Text Message Marketing Basics


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A text message marketing guide for small business owners who want to build a highly responsive text message list of local or national customers and prospects. Increase profits instantly with text messages.

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Text Message Marketing Basics

  1. 1. Local Text Message MarketingIdeas and Strategies! Brian Maroevich LocalMarketingChannel.com SocialMediaProdigy.com LocalMarketingChannel.com
  2. 2.  A local text message marketing strategy is:  a highly effective client attraction tool  easily utilized by almost any business  low cost And the response rates can be quite high:  Recent studies reveal: ▪ text messages are opened up to 95% of the time ▪ email averages 20% open rate
  3. 3. 1. Choose a keyword2. Effective promotional material3. Website promotion4. Simple messages5. Send exclusive text message offers6. Opting out
  4. 4.  Most text messaging companies sell vanity keywords to use in your promotional efforts  Prices vary from $15.95 to $49.95 or more  plus .02 – .04 per message ▪ (you can get this down if you buy more ‘credits’)
  5. 5. EXAMPLE:Vanity Keyword = TOAST Potential clients send TOAST to a shortcode (like 313233) Adds them to text message list Now you can start sending promotions via Text Messages to your list!
  6. 6. Create In-Store Flyers and Banners and Direct Mail ToPromote Your Text Message Offers: Create something that is eye catching. Be sure your message is clear. Consider a graphic designer to create print material and in-store signs and banners , posters, postcards etc.
  7. 7.  First way  Use cell phone texting picture like this   Use ad copy to supplement the image for clarification on how to get on your ‘coupon’ list. You can also use a ‘Web Widget’ or opt-in box  Get phone number, and first and last name  Easy signups …  Like this 
  8. 8.  Text messages should be short and sweet Before sending a mass text send it to yourself  Look at it on your phone to be sure it’s what you want
  9. 9.  Texts arrive instantly on customers’ mobile phones.  perfect for days that are slow
  10. 10.  Make it simple and easy to opt out of your list Simply Provide a message at the bottom of texts For example: ‘Reply Stop 2 stop’ ▪ NOTE: Often, your text messaging company you will insert these for you.
  11. 11.  A few local text promotion techniques: 1. In-store text message promotion 2. Promotional Giveaway 3. Ask customers if they want to join your list Examples
  12. 12.  Example: At the point of sale have a sign that says something like: Join Our Exclusive Text Message Coupon List and Get 10% Of Your Order!* Text 555-555-5555 To: ATT411(288411) *One per customer Ask at counter for details
  13. 13.  Promotional giveaway’s and contests can build your list fast. Choose a month to run a contest...  Give away several special gifts at random to those that join your list.
  14. 14.  Sell the advantages of getting on your special text message list Ask for your customers cell phone number! Add them to the list… ▪ Send them an opt-in text message, or they can do it right then and there.
  15. 15.  A taco stand sees dramatic downturn every time it rains.  To sell tacos on those days send out a special text message Buy 1 Get 1 coupon that is good for that day only!
  16. 16.  A Hair salon. Notoriously slow on Tuesdays or Wednesdays? Send a special text message to your list: ▪ provides free coloring or hair treatment plus 20% off for booking an appointment during the slow time.
  17. 17. ▪ A tanning salon.  gives out half off upgrades to their higher level tanning beds  buy 1 get 1 spray tans
  18. 18. ▪ A bakery: Free espresso for any customers who try their new pastries or sandwiches.
  19. 19. ▪ A tire store. Free oil changes for buying a new set of tires or a car battery
  20. 20. ▪ A dentist. Gives away a free teeth whitening, 1st treatment.
  21. 21. ▪ A mixed martial artist. Free introductory kick boxing lessons from 12-2 on a slow day for their Jujitsu students
  22. 22. ▪ A Smoothie stand. Free introductory hot soup on a slow day during a slow winter day.
  23. 23.  The small business text marketing ideas are limitless, but the rewards can be substantial!  Key: send text messages sparingly  Don’t send one every single week UNLESS, you know your customers are hot for your deals
  24. 24.  Questions? Need help setting up and managing your text promotions? Contact LocalMarketingChannel.com Brian Maroevich. Small business owner, internet marketer, all around nice guy. LocalMarketingChannel.com SocialMediaProdigy.com