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Preliminary task

  1. 1. In preparation for my music magazine taskto test my skills and make sure I wascomfortable and confident in my use ofPhotoshop I made a practice or preliminarytask of a school magazine based aroundmy school. The masthead and idea was alloriginal however it kept with the schoolscolour scheme and theme as well as storieswhich I attempted to give a sense of realismwith current events around the school.
  2. 2. When designing thepreliminary task the look wasmost important I wanted totry and make somethingthat looked professionalwhile keeping with thetheme of school I chose the purple background in keeping with the school’s theme colours and the masthead “The Desk” as it is a key figure for any student in a school; as student magazine straight off the desk
  3. 3. Keeping with the schooltheme I then found andcropped a image of theschool logo to place onthe cover of the magazine
  4. 4. After analysing other magazinesand finding the key features andconcepts they include the puffwas placed under masthead asit is a student magazine it had tocovey a theme of being writtenby the students; “straight off thedesk”
  5. 5. Next came the coverlines. The content had tobe interesting yet realistic,exaggerated story lineswould not convey thestyle of a studentmagazine. New additionsto the school and studentthoughts seemed mostrelevant yet still intriguing.
  6. 6. First I added the additionalimage at it was easier toplace directly under itsadditional cover line. Therewas not space for manymore as well as too manymay have made it lookedcluttered. From how thepage had begun to shapeI had enough space toadd the main image andthrough the layouteverything else would formaround on the page wouldform around the image.
  7. 7. After further analysis Further more the personand having taken a of my image had to bepicture for my front change so that it wascover my idea had taking into accountchange to a whole both genders. The useimage as the of a boy worked betterbackground and main with the layout butimage however the made the magazinerequirements meant male dominant.that I was only limited toone image. Even though it cannot fully be seen I played around with some of the editing techniques on the image adding a glow and blurring and painting over it. This was to try out many techniques in the aim of achieving a polished finished look.
  8. 8. The creation of the contents page I foundeasier to do as apposed to the front pageas it based on additional cover lines theonly problem I found is when designing acontents page is fitting it with the theme ofthe magazine and front cover whilemaking a clear and structured layoutwhich I will remember and improve on formy music magazine .
  9. 9. To start I set the layout ofthe contents still keepingwith the same them colours.
  10. 10. I added a logo tomake it clear thatboth these wereassociated. Mymain aim as statedbefore was tokeep with thetheme of theschool colours.
  11. 11. This was the lastbit to add tomake thelayout of thecontents. Byplacing theword in ashape it nowseparated thepage toinclude
  12. 12. As it was astudent The silhouettemagazine I of the studentswanted the enforce theimage but idea of aknew that the studentcolour of an magazine asactual image from it you canwould have see what lookscluttered the to be a grouppage so I used of student ona silhouette top. They areinstead. backing and the innovators behind this magazine
  13. 13. However theimage was toosmall and I hadto duplicateand flip it inorder to fill thespace. At first Iwas weary atthe idea butthe increase inthe number ofstudents showsunity, whichhelps in theconveying thetheme of astudent basedmagazine.
  14. 14. The cover lines were easyto add. They have adirect link to the additionand main sell lines on thefront cover. The contentwas important as thismade it a schoolmagazine specifically.
  15. 15. Just as importantpage numbers.Even though itwas just as frontcover andcontents pagebeing created itstill had to lookauthentic andrealistic.
  16. 16. Upon addingan image thiswas the finalresult. There wasa lack in imageson both my It is alsofront cover and important tocontents page note thatso I because of myremembered to layout from thetake that into beginning inaccount for my opinion thefuture image addedreference. looked squashed and out of place slightly. This was another error to take into account when designing my music magazine