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Surge Presentation Final Surge Presentation Final Presentation Transcript

  • A partnership project between The Junction; Granton Youth Centre; Muirhouse Youth Development Group; and Pilton Youth and Children’s Project with funding from Edinburgh Alcohol and Drug Partnership
    • Increased Knowledge and Changed Attitudes to Substance Misuse
    • Reduce Acceptability in Target Groups of Hazardous Use & Associated Behaviours
    • Increase the Capacity of Local Agencies to Engage with Young People and Parents on Alcohol Misuse
    • Equip Young People with Decision Making and other Life Skills through Relevant and Supportive Learning Environments
    • Children and young people receive timely and appropriate support
  • North Edinburgh Alcohol Initiative Collaborative will also contribute to the Edinburgh Children and Young People’s Plan
    • 4. Physically and Emotionally Healthy
      • To increase the number of children and young people with a positive childhood experience and good emotional and mental health and wellbeing;
      • To increase the number of children who have healthy and active lifestyles and participate in physical activities;
      • To reduce the number of children and young people who smoke or misuse drugs or alcohol.
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  • North Edinburgh Alcohol Initiative Collaborative will also address part of the Edinburgh City Council Single Outcome Agreement 2008-2011, particularly with respect to the following:
    • National Outcome (6) - We live longer healthier lives
    • Local Outcome - Improving child health
    • Local indicator - Reduce % of 13 year olds drinking once a week or more (-5%)
    • - Reduce % of 15 year olds drinking once a week or more (-5%)
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  • North Edinburgh Alcohol Initiative Collaborative - Training
    • Alcohol Brief Interventions (Eleanor McWhirter –NHS Lothian, Lead Alcohol Brief Interventions):
    • GYC – 6 staff
    • MYDG – 4 staff
    • PYCP – 2 staff
    • The Junction – 4 staff
    • Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll (Canongate Youth Project):
    • MYDG – 3 staff
    • Alcohol Awareness (Jonny Kinross, MYDG):
    • MYDG – 10 staff
    • Conflict management and resolution (SALTO):
    • MYDG – 1 staff
    • Motivational Interviewing; Groupwork Skills (NHS Lothian)
    • The Junction -1 staff
  • Proposed Training
    • Confronting Conflict (LEAP):
    • 16 places
    • Managing Difficult Behaviour (LEAP):
    • 16 places
    • Child Protection specific for street work
    • (Rob Heaseman):
    • places to be confirmed
    • Further Development Training for All Staff TBA
  • Granton Youth Centre Shona Cormack [email_address] 0131 467 5854
    • Reduce risky behaviours associated with alcohol consumption
    • Reduce alcohol consumption
    • Encourage young people to think about their safety
    • To learn from young people
    • To have more for young people to do
    Hopes and Aspirations
  • Some young people at Bangholm
  • Aims of the Project
    • Engage with young people
    • Work in partnership
    • Reduce alcohol consumption
    • Equip young people with information so they can make informed decisions
    • Challenge young peoples attitudes to alcohol
  • Some of our staff
  • Numbers so far Trinity Granton Muirhouse Pilton Week 1 Male 0 0 31 17 Female 0 0 19 10 Week 2 Male 11 7 9 10 Female 7 3 6 6 Week 3 Male 8 2 15 not out Female 6 0 2 not out Week 4 Male 5 0 24 21 Female 0 0 29 16 Total Male 24 9 79 48 Female 13 3 56 35 Total New contacts 37 12 135 83
  • What has worked well
    • Young peoples attitudes to us being on their streets
    • Getting recognised because of the uniform
    • Being flexible in terms of times and days to try going out
    • Interaction with local shops
  • Alcohol is out there
  • Interventions so far Trinity Granton Muirhouse Pilton Week 1 School/music/ football None Sexual health/ drinking/ relationships/ lots of sexual chat/ good banter/ going to Drylaw Park Drinking/ smoking cannabis/ job hunting/ general banter/ football. Week 2 Last week/ what to do inside if we get an area/ football/ spare time activities. Banter/ football/ check all okay. Drinking/ racism/ anti-social behaviour/ possible regrets about drinking chat Drinking/ smoking/ cannabis/ who the street-work team are and why they are out. Week 3 Football/ school/ what doing after football. Not really up for a chat Drinking/ stealing/ going to a party/ chat about stealing Not out due to staff illness. Week 4 Where everyone else was/ football/ what to do in inside space when we get it. None Asking to buy alcohol/ played alcohol game/ sexual health planning/Good chat with police. Confrontation with other group/ college/ Spartans/ drinking.
  • Not so well
    • Saturdays in Granton
    • Thursday street-work in Trinity, numbers are all from the Bangholm project
  • Future plans
    • All street-work teams to go out on Friday evenings
    • Later evening work for holiday times, especially summer
    • Collect and record information from young people to create a base line for research
    • Analyse information in relation to citywide and country wide statistics
    • Roll out the full c:card service, to include c:card+
  • Tool kit for staff
    • Games for the street
    • Information about alcohol, sex and drugs
    • Diversionary activities to direct young people towards
    • Referrals for one-to-one support, counselling and any extra support which may be required
    • Friendly, approachable, recognisable staff
    • Training on issues for use on the streets
  • Evaluation Tools
    • Questionnaires for young people
    • Street-work evaluations
    • Staff feedback
    • Community feedback
  • Extra thanks for their generosity.
    • Edinburgh Leisure
    • Halfords
    • Sports Warehouse
    • Ali McLeish and Jimmy Sangster, the janitors at Bangholm
  • ‘ Street Break’ Aim: ‘Overall the aim of the project is to raise young people’s awareness of risk taking behaviours, to provide diversionary activities and minimise harm.’
  • Key objectives of ‘Street Break’ project:
    • ‘ To divert young people away from activities which become more risky as a result of excessive alcohol or drug consumption.’
    • ‘ To support young people to make informed choices around alcohol misuse.’
    • ‘ To work in partnership with other voluntary sector providers, to deliver the service.’
  • The service:
    • 1. The opening of the PYCP Sports Hall 4 times over the weekend for sports, health and fitness sessions and healthy café for 30 weeks of the year.
    • 2. The provision of 8 wilderness weekends in bothies and camping in remote areas of Scotland over each year using trained local volunteers and staff.
  • The service: cont…
    • 3. The opening of MYDG’s shop front in Muirhouse Shopping Centre as outreach at the times when other programmes are running.
    • 4. A final report will be produced including recommendations for best practice.
  • Street Break - work so far
    • Weekly groups
    • Day Club/group Number on register Average attendance Interventions
    • Tues Shop Drop 60 15 Drinking/sexual health/relationships/anti- social behaviour/crime
    • Tues Football 30 15
    • Thurs Shop Drop 60 15 Drinking/sexual health/relationships/anti- social behaviour/crime
    • Thurs Girls closed group 12 6 Sexual health groupwork
    • Alcohol groupwork
    • Friday Outdoor Academy 20 6
    • Friday Football 35 20
    • Friday Girls Group 40 18 Alcohol groupwork
    • Friday Football (PYCP) 30 15
    • Sat Café (PYCP) 20 12
  • Street Break - work so far cont…
    • Residentials
    • Date Venue Number of yp Interventions
    • 19-21 Oct 09 Glen Etive 7 Sexual health/relationships
    • 18-20 Dec 09 Stanley Nairn 11 Sexual health/relationships
    • Alcohol group work
    • 12-14 Feb 10 Pilton Retreat 10 Drinking
    • 19-21 Feb 10 Pilton Retreat 10 Drinking
  • Street Break – progress so far…
    • Shop Drop – opportunity to engage positively with group associated with library and shopping centre. With training staff have been able make interventions include sexual health, anti social behaviour and alcohol misuse.
    • Closed girls group – diverts girls away from core group associated with library and shopping centre. Interventions include sexual health, anti social behaviour and alcohol misuse.
    • Outdoor Academy – diverts group from shopping centre at key time of Friday.
  • Street Break – future plans…
    • Closed boys group – use model used for closed girls group. Interventions include sexual health, anti social behaviour and alcohol misuse.
    • Residentials – target group associated with the library and shopping centre. Residentials with North Edinburgh Alcohol Initiative Collaborative.
    • Weekend work – increase the amount of diversionary activities happening at the weekend.
  • The Junction Young People Health and Wellbeing
    • 160-162 Great Junction St
    • [email_address]
  • Objectives
    • To support young people in their right to make informed decisions about their lifestyle
    • To work with young people to develop resources that facilitate discussion around alcohol between young people, their teachers, youth workers, parents & carers
    • To provide 1:1 person centred support to young people that have identified issues with their own or someone else’s alcohol use
    • To organise and facilitate a group for young people to explore attitudes towards alcohol use and its effects on the wider community
    • To work in partnership with other organizations, and to promote the Junction, its values and resources
  • Post Breakdown
    • 2 Drop In sessions per week at the Junction
    • 1 Street-Work session per week in Granton/ Trinity/ Muirhouse/ Pilton
    • Offer 1:1 support around alcohol issues to 3 young people per week
    • Run Group Work for young people around alcohol, with ultimate aim to develop a resource for young people
    • Outreach Work at local schools and youth clubs around alcohol
    • December/January Stats
    No. Sessions Delivered YP Contacted Drop Ins 13 52 Outreach 8 209 Street-Work 4 100
  • Listening to Young People
    • Effects on Young People’s Lives
    • Mental Health
    • Physical Health
    • Relationships
    • Neighbourhood or Society
    • Influences
    • Alcohol as a Legal Drug
    • Accessibility
    • Cost
    • Advertising
    • Social/Peer Expectations
    Still from the Junction’s ‘Wasted Moments’ Flick Books
  • NEAIC Iphone Application and Blog