Facebook Organic Reach Drop – Don’t Panic!


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Marketers need not panic with Facebook organic reach drop. Here are some ways to popularize your brand page.

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Facebook Organic Reach Drop – Don’t Panic!

  1. 1. Facebook Organic Reach Drop
  2. 2.  Deluge of Content An average user is exposed to 1500 potential pieces of content every time they log in. Therefore, Facebook is trying to cut this clutter! Why is this happening?
  3. 3. Why is this happening?  Facebook is taking feedback from people about the kinds of posts that they want to see.
  4. 4. The Facebook Organic Reach has dropped by how much? Graph by EdgeRankChecker
  5. 5. Now, how to counter organic reach drop?
  6. 6.  Invest in ads, if you aren’t already Make use of custom and lookalike audience
  7. 7.  Post at the right time Facebook’s insights allow you to know exactly on what day of the week, what’s the best time to post.
  8. 8.  Drive traffic/engagement from other channels to your Facebook page 1. Use embedded posts to bring people from blog to FB. 2. Create fun surveys and ask people on your brand page, instead of through mails. 3. Target those who have already visited your page.
  9. 9.  Use groups Create groups to reach people who really care about you. This might give more visibility amongst people who actually care to see that information.
  10. 10.  Stop chasing likes Go after the Quality of the likes, not the quantity
  11. 11.  Look at other Social Networks Find out where your target audience hangs out, and follow them there.
  12. 12.  Find out what kinds of post work the best for you and then share more of them Videos – Photos – Status – Link Posts Check your insights page for what works the best and share accordingly.
  13. 13.  Post frequently Post 4-5 times per-day Use the golden rule 3:1:1 3 – Interesting posts relevant to your audience 1 – Soft promotion 1 – Hard promotion
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