H&M Wardrobe Manager Project - Eurobest Academy Competition 2010


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The H&M Wardrobe Manager is a prospective digital project that enabled me and a working partner to attend the Eurobest Academy 2010 in Hamburg after a European competition.

The brief : choose your favourite brand and design a presentation board which describes a campaign you would launch to capitalise on ‘Significance’, a trend spotted by Draftfcb.

The Idea : capitalise on the behavioural aspirations of a digitally-minded/techn-savvy target so as to strengthen the relation between H&M customers and the brand.

The H&M Wardrobe Manager was a dedicated solution to the retailer's customers.

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H&M Wardrobe Manager Project - Eurobest Academy Competition 2010

  1. 1. Marine Paire & Yoann Le TensorerStudents in Brand StrategySup de Pub London COMPETITION EUROBEST ACADEMY
  2. 2. Marine Paire & Yoann Le TensorerStudents in Brand StrategySup de Pub London
  3. 3. Why we chose H&M?• Young consumers : good target for digitalinnovations• All over the world : 2200 stores in 37 countries,huge impact• Icon and designer collaborations with H&M :creativity• A very particular way of communicate : Highestquality for a low cost brand• All styles, different kind of consumers :diversity
  4. 4. Understanding the brand
  5. 5. Background • 1947 Swedish clothing company • Hennes : swedish for “hers” • Mauritz : since expanded into menswear • Fast fashion clothing offering • 5,610,322 fans on Facebook • One of the most valuable global brand • Positioning : „Fashion and quality at the best price‟Source : Euromonitor / Facebook / www.hm.com
  6. 6. We can find everything there Every style Every color Every trend Every price• If some girls/guys can buy everything from H&M (from shoes tounderwear), others will just find the perfect necklace…• There you can build a lot of styles, and this contributes to theway you build your personality
  7. 7. The challenge
  8. 8. People are feeling lonelier and increasingly insignifiant • Hard economic time • Urban life is exhausting and perceived as complicated • The ‘give-up‟ feeling is growing : people feel like they don‟t have any influence on the world • People are used to brands‟ advertising and marketing practices • A real demand for authenticity and simplicitySource : Euromonitor / Mintel
  9. 9. They are brand-concious and see brands as partners • Brands are now perceived as major actors in the society • People expect a lot from them • People look for solutions more than products • The choice of a brand today could be described as finding the „best compromise‟Source : Euromonitor / Mintel
  10. 10. Brands need to work on their presence so as to as to create this partnership • Brand is not just an economic actor anymore • Today brands have to become „emotional‟ and get closer than ever from their customers • Customers expect brands to do more than their job • „All you need is trust‟Source : Euromonitor / Mintel
  11. 11. Now the question is…How could H&M become a „life-partner‟ ?
  12. 12. Significance
  13. 13. Significance Key takeaways for brands• Be relational and emotional• Be personal• Be projective and creative• Be intuitive and transportable• Be helpful, obliging• Be useful for your customers• Be awesome
  14. 14. SignificanceA few examples of what has been done so far Vogue Stylist iPhone App iPhone Wardrobe App matches user wardrobe catwalks and red carpest with advertiser products come to your phone
  15. 15. Why H&M should implement such a strategy? • Since the iPhone was launched, the „applications war‟ began • New generation of applications are more into the utility to customers • As a major actor of the category it‟s time for H&M to lead in this borning market • In a competitive market, H&M needs to get closer from their customers in some way
  16. 16. Understanding our consumer
  17. 17. Let‟s meet H&M consumers…12 to 17 years old 18 to 24 years old 25 to 34 years oldExpression Creativity Economy
  18. 18. Why we should focus on 12-25 years old • They are the most important part of the H&M customers • Technology and innovation savvy • They are curious and need to be influenced • 12-25 is the most important segment in smartphones‟ penetrationSource : TNS Sofres – Mobile Phone / Euromonitor – Consumer Lifestyle in UK
  19. 19. They love their smartphone, it‟s a tool for the everyday life ‘Your cellphone makes your life…’ Easy Free Nice Dynamic Unpredictable FunnySource : TNS Sofres – Mobile Phone
  20. 20. Introducing the concept
  21. 21. Insights from our core target‘Which fabric is it? How should I wash it?’‘Will I be able to wear it with other thingsfrom my wardrobe?’‘I want to take a picture to show to myfriends’‘I’ll find it online to show it to my friends’
  22. 22. Introducing the H&M Wardrobe Manager• The core idea is to enable the consumer to get his wardrobe on aniPhone application• This will be enabled by the technology of the handset which enableto scan/flash bar-codes from H&M products or by going online to thededicaced website www.myhmwardrobemanager.com (linked to HMonline store)• The app requires to sign up and set up your account onlineupstream• Once this is done you will be able to get information about theproduct while you‟re still in front of the shelves in any H&M store• But also to try on the outfit on your virtual avatar and to start toadapt it to your personal clothes while you‟re still in the store• And if you‟re just in the mood for window-shopping at this time youcan save the product and come back later
  23. 23. H&M Wardrobe ManagerThe bar-code is the DNA of the brand • Technology now enable cell-phone to meet new uses • It‟s a really innovative application in the category as H&M will be the first clothes retailer to provided such a solution to their customers using the bar-code technology • It‟s time for the brand to reappropriate its bar-code and to deal with it as its DNA • The bar-code must express the brand essence and values of H&M („style‟) • The H&M Wardrobe Manager is the perfect traduction of its will to act as a 21th century brand going way further than what has ever been done
  24. 24. The Digital Campaign
  25. 25. Why a Digital Campaign?• Digital is perfectly fitting to our core target media affinities• As our aim on this campaign is be relational and to getpersonal with our target, nothing is more efficient than digital toreach this goal• And simply because it‟s were your customers are talking aboutyou … • Capitalise on the strengh of social networks • Create word of mouth and take advantage of the „chat‟ taking place in the differents blogs (fashion, technology, etc.) • Give H&M the place it deserves on the web
  26. 26. 1.Ambient in London
  27. 27. Ambient in LondonBus Stop, London Buses, London Underground • Ambient is effective and a good way to support a digital campaign • H&M will put some cartboard Tshirts (with some huge bar-code) on hangers in the Tube and Buses • Some bus stops will be transformed in wardrobe with some of our Tshirt cartboard
  28. 28. 2.Dedicaced website : www.myHMwardrobemanager.com
  29. 29. First the customer has to sign up and log in to the H&M Wardrobe Manager
  30. 30. The customer has to choose his wardrobe depending on his sex. It‟s the beginning of the personalization process.
  31. 31. So as to personalized the website as much as possible, he/she builds her/his virtual „avatar‟ which will enable her/him to try on some clothes later on.
  32. 32. Then she/he has to enter her/his H&M clothes‟ references so as to start to fill her/his virtual wardrobe that he will be able to visit from her/his iPhone later…
  33. 33. Because she/he has clothes from other brands, this next step allows her/him to regiter therest of his outfits in her/his dressing (thanks to casual models of accessories, shoes, etc.)
  34. 34. Here she/he is! The H&M Wardrobe Manager is setted up and she/he can start to askfor personalized advices or choose the perfect clothes for her/his bestfriend‟s birthday tonight!!!
  35. 35. As her dress for tonight is blue, the H&M Wardrobe Manager propose her some of her coats thatwould perfectly fit with it. If she‟s not happy with those, she can directly access to the H&M online store.
  36. 36. www.myHMwardrobemanager.com A platform to capitalize on the launching of the App• The website will enable to launched the application• The consumers will be able to practice the future iPhoneapplication on the website• The website enable the App to go further by providing theconsumer an unic opportunity of personalization• This will also help the In-Store Event to gather as manypeople as possible thanks to the organisation from Ambient (1)to Event (3) where the application will be used for the first time(4)
  37. 37. 3.Event in London H&M stores
  38. 38. Event in London H&M stores „Flash it, Get It‟• In all London H&M• 1 special department will be set up• The 30th person to scan the barcode of an outfit of this space will getit for free• An event which totally meets thehabits of young customers who like tobe involved in something special…
  39. 39. 4.Launching the new H&M iPhone Application
  40. 40. Launching the new H&M iPhone Application The aim of the campaignThe aim of all this campaign was to find a way to launch the new H&M iPhone App : H&M Wardrobe ManagerMore than just a virtual cupboard it‟s really a tool getting closer from the „personal shopper‟ dream of the target using the bar-code technology
  41. 41. The customer can use it in his H&M store Start the Scan the bar code of the  Get information about itWardrobe Manager App product you‟re interested  Try the product with the clothes on your iPhone in using iPhone camera from your wardrobe (setted up before)  Or just save it so as to show/share it with friends
  42. 42. H&M Wardrobe Manager enables you to haveyour wardrobe with you everywhere at any time • At home, at work, in class or in the bus access to your wardrobe and start to think about what to wear to go out • Have a look to your last crush at H&M during your window-shopping and show it to your mates directly from the app (+ information about colors, etc.) • Remember what you were wearing last week so as to manage your „style schedule‟ • Know what‟s clean, what‟s not • Start to prepare your suitcase • Learn what you actually never wear…
  43. 43. Great benefists for the customers as for H&M• Customer oriented • Innovation/Salience• Helpful and useful • Involvement• An application elaborated • Capitalize on the stylishfrom their specific media value of the brandconsumption and behaviour • Create a real link with the• Functional but emotional customers by fulfilling their• Enable them to socialize needsand share from the app • Encourage the growth of e-• Be „part of something‟ commerce, m-commerce and• H&M is life/style partner promotion
  44. 44. As this concept can be extended its power is endlessThe website and the application could be developped to further extends on the longrange. These improvements would enable H&M to confirm its will to be part oftoday‟s world as a recognized actor…Here are a few examples :Create a ranking of the „Top Stylists‟within the website/application Instant GratificationConnect users together andencourage them to share some Connectivitytips, etc.
  45. 45. Thank You
  46. 46. Contact InformationMarine Paire Yoann Le Tensorer22 years old 23 years oldmarine.paire@gmail.com yletensorer@hotmail.fr(+44) 07761 311 457 (+44) 07857 985 244