Implementing best in class Lead Managment for results


Published on accomplish their projects with dedication and passion. Likewise, we have worked with Jefferson National (serving the rapidly-growing market of RIAs). LeadMD guide them the capabilities and practices of a great marketing automation program. As a result, LeadMD succeeded to fix their funnel. For more information visit

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Implementing best in class Lead Managment for results

  1. 1. LeadMD Case Study Jefferson National Implementing Best in Class Lead Managment for ResultsAs a well-established company, JeffersonNational did not have a problem generatingleads. The challenge came in knowingexactly how to best manage them. Themarketing team was already quite robustwith a framework in place, and they hadbeen working with a CRM services companyto ensure they were But as they grew, itbecame more apparent that they had anoverwhelming amount of content, and holesin their funnel.LeadMD helped them fill those holes.
  2. 2. LeadMD Builds a Scalable, Sustainable Process that Yields Results Summary Jefferson National is singularly focused on serving the rapidly-growing market of RIAs and fee-based financial advisors with innovative products offering simplicity and strong consumer value. Leveraging a powerful technology platform, they drive low cost with highly-efficient operations, and cost-effective servicing capabilities. A winner of more than 30 industry awards for their inventive direct marketing efforts, the company is based in Louisville, KY and domiciled"We now have the in Dallas, Texas with authority in 49 states and the District of of knowingthat someone well- The Challengeversed in marketing As an innovator of simplified financial services products,automation is a part of Jefferson National did not have a problem generating interest and qualified leads. The challenge came in effectivelyour team... nurturing and managing them through the sales cycle. The marketing team had been working with a CRM services company to ensure they were maximizing of LeadMD, Their database was solid. But as they grew, the volumethe way that we of data they were generating overwhelmed the limited reporting functionality in their email marketing applicationapproach marketing and other hodge-podge online marketing apps. They beganaltogether has changed researching a new email marketing platform, and in the process learned that what they really needed was a fully-fundamentally," integrated marketing automation program that could unify all of their marketing efforts and fix their funnel. For ease of use, price, scalability and flexibility, Jefferson National selected Marketo. To succeed with their marketing automation software as they had with their CRM software, they needed an accomplished and expert partner to teach them best practices and help them get it up and running. On a strong recommendation, they enlisted the help of LeadMD to lead the implementation. Among their goals, they planned to better define sales and marketing roles and processes in their sales funnel. This would enable Jefferson National to build robust reports tying marketing successes to
  3. 3. hard sales figures, and learn where marketing interventions "Once we began tocould best compliment sales efforts. learn about the many“We really didn’t know how deep marketing automation capabilities and bestwent. And we didn’t fully understand the capabilitiesof Marketo until we contacted LeadMD. Simply put, we practices of a greatdidn’t know what we didn’t know,” said Nicole Gross of marketing automationJefferson National. “Once we began to learn about themany capabilities and best practices of a great marketing program, coupledautomation program, coupled with what LeadMD could do with what LeadMDfor us, it gave us more ideas about how to expand on ourmarketing.” could do for us, it gave us more ideas aboutThe Solution how to expand on ourThe solution for Jefferson National was to roll up their marketing."sleeves and dive in, fully aware that some processes wouldneed to be scrapped and others modified. LeadMD startedby evaluating Jefferson National’s lead generation efforts,reports, and success metrics. They found that some ofMarketo’s out-of-the-box reports could be consolidated, whileothers would need to be built from scratch. Aggregate viewson user activities and demographics afforded by Marketoenabled them to then assemble actionable reporting. Fromthere, they were able to better qualify their leads, andtrigger highly-targeted sales and marketing activities basedon that data.Jefferson National is a great example of the benefits of in-person training. Offering a very collaborative and immersivetraining environment, LeadMD’s trainer ensured that the staffunderstood the new processes and the logic behind them,while honing their marketing automation processes.“We now have the security of knowing that someone well-versed in marketing automation is a part of our team.This was uncharted water for us and LeadMD has beenphenomenal at answering all of our questions, educating us,and being responsive. The depth of Marketos capabilities issurprising, so we required a lot of expert guidance. LeadMDtaught us how to use it to lift much of the burden of themarketing logic from our website, which makes us morenimble. Because of LeadMD, the way that we approachbuilding marketing programs has changed fundamentally,”says Mark Forman.
  4. 4. Results:Every client that LeadMD consults with has different needs and therefore, theircampaigns produce different results. Jefferson National’s results do not lie inpercentages and increased leads. Their results reside in their functional, streamlined,proven processes now in place. By building better processes up front, Jefferson Nationalhas realized:+ Full implementation of the Marketo platform and Marketo Sales Insight+ Integration with The building of templates and baseline programs+ Integration of the Jefferson National website with Marketo including a dual-post, multi-system integration for online registration+ Unified view of partner program ROI+ Lead velocity and quality reports+ The ability to now track behavior more effectively, score leads more appropriately, as well as better nurture, qualify, and report their leads.
  5. 5. About Jefferson NationalJefferson National offers flat rate insurance fees and services for registered investmentadvisors, fee-based advisors and the clients they serve, utilizing a flexible technologyplatform, highly efficient operations, and cost-effective servicing capabilities. JeffersonNational is a winner of more than 30 industry awards. The Company is based inLouisville, KY and domiciled in Dallas, Texas with authority in 49 states and the Districtof Columbia. www.jeffnat.comAbout LeadMDLeadMD is a conversational marketing services firm specializing on organic leadgeneration. Headquartered in Phoenix, LeadMD helps companies fix their funnel byleveraging cutting edge sales and marketing technology to produce quantifiable revenuebased results