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Rww For Sales Opportunity Analysis
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Rww For Sales Opportunity Analysis


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Effective managment of multiple project sales opportunities requires ensuring that you invest your time in the right opportunties. …

Effective managment of multiple project sales opportunities requires ensuring that you invest your time in the right opportunties.

RWW is an analysis tool to help make this selection process more productive.

Is It REAL? Can We WIN It? Is It WORTH It?

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  • 1. Is I It REAL?
  • 2. Can We WIN It? Photo courtesy
  • 3. Photo courtesy Is It WORTH It? O
  • 4. RWW - What is it? A project feasibility and risk management tool used in evaluating Innovation and Six Sigma business g improvement projects R – Is it REAL? W – Can we WIN It? W – Is It WORTH It?
  • 5. RWW – How can we use it to analyse “sales” opportunities? Apply the RWW screening pp y g process to maximise return on investment in managing multiple high g g p g value sales opportunities
  • 6. Is It REAL? ternal Analysis Will it get off the ground? • Is relevant funding for this project obtainable? • Will all regulatory approvals be granted? • Is there a market need for the intended outcomes of the project? Ext • Is the timing for this opportunity realistic and achievable? Can We WIN It? Are we the leader of the pack? • Do we know all the likely competitors? • Do we have a competitive advantage? alysis • Do we have adequate resources to manage this opportunity? • Could we respond in the requested timeframe? Internal Ana Is It WORTH It? Dollars and sense? • Is the opportunity cost acceptable? • Do the expected financial returns exceed requirements? • Can all risks be managed appropriately? • Does it fit our overall growth strategy?
  • 7. RWW Screening Q S Questionnaire Sales Opportunity Name: pp y Is It REAL? ‐ Will it get off the ground? (External Analysis) Is relevant funding for this project obtainable? 1 Will all regulatory approvals be granted? 1 Is there a market need for the intended outcomes of the project? Is there a market need for the intended outcomes of the project? 1 Is the timing for this opportunity realistic and achievable? 1 Can We WIN It? ‐ Are we the leader of the pack? (Internal Analysis) Do we know all the likely competitors? 1 Do we have a competitive advantage? 1 Do we have adequate resources to manage this opportunity? 1 Could we respond in the requested timeframe? 1 Is It WORTH It? ‐ Do the dollars and sense stack up? p Is the opportunity cost acceptable? 1 Do the expected financial returns exceed requirements? 1 Can all risks be managed appropriately? 1 Does it fit our overall growth strategy? Does it fit our overall growth strategy? 1 RWW screening result score for this sales opportunity is: 12 Score Results Score Definition 0 ‐ 12 Meets no requirements and should not progress any further 13 ‐ 107 Requires further evaluation before proceeding 108 Meets all requirements and should proceed
  • 8. RWW – Next steps Project sales opportunities that pass the RWW screening process can then be prioritised based on: • Timing • Fi Financial returns i l t • Available resources
  • 9. References George S. Day, “Is It Real?, Can We Win? Is It Worth Doing? – Managing Risk and Reward in an Innovation Portfolio” Harvard Business Review, December 2007 Author s Author’s Contact Details Name : Lawrence (Laurie) Phillips E-mail: RWW Screening Questionnaire For a FREE copy of the RWW Screening Questionnaire in Microsoft Excel format just send format, me an e-mail Photo courtesy