Facebook Simplifies Advertising Options


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Facebook Simplifies Ad Options - Facebook is eliminating various types of ads to avoid confusion for marketers. It is also adding a few more ad options to make things simpler.

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Facebook Simplifies Advertising Options

  1. 1. Sign Up for FreeDid you know that Facebook has a whopping 27 different types of ads?In the previous post, I had discussed about Advertising on Facebook and howeach ad type can be used for specific marketing goals.In this article, I will discuss howFacebook Simplifies Advertising Options to make things simpler formarketers and business owners.2
  2. 2. Sign Up for FreeWhy did Facebook take this decision?Cutting out on ad options will see an increase in the inflow of ads from smallbusinesses who are:a. Still new to Facebook and would like to take a step at a time to create their adcampaigns.b. Have less time to create ads.Facebook will be asking marketers one simple question…What is your objective?Based on this, marketers can set their advertising goals for:1. Increasing page likes2. Gain more views for a video/ad3. Get more installs for an application4. Get more footfall on their website
  3. 3. Sign Up for FreeWhat faces the axe?1. Questions: Why need a specific ‘Questions’ segment when marketers cansimply ask the question in a status update and get their answers incomments?2. Offers: Marketers can post a Page Post ad with an offer and drive sales totheir website/physical store location instead of creating a new ad under‘Offer’.3. Sponsored stories: Earlier, when marketers bought Marketplace ads, it didnot give them social content – likes, comments, shares from friends. Theywould then be obligated to buy a Sponsored ad in order to get noticed. Notanymore!
  4. 4. Sign Up for FreeWhat will be added?1. Social Context Ads: Sponsored ads will not be axed completely, but will bereplaced with ‘Social Context Ads’ . These ads will be a combination ofMarketplace Ads and Sponsored ads (‘sponsored’ ad + social content fromfriends).2. FBX: Millions of users spend millions of hours daily onFacebook. Using Facebook Exchange (the retargeting tool), marketers caneasily re-target users on Facebook who have left their websites withoutconverting or taking an action.3. Partner Categories: Partner categories OR third party sources are externalonline advertising tools to help marketers target audiences better. Data(collected online and offline) from third party sources like Datalogix andEpsilon will be used by marketers to know the interests of users’ bettersuch as shopping behavior, people who buy children’s cereals etc.Continued…
  5. 5. Sign Up for Free4. Ads on Mobiles: More and more consumers are using Facebook on mobile phones.Facebook will soon be rolling out various ad options specifically for mobile phones.5. Video Advertising Platform: Talks are ripe that Facebook will soon be launching itsvery own video advertising which will occupy the left and right sides of the Facebooknewsfeed. But be prepared to shell out loads for the same. According anexecutive, Facebook is expected to charge $1 million per video ad.“Facebook is currently selling four daily summer “slots,” each targeting a relatively largedemographic: women over 30; women under 30; men over 30; and men over 30. The ads willbe capped at 15 seconds and frequency capped to ensure that no user sees more than three perday, with an asking price of upwards of $1 million.”
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