Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Opening Slide Show


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This opening slide show was played as 150 high school youth, faculty and community members entered the auditorium. Part of the Raising Global Awareness speaker series at Stoneleigh-Burnham School.

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Opening Slide Show

  1. 1. Learning from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict Yaron Prywes Naira Musallam
  2. 2. Peacebuilders 2007 Beyond Bullets and Bombs Approximately 45 Israelis, Palestinians and Americans write 40 chapters about grassroot peacebuilding efforts between Israelis & Palestinians. One of your presenters Yaron Prywes authored a chapter called “Greenprints for Peacebuilding.”
  3. 3. Peacebuilders 2009 Translating for Peace in the Middle East One of your presenters, Naira Musallam translated this classic text into Arabic. She wrote an introduction in Arabic that discusses the history of the Middle East, the different ethnic groups there and the region’s traditions of conflict and cooperation.
  4. 4. Peacebuilders February 2010 Over 120 peace organization leaders convened for the Annual Bilateral Conference the Palestinian-Israeli Peace NGO Forum (PIPNF) This was the first large scale gathering in nearly a decade of Palestinians and Israelis in a city (Jericho) controlled by the Palestinian Authority (PA).
  5. 5. A Paradox Two recent public opinion polls conducted by the PIPNF in Israel and the PA (including Gaza) found that: (1) Both peoples support the peace process, by overwhelming majorities. (2) The same Palestinian and Israeli majorities do not believe an agreement can be reached by governments they do not trust.
  6. 6. Peacebuilders
  7. 7. Peacebuilder Quotes "Communication works for those who work at it" -- John Powell “Act as if you were separate from nothing, and no one, and you will heal your world tomorrow. Understand that it is about power with, not power over.” -- Neale Donald Walsch
  8. 8. Peacebuilders STOP THE HATE: Highschoolers Speak Out Winners of the 2010 Essay contest Amnon Carmi and Tamar Kodish stood up for respecting Palestinians and Jews equally. They were won a prize from the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage for their 500 word essay. 1,800 youth submitted essays.
  9. 9. Peacebuilders SEEDS OF PEACE Camp 300 youth from the Middle East and around the world gather every summer in Maine to build positive relationships with the ‘other side’ and develop themselves into leaders to help guide us beyond war. SEEDS OF PEACE Delegation Leaders Program Every summer about 20 courageous educators from Jordan, Palestine, Israel, and Egypt travel all the way from their home countries to Maine to help youth reduce distances between them and build a bridge to the other side.
  10. 10. Peacebuilders March 2010 Meeting despite the wall of fear Leadership Training Seminar for Young Leaders Adult Jewish and Palestinian organizers facilitated a life-changing gathering for Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian youth brought across borders to the Negev desert.
  11. 11. March 2010 Peacebuilders Teens from Tira (Jewish) and Kfar Saba (Palestinian) create a play about the challenges of coexistence. For 8 months they meet weekly to create an original drama. The play in Arabic and Hebrew is performed for the public at large. Organized by Peace Child Israel.
  12. 12. Peacebuilder Quotes "The days of humiliation, of second-class citizens and of inequality are over and gone forever." Gerry Adams (1948- ) President, Sinn Fein - Northern Ireland
  13. 13. Peacebuilder Quotes • “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” - Stephen Covey “If God wanted us to talk more than listen, he would have given us two mouths and one ear.” - Mark Twain
  14. 14. Peacebuilders Coexistence as a normal way of life The JERUSALEM INTERNATIONAL YMCA PEACE PRESCHOOL has been a model of living together for the past 25 years. Today Forsan Hussein is its first-ever Arab CEO.
  15. 15. Peacebuilders Productive “ENCOUNTERS” corrects one-sided views by providing Jewish Diaspora leaders from across the religious and political spectrum with exposure to Palestinian life. Over 750 current and rising Jewish leaders from across the political spectrum have taken educational visits to the West Bank to meet with Palestinians.