Vision Boards - Why 95% Of Resolutions Fail Unnecessarily!<br />by Steve Charles<br />So many people make resolutions each...
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The secret law of attraction is not a secret at all; it’s as clear and simple as you want it to be. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne was a fascinating book and movie about the Law of Attraction that took the world by storm.

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Vision boards

  1. 1. Vision Boards - Why 95% Of Resolutions Fail Unnecessarily!<br />by Steve Charles<br />So many people make resolutions each year but a better idea would be if they started using vision boards to achieve their yearly goals instead.<br />Thousands of people from every country in the world make New Year's resolutions each year, but did you know that within just a couple of weeks or so, as high a percentage as 95% of all those resolutions have been broken and dumped?<br />Whatever happened to all those meaningful wishes and declarations of good intent? Well, strangely enough, the good intent is still there. All those people still want to change their lives but the only snag is they took the wrong approach to making the change. They made a negative declaration instead of a positive one. Visions Boards can greatly help with that wrong approach.<br />Most times, people think of the New Year as the time to make a fresh start, to improve their lives. It's almost as if you are turning your back on the previous bad stuff you no longer want and making a clean new start. That's the reason for making resolutions, that's what they mean. Have you ever thought of what resolutions you've made in the past? Things like "I want to lose weight" or "I want to pack up smoking" those examples are typical.<br />Notice anything? They all have a negative aspect to them and all are taking you away from the 'pleasure' side of your life and leading you towards the 'painful' side of having to do something because it's 'good for you', something you 'must do' - not because you really want to do it, or it's enjoyable!<br />Resolutions generally do not work for some very simple reasons. In the case of wanting to quit smoking, when you declare "I don't want to smoke" you are not using the Law of Attraction in the way to get positive results. A negative word like "don't" cannot be recognized by the Universal law, so that statement now becomes "I want to smoke". So guess what? That's exactly what the Universal law responds to… Keeping you smoking.<br />The second reason why this resolution fails is because you are asking your subconscious mind to allow something to happen and it just won't budge from the old habit of liking to smoke; the subconscious mind LOVES regular habit. It will not align itself with your conscious mind just because something is 'good for you'.<br />Thirdly and probably the easiest reason to come to terms with is that you are telling yourself to stop doing one of the things you like to do; No one wants to stop doing what they like do they? That's why that 95% of all those New Year's resolutions fail within 2 weeks or so.<br />So what is the answer? How can you move away from doing things you know just aren't doing you good? Easy! What you need to do is take that 'thing' you don't want anymore and make a positive intent out of it rather than a negative one. By using a simple trick like that you'll have great success every time. Vision Boards will help with that.<br />Vision boards ensure that your thoughts are always upbeat and positive; never negative. So in the example of wanting to quit smoking, instead of being negative; If you had a pinned up a couple of pictures of athletes or your favourite sportsmen and wrote a big bold affirmation such as 'I am very fit and healthy and feel great' then you have declared that you want to be fit and healthy; it's a positive statement. If that means quitting smoking to get fit and healthy, then fine.<br />Vision boards have spun a negative thought into a positive one; you are drilling that positive thought right down into your subconscious mind. Looking at that image twice a day will keep your thoughts and emotions constantly focused on exactly how good it feels to be fit and healthy again and by doing that your resolve will be enforced; your resolution achieved.<br />vision boards will empower your goals and resolutions, at any time, not just the New Year. Discover how they work so well with the law of Attraction by taking a copy of my FREE report at my website<br />