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LeadLife -The 4 Keys for Turning Cold Leads into Sales-Ready Opportunities
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LeadLife -The 4 Keys for Turning Cold Leads into Sales-Ready Opportunities


Watch the Webinar Recording: http://pages.leadlife.com/LeadLife/ZoomInfo-Webinar-4-10-13-Recording-and-Slides

Watch the Webinar Recording: http://pages.leadlife.com/LeadLife/ZoomInfo-Webinar-4-10-13-Recording-and-Slides

Published in Business , Technology
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  • Reference dramatic growth in MA industry, validation of the technology via Eloqua IPO… as proxy for the commitment to inbound/outbound. Inbound: (SEO, content marketing) Outbound:(email, telemarketing)
  • Reference dramatic growth in MA industry, validation of the technology via Eloqua IPO… as proxy for the commitment to inbound/outbound. * If you’re waiting, hoping, dreaming of a full fledged form to be delivered in order to segment your site visitor, you are leaving too much to chance.*There is no nurture without understanding who your prospect is – individually or as an extension of the corporate persona – and where they are in the buying cycle. *Counting on Conversion in the absence of information on your prospect is losing proposition.
  • The entire b2b data industry is predicated on the unprecedented change in the b2b landscape. How long have you had your personal email? How long have you had your corporate email? How many have you had in the past 5, 10 years??? White collar / professional turnover is such that a firm can see 100% turnover (statistically) in 3 to 4 years.
  • Reference dramatic growth in MA industry, validation of the technology via Eloqua IPO… as proxy for the commitment to inbound/outobund.Trade shows and content – centric inbound marketing initiatives are typical acquisition models
  • Why do you need to update your marketing database – it affects your entire funnel and optimizing lead flow.I need to know how to interact with “lisa” – what information I can ask of her based on our digital relationship – what right do I have to gather what from each lead…I mean the right because its about developing a digital relationship and trust with that lead through the nurturing process. So if they are at the very top of the funnel – just coming to your company for the first time from something like adwords – you might just ask for 3 things. As they move through the buy process, you can ask for more as you give them more value.Based on what you know about the lead will affect your ability to develop that one-to-one digital relationship with the lead. Some of nurturing success is based on funneling leads into the best nurture campaign based on who they are and what they are interested in.You can also prioritize how “hot” or “cold” your leads are – this is done by assigning scores again based on what you know about the leads in your databaseand – you should be tailoring both email messaging and outbound calling specific to who they are and what they’ve done – warmer calls.
  • Form complete / abandonment rates
  • DemographicTitleJob functionPhone
  • FirmographicCompanyLocation IndustryEmployee and revenue
  • First, and foremost, Partnerwith an established, industry leading, credible companyDon’t use fly by night chop shops
  • Add to what Don said with demographics and firmographics a layer of identification to the prospect, their digital behavior. With marketing automation systems, its now possible to complete the prospects picture with their digital footprint. Corporate executive board - This is critical if b2b buyers are going through 60% of the buy cycle without talking to the vendor. We need to be able to get them to fill in information about themselves and view their digital footprint to interpret things such as where they are in the buy cycle. And as we’ll discuss its not enough just to track the digital behavior, it’s the interpretation of the behavior that can give you tremendous insights into your lead.This digital footprint can help you identify the psychographics of your buyers – the preference of how they consume content, how they are motivated – fear (based on articles that highlight that), research
  • From an inbound perspective, we want to convert Anonymous to knownFrom an outbound perspective, we want to track behavior to determine interest and where they are in the buy cycleAccording to Meclabs – of 100 raw leads, only 4 – 7 are ready to buy. From a sales perspective, how do we know who they are?You can start tracking a lead as soon as they interact with your website or your content (outbound)First a lead is anonymous- we don’t know who they are but can tell what company they are with and track what and when they went to the website. By tracking their behavior we can get a sense for what they are interested in.At leadlife, we actually offer our anonymous tacking called visitor insights free, so you can see exactly the power it providesWe then need to find out if that company fits within the sweet spot of your prospect profile. You need to flesh out the firmographics about that company. Secondly, if they don’t fill in a form, you need to see who you can target within that company by finding contacts through linked in or other data sources. If they fill a form (convert), all their digital behavior up until that point are saved and associated with that lead. At the same time, score is applied to the lead based on their firmographics, demographics and behavior. The score will help us determine if the lead is “sales ready” and should be sent to a rep for follow-up or should be sent to a nurturing campaign.The tracking of behavior is one of the major factors to which nurturing path a lead will be put in.
  • Taking the tracking one step further….Corporate executive board found that b2b buyers are going through 60% of the buy cycle without talking to the vendor.So, we need to in identify, track, interpret and nurtureBehavior helps to determine how to communicate with the person – ceo, downloaded whitepaper on lead nurturing, versus CMO who viewed the product features page and pricing page…Different nurturing tracks will allow us to send relevant content to that prospect versus just any content. Relevancy to that lead is the most important facet of nurturing success. This includes interpreting where they are in the buy cycle, since they are going through 60% of it without talking to you. If you sell too soon, you’ll scare someone off.
  • Traditionally marketing campaigns have just been involved with the lead to say why our stuff is better then someone another vendor.Lead nurturing starts at the earliest stage and continues to move the prospect (based on their interaction) through the buying cycleResearch has shown that as much as 77% of revenues can be generated by leads who aren’t ready to buy when they first opt in. Marketing Sherpa
  • There are many different strategies you can use for nurturing – In this slide we have outlined a generic nurturing program. Of course the most effective nurturing programs are those that fit your prospect’s buy cycle and provides the most relevant content to them at each stage. Obviously its almost a necessity for this to be automated and based on “triggers” to provide the true relevance of what is needed.As you can see from this slide, this generic process starts with thought leadership pieces (such as the whitepapers) and moves the prospect further into the buy cycle with items such as webinars and case studies (this is dependent on their actions). This could include tools like roi calculators.
  • You can automate this kind of trigger based nurturing through this kind of mechanism
  • There are plenty of elements to nurturing. Some of the key items is make sure to implement scoring while you are nurturing. Score movement will help you gage how effective your nurturing is. Also, make sure you deliver relevant information. Understand where your buyer is in the process. If they are at the early stages, then you should provide thought leadership/educational content. If they are in the later stage of the “decision” cycle, maybe you should provide more specifics about the advantages of your solution and introduce them to product/service content.Dan- what have you found to be effective in your implementation of LeadLife?


  • 1. The 4 Keys for Turning Cold Leads Into Sales-Ready Opportunities eavy Lifting f the H or Y e do ou W
  • 2. Today’s SpeakersDon Wynns @Zoominfo• VP, Business Development• Responsible for strategic data integration and redistribution relationshipsLisa Cramer @leadlife #leadlife• President & Co-founder, LeadLife Solutions• Recognized in the top ten of SLMA’s 50 Most Influential Sales Lead Management Professionals & Top 20 Women in Sales & Lead Management (2009 and 2010, 2011, 2012)
  • 3. Live Tweet the Webinar• #Leadlife• #zoominfo• #hotleads
  • 4. Agenda1 Why you need to update your marketing database for refining your target audience2 How to apply demographic, firmographic and psychographic data to your content and list segmentation3 Tools you can use for tracking inbound behaviors and interest How to define and execute a nurturing4 strategy that converts leads into sales-ready opportunities
  • 5. ?How Did We Get Here?
  • 6. It’s All About Conversion!The Issue• Time, money and energy is spent on inbound and outbound marketing initiatives in order to grow site traffic.Defining Success• While site traffic, time on site, page view…and other metrics are interesting… …CONVERSION IS KING!• Remember, conversion can mean anything from registering for a webinar, downloading a white paper, right through to making an online purchase.
  • 8. 1Why you need to update yourmarketing database for refining your target audience
  • 9. Did you know..? B2B Data Decay 66% Annual Title and/or Job Function Change 43% Annual Phone Number Change 37% Annual E-mail Change 34% Annual Company Name Change 30% Annual Employee Turnover 9
  • 10. Your Marketing Database “Home grown” data sets are great, especially if they are opt in, however…They are and labor intensive to acquire But.. records are often incomplete And…after all that work, can spoil quickly!
  • 11. Here is LisaTo download a white paper, “Lisa” fills out a web formYou now know that “Lisa” isin Marketing and works for Acme Corp. But who is Lisa? Is she an executive? Is she likely to own budget? Who is Acme Corp.? Where are they? What industry are they in? How many employees do they have? What is their revenue range? Does Acme Corp. align with your buyer profile?
  • 12. Affecting The Entire Funnel• Collection rights • Based on relationship with inquiry• Relationship building • Title, Industry • Behavior• Prioritizing • Hot, warm or cold?• Messaging/calling • CMO, mid-size company, services, whitepaper, viewed XYZ product page, ROI calculator
  • 13. 2 How to apply demographic,firmographic and psychographic data to your content and list segmentation
  • 14. Simplify the User Experience
  • 15. But can acquire this..
  • 16. And this:
  • 17. How can you get here?• Partner with a credible, service-oriented and proven company• ALWAYS test match rates and data quality before making an investment in the product• Data Services engagements with reputable data providers that can provide a high percentage of match rates and additional data• Typical data exchange is via flat file with periodic updates
  • 18. Segmenting & Targeting• Demographics/Firmographics : o Prospect role, company size, etc.• Digital Footprint : o Monitoring the prospects behavior o Ex: Website visits, whitepaper and/or case study downloads, etc. o Helps identify psychographics o Buyer motivation• Demographics + Behavior = o The complete picture of your lead.
  • 19. 3 Tools you can use for trackinginbound behaviors and interest
  • 20. Anonymous To Known 5 10 100 25 15 White paper is downloaded Score is Applied based onAnonymous lands on activity, interest, Lead Behavior and activity is demographicswebsite and views some tracked and saved in leadproduct pages record Lead sent to nurture pathCompany activity is tracked Demographic, firmographic Sales Rep Alerts sent; data and psychographic data sent to CRM collected Complete lifecycle is collected
  • 21. Identify, Track, Interpret, Nurture Nurturing Paths Lead Behavior Action-Based Interest Industry Specific Title Plus Behavior
  • 22. 4 How to define and execute a nurturing strategy that convertsleads into sales-ready opportunities
  • 23. Campaigns vs. Lead Nurturing One End-to-End Lead Nurturing Process Awareness Consideration Purchase Theme #1 Traditional Theme #2 Campaigns Theme #3 ©2011 Marketing Interactions, Inc.
  • 24. Lead Nurturing Example Lead Nurturing ExampleDevelop A PlanOutline an effective lead nurturing process per target /campaignExample:•Day 1: Thank you email for downloading a whitepaper•Day 10: Email recommending article/whitepaper ofrelated interest•Day 20: Send another email about area of interest –linking to landing page, lead to other content•Day 30: Send an email invite to webinar • Next series of touches - Dependent on registration and attendance of webinar•Day 40: If attended webinar, phone call follow up•Day 50: Email a recent customer win case studyRule based on “sales ready” definition sends lead to sales
  • 25. Delivering Relevant Content Based on Behavior
  • 26. Nurturing Tips• Online and offline• Continual nurturing Inform• Specific interest Keep Educate• Lead Scoring Gives Visibility Alive• Continuously Engage Prospects• Evaluate All Responses• Deliver Real Value Convert Involve• Thought leadership• Personalization Validate• Develop a plan
  • 27. Take-Away’s:The 4 Keys for Turning Cold Leads IntoSales-Ready Opportunities 1. Segment your target audience/prospects 2. Keep data fresh and update constantly 3. Collect and track prospect and lead behaviors 4. Deliver relevant content via digital conversation 5. Nurture and convert; measure results
  • 28. Visit us at www.zoominfo.com/business/leadlife for a free data consultation!
  • 29. How to Get Started Wanna Learn More? Get the LeadLife White Paper: The Cost of Not Nurturing Leadswww.leadlife.com/nurturing Lisa Cramer Don Wynns lcramer@leadlife.com Don.wynns@zoominfo.com