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Think BITS is a tool to help you come up with great ideas. It contains 52 ways to come up with ideas and stimulate your thinking

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Think bits - Sample

  1. 1. Collin, Nigel, 1963- .Think bits : things to get you thinking creatively.1st ed. think bitsISBN 0 9775735 0 8.1. Creative thinking. I. Title.153.35Author/Contributor: Collin, NigelDate of Publication: 01 Aug 2006Format: PB Size: 180x125 No. of Pages: 110Publisher: Through Design Pty Ltd t/a Nigel Collin CreativeExcept for use in any review, the reproduction or utilisation of this work in whole or in part in any form by anyelectronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including xerography, photocopyingand recording, or in any information storage or retrieval system, is forbidden without the permission of the things to get youpublisher Through Design Pty Ltd and Nigel Collin Creative. This book is sold subject to the condition thatit shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the prior thinking creativelyconsent of the publisher in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and withouta similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. All rights reservedincluding the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form. NigEL CoLLiN
  2. 2. What is Think Bits? How do you use Think Bits? I n today’s business world, success is determined more and more by our ability to come up with new ideas and creative solutions. O It’s all about thinking differently and more often than not we just pen any page at random and you’ll find ideas and need a bit of prodding to do just that. Think Bits is a practical tool to exercises which are designed to jolt your thinking help you think creatively and find ‘out-of-the-box’ creative solutions and get you looking at opportunities from a different to conundrums. perspective and in a creative manner. Think Bits will help you look at things laterally by giving you a host of So if you’re stuck on an idea or need a kick start then open up triggers and prompts which force you into different ways of looking Think Bits and get moving. at things. Some of these triggers will seem very logical and practical and others will seem a little off the wall and…well…weird. That’s okay, they’re all designed to get you thinking differently and snap you out of your current thought patterns. The ideas are in no particular order. In fact, I printed all the pages and threw them into the air and then picked them up. The order I picked them up in is the order they stayed in. So open any page, follow the suggestions and get cracking. And feel free to draw, scribble and jot down thoughts all over it…it’s your book. Remember, being creative is all about looking at things in different ways, being adventurous and, above all, having fun. Enjoy.think bits © Nigel Collin Creative 2006 think bits
  3. 3. In a Sentence Write down what you’re trying to achieve in a sentence. W e often have great ideas that are hard to articulate and so the very act of thinking about how to say it all in a sentence makes you really concentrate and clarify your thoughts into being simple and easy to understand. Film makers and script writers are good at this. To pitch their ideas they need to condense a 90 minute film into a sentence, especially when they’re seeking finance from time-poor executives. By making yourself write down your idea or concept in a sentence you are forcing yourself to clarify your thinking. Now this ain’t easy and may take time, but stick with it and it will pay enormous dividends. Once you can state your purpose in a sentence you’ll find it easier to come up with creative ideas relating to that purpose. You’ll have a clear directive to give your brain. By the way, to work well it’s best to write a short sentence, not a long one. think bits © Nigel Collin Creative 2006 think bits
  4. 4. Sunset Shot The ‘Sunset Shot’ is the part of your solution you love the most - get rid of it! A t film school I learnt about the Sunset Shot. That’s the one shot every director has that they get personally attached to and can’t let go of. Most of the time though it’s either not very relevant or not very good - just personal. It takes great willpower to get rid of your Sunset Shot but 9 times out of 10 you’re better off without it. So look at what you’ve got as far as a solution and then throw away the best bit - not forever - just for now, you can always go back to it - and get creative by figuring out another way around it. Your Sunset Shot may be your most creative solution to date, or it may be the first one you came across, or the one that took the most time, but get rid of it and see how you go finding another solution. Force yourself to think differently. Often we lean so heavily on our first or most obvious idea that our creativity is stifled. So start again without it.72 think bits © Nigel Collin Creative 2006 think bits 73
  5. 5. Your Time 00.00.60 Starts Now Give yourself 60 seconds to write down as many ideas as you can. I n a race against time let your thoughts flood out and jot down as many as possible. Don’t think about them, don’t judge them - just write them down. Being under pressure puts you in a position where you can’t procrastinate and you just have to get on with it. There are three rules here: 1. Clearly state your objective or goal (you need to prime yourself) 2. Give yourself no more than 60 seconds 3. Don’t think about it - just write A few things will happen. All of them good. Because you don’t have time to think you may find a gem pops out from your subconscious. Or the very process of dumping your thoughts may clear the way for the really good stuff. Or you may get on a roll and keep going.102 think bits © Nigel Collin Creative 2006 think bits 103
  6. 6. More and more in the business world we need to come up with new and unique ideas and solutions. Thinks Bits is all about how to think differently and more creatively in business and life. Who is Nigel Collin? Open up any page, in any order, and there’s something to force you into a different mindset to get you thinking more creatively. “ Nigel has been working in the world of meetings and events as a creative and Nigel’s energetic approach to problem solving and creative madness inspires you to entertainment director since the mid 90’s. ” view the world differently!! F Sandie Bakker - NAB or 9 years he owned and ran Absurd “ Entertainment before passing the baton on and establishing Nigel Collin He is always thinking outside the box, Creative - a creative services company. in fact with Nigel there is no box! ” Nigel’s belief is that creativity is paramount to everything we do This book is testament to his talents. and that everyone (and he means everyone) has creative potential, Amar Vohra - SAS which just needs to be nurtured. Nigel himself is testament to that. “ Think Bits is his first book (but not his last) and came about from a simplicity and clarity that ” the need to help his clients think differently when it came to putting effortlessly informs. presentations and events together. He jotted down a few ideas Sandra Lee Paterson - On Camera Connections and kept going. Nigel also works as a presenter, facilitator and speaker. He lives in suburban Sydney with his wife Belinda, their 2 children I SBN 0- 9775735- 0- 8 Chelsea and Hugh, and their dog Finn (although if he drools on the manuscript again he won’t make the next acknowledgements). As well as writing and presenting Nigel conducts creative workshops. email: think bits
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