Advertising on Mobile for B2C Companies


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Get an extensive insight into Advertising on Mobile for B2C Companies. What is Mobile Advertising? What are the various types & how to calculate campaign effectiveness?

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Advertising on Mobile for B2C Companies

  1. 1. Advertising on Mobile for B2C Companies
  2. 2. Sign up for a FREE TRIAL now Mobile phones have changed the way the world perceives communication today. Everyone has access to mobile phones which let them stay in touch with family & friends, company associates and access What is Mobile Advertising? 2 Mobile advertising helps marketers connect with their audience and promote their products/services via advertising on mobile phones. Advertising on mobile is a dynamic and flexible process which helps marketers reach their audience as they are on-the-go. These ads appear in web pages, content websites, while viewing an app, video/audio or even while playing games.
  3. 3. Sign up for a FREE TRIAL now 3 Do go through my blog for a detailed analysis Key benefits of Advertising on Mobile: Easy accessibility: Mobile phones are available with people 24×7, hence the ads that you place on mobile phones follow them wherever they go. Mobiles reach larger number of people: By Advertising on mobile, you can effectively reach large number of people. Advertising on Mobile is Cost Effective: Targeting users with advertising on mobile phones costs a fraction of what other medium (digital and traditional) ads cost. Mobile Ads are Intimate: Since mobile phones are mostly used for personal messages and conversations, icustomized messages are more likely to be clicked on. Instant Connect: With the advent GPS and more and more users connecting through it, knowing the geographical location of your users can be critical in helping you to engage with them. 2-Way Communication: Location based services gets you instant feedback from users building a 2-way communication channel between you and the user.
  4. 4. Sign up for a FREE TRIAL now Types of Advertising on Mobile: WAP mobile ads WAP or Wireless application protocol is the technology required to help people access information over mobile phones. These ads are also divided into text and image ads. Mobile Web Banner & Web Poster Ads Banner ads appear at the top of a mobile website screen that allows users to click through to an external page thereby increasing footfall on a website. Web Poster Ads appear at the bottom of a mobile website screen and function the same way banner ads perform. SMS & MMS advertising In SMS advertising, an SMS in the form of an ad is sent to a user’s phone and it looks like a normal text messages. Multimedia messaging service or MMS mobile ads pop-up while a user is playing a game, watch a video or trying to download some content off the mobile internet. Click-to-call Click-to-call advertising on mobile is when a mobile user clicks on a button within the ad and requests a connection with the marketer or another person by phone call or a text message. Audio and Video Ads Audio and video ads on mobile phones capture user attention in a jiffy and engage the user. This in turn increases ad engagement. Interstitials mobile ads Interstitial means ‘in-between’ and these full page mobile ads appear to a user when they are being led to another page, mostly their destination page. 4
  5. 5. Sign up for a FREE TRIAL now Metrics to Measure Performance of Mobile Advertisements Click through Rate: CTR is the most prevalent way of measuring the effectiveness of a mobile ad campaign. CTR keeps track of how many people have clicked upon a particular link. Cost per Impression: Most often termed as CPI or CPM, cost per impression is when an advertiser pays for every 1000 times an ad is displayed (this is known as an impression). This strategy of measuring the effectiveness of advertising on mobile works mostly based on estimated viewership or readership. Cost per click: CPC or PPC (pay-per-click) means that each time a user clicks on your ad, you pay a predetermined amount (this is fixed during the bidding process like it is done in Google ad campaigns). 5
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