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Straight Talk Dental is a consultancy which aims to objectively assist clients identify the dental treatment that best suits their needs and wants. Clients are provided with any diagnostic material gathered and a written report of the outcome of discussions. This provides a basis for clients to seek the right dental treatment provider, who will work with them to achieve the desired outcomes that have been established as being the ones that best suit the client's needs.

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Straight Talk Dental - Consultancy

  1. 1. ? ? ? Straight Talk Dental An Objective Second Opinion Consultant Dentist - Dr Lea Foster
  2. 2. So you went for a check and clean............ then the dentist told you that “you need some work done” Quick explanation in words you didn’t really understand...or no real explanation........................ He says “Why don’t you make an appointment with my receptionist?” Pretty soon you are at the front desk.................................................. You are handed a print out of ‘The Plan’ in a snappy presentation folder “Now, we can ‘fit’ you in next week to get started”.......................... “We usually take a deposit, how would you like to pay?”................
  3. 3. Has this ever happened to you? Did you want to know more about the work that was planned? Had you been left wondering why you needed it? Did you want to know if there were any other options?
  4. 4. Well that’s where I fit in Who am I? I’m a general dentist with 30 years of private practice experience. I owned my own practice for 26 years I teach Dentistry at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia
  5. 5. who am I?
  6. 6. I live in rural north-eastern NSW and work in south-east Queensland When I’m not working I like to sail my Sabre Dinghy
  7. 7. I can de-mystify dentistry for you!
  8. 8. How can I help you? My aim is to: help you understand treatment plans you may have been offered help you learn about what other options you may have
  9. 9. You might do I know you are objective? Well, I don’t propose to do any treatment for you myself I have no interest in influencing you to accept any particular treatment plan I am a consultant My aim is to help you understand, so you can choose the treatment plan that best suits YOU
  10. 10. To tailor a plan to suit you.... Together we will explore: your objective regarding your oral health your expected outcome from treatment your budget for treatment your expected time frame
  11. 11. Then......... We will analyze and discuss plans you may have already been given After this I may be able to offer other options, if there are any I will also be able to offer advice on what to realistically expect from various options, along with how best to preserve and prolong the life of any restorative treatment that you eventually receive
  12. 12. I will need some diagnostic information for your consult with me, if you have them, you should bring with you: any diagnostic aids such as x-rays, plaster study models of your mouth and any pictures that have been taken by a dentist of your face or inside your mouth. You should be able to request your x-rays from any other dentists you have consulted. DON’T WORRY if you only have some of these items or even if you don’t have any of them, because I can arrange to get these things so that I have the information I need to properly consider your situation
  13. 13. After the consult you will have to take with you…… A record of the existing situation in your mouth Any models, pictures and x-rays of you that I have taken or ordered and of course, any that you brought with you A diagram and description of any options A list of my preferred, referee dentists from which to choose, who will undertake to work with you to achieve the plan that you feel best suits your needs
  14. 14. For more information or a consultation...... Straight Talk Dental Ph: 0416925815 Email: