  (I’m  number  191342)   •  Twiper  –  165m  accounts    +/-­‐  
    • Where  are  we?   New  research  shows   that  77%  of  US  adults   use  the  Internet  as  an   informa<on  source   •   73%  of  online  users  read  a  blog   when  shopping  locally   •   57%  join  social  networks   for  products  and   •   45%  have  started  a  blog   services.     •   83%  have  viewed  a  video  online                        ~  Kelsey  Group   •   39%  subscribe  to  RSS  feeds   •   36%  think  more  posi6vely  about            companies  that  have  blogs   Source:  Universal  McCann  Wave3  research  into  social  media  
    • Hub  and  Spoke    social  media  in  business
    • Why  Invest  the  Time?     Website   3  Connec6ons   Social   Media   Site   Blog   Social   Media   Website   Site   Social   Media   Site   18  Connec6ons   Reviews  
    • Quick  Poll   How  Many  of  You?   •  Use  FB  personally?   »  Have  a  FB  business  (fan)  page?   •  Have  a  LinkedIN  profile?   »  Have  at  least  10  recommenda6ons?   •  Use  Twiper  today?   »  Tweet  at  least  once  a  day  (not  about  food)  
    • Before  you  start  -­‐  Listen  
    • 2  Great  Listening  Tools  
    • www.Google.com/Alerts  
    • hpp://search.twiper.com/advanced  
    • Then  –  Grab  Your  Digital  Real  Estate  
    • Create  a  Google  personal  profile   hpp://www.google.com/profiles  
    • Local  search  profiles  •   Google  Maps  •   Yahoo  Local  •   Bing  •   google.com/lbc  
    • Social  search  profiles  •   Yelp!  •   CitySearch  •   Insider  Pages  
    • Pick  Your  Key  Sites   (tools)  
    • Pick  your  key  sites  
    • Blah,  Blah,  Blog!   Blogging  best  prac6ces   •  Read,  follow,  listen  and  comment   •  When  you  are  ready  to  write,  write   what  people  search  and  what  you   know   •  Feed  the  spiders  oFen   •  Engage  your  comment  community   •  Amplify  your  message  
    • Content  Sources   StaIc  Content  (eg  Marke6ng  Lit,  Website)   •  Interview  your  customers,  staff,  partners,  vendors   Dynamic  Content  (blog,  webinars,  newslepers)   •  You  have  to  read  (or  hire  someone  to)   •  Google  Reader  (RSS  Feeds)  to  follow  blogs   •  Google  Alerts  for  updates   •  Your  sales  and  your  support  staffs  –  Q’s  being  asked   •  Partner’s  content  
    • New  Content  Crea6on   •  Share  the  burden   •  Hire  a  writer   •  Create  Standard  Copy  Blocks   »  For  profiles  &  lis6ngs   »  For  proposals/RFPs   »  For  PR  ac6vi6es   •  Establish  a  da6ng/expira6on  schema  
    • Tweet  Tweet,  Tra-­‐la,  la-­‐la,  la-­‐la   Twiper  is  like  text  messaging   EXCEPT          Instead  of  you  deciding  who  to  send  the   message  to:      You  broadcast  messages  (Tweet)      We  decide  if  we  want  to  listen  (follow)      P..S.  You  can  also  send  direct  messages,  just   like  regular  tex6ng.  
    • Who  do  I  follow?   •  Twellow.com   •  Mr  tweet   •  Just  Tweet  It   •  Tweepsearch.com   •  search.twiper  
    • What  do  I  Say?  (tweet)   •  Content  Filter  (retweets)   •  Your  new  content  (blog,  other)   •  Observa6ons  relevant  to  Ideal  Customer   •  Conversa6onal  comments   •  #  for  conven6ons/mee6ngs/related  tweets   •  It’s  all  indexed  
    • The  Social  Notwork   Facebook  Best  Prac6ces   •  Build  fan  page     •  Connect  with  current  customers   •  Post  unique  content   •  Repurpose  other  content   •  Be  consistent   •  Use  ads  to  promote  content   •  Keep  visitors  on  Facebook  
    • More  than  Job  Hun6ng   LinkedIN  Best  Prac6ces     •  Profile  –  links,  keywords,  descrip6ve   •  Status  updates  (+Twiper)   •  Repurpose  content  –  Slideshare,  YouTube   •  Connect  with  clients  &  prospects     •  Search  for  leads  –  Ideal  Customer  Profile   •  Recommend  clients,  partners   •  Use  Groups   •  Ques6ons  and  Answers  
    •  Video  -­‐  Bigger  Than  You  Think   •  The  average  U.S.  Internet  user  watches  186  videos  per  month  (May   2010)   •  More  video  is  uploaded  to  YouTube  in  60  days  than  all  TV  networks   created  in  the  past  60  years   »  30  hours  of  new  video  every  minute   •  E-­‐commerce  sites  that  use  videos  sell  up  to  45%  more   •  19%  of  small  business  adver6sers  already  use  online  video  –  up   from  8%  last  year.   •  Forrester:  50x  more  likely  to  be  on  1st  page  of  Google’s  search   results  with  video  
    • Video  is  moving  to  the  web  –  and  to  new  devices   •  Web  video  is  already   responsible  for  32%  of  Internet   traffic,  growing  to  54%  in  2014.   60+%  annual  growth   •  Web-­‐based  video  is  now   spreading  from  the  browser  to   the  TV  screen  and  mobile   devices   •  Companies  have  to  be  there  to   reach  their  audience   Sta6s6cs  source:  Cisco  
    • How  relevant  is  Video  SEO?   •  About  30-­‐40%  of  video  views  are  the  result  of   search  queries  (including  Youtube  search).   •  Another  30%  are  the  result  of  social  sharing   on  Facebook,  Twiper,  blogs,  etc.   •  The  rest  gets  discovered  right  on  a  website  or   a  video  playorm  (“stumbled  on”).   •  Caveat:  Numbers  about  this  topics  vary  wildly.    
    • 7)  Live  by  the  calendar    
    • Live  by  the  calendar   •   Quarterly  themes     •   Monthly  ac6vi6es   •   Weekly  ac6ons   •   Daily  appointments  
    • Integrate  &  Amplify   www.YourCo.com  
    • Summary  • Outbound  has  been  replaced  by   Inbound  • Digital  Interac6on  underlies  everything  •   Have  COMPLETE  sites/profiles    •   Get  familiar  with  video  content  •   Create  a  System  •   Where  to  start?    Content!  
    • Result   Ul6mately,  an  effec6ve  marke6ng  system   has  your  phone  ringing  and  eliminates   the  need  to  compete  on  price.   Offer  #1   Complete  the  evalua6on,   get  the  slides  
    • What  Next   •  Marke6ng  Hour  Glass  Audit   »  You  complete  our  ques6onnaire   »  We  spend  45m-­‐60m  with  you  to   review  your  current  marke6ng   against  a  Marke6ng  Hour  Glass   »  We’ll  provide  you  with  a  blank  copy   of  our  calendar  template   Check  off  the  box  on  the  eval….  
    • We  help  small  businesses  stop  was6ng  money  on  marke6ng   Thank  You  &  QuesIons   Contact  Us  Web:  www.leadingresults.com  Email:  dkraus@leadingresults.com  Phone:  978-­‐562-­‐4161  Twiper:  @LeadingResults  facebook.comleadingresults