How to choose conference satchels


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How to choose conference satchels

  1. 1. How to Choose Conference Satchels If you are organizing a conference, then it is important that you include conference satchels in your promotional itemsinventory which will serve as the kit of the participants that will be attending the event. However, picking the right conference bags can be a daunting task especially if you will be having hundreds of delegates who will be attending the conference. Thus, below are the tips on how you can find the right tote bags that you can give during the conference.
  2. 2. Consider The Type Of Delegates Attending The Event It is important that you ask the type of delegates that are attending the event. Are they corporate or blue collar workers? If your delegates are from the corporate market, then you should give out exhibition bags that come with laptop sleeves or small pockets where they can put their gadgets in. Now if the delegates are blue collar workers, then you should give promotional bags that are more functional for the type of job that they do. On the other hand, it is crucial that you determine what they would use the bag for. It is important that the conference bags are reused by the delegates so that you can save on your promotional items investment as well as use it to promote your organization or business. Is The Bag Big Enough To Fit Conference Materials?
  3. 3. Conference tote bags are very convenient because they are the cheapest compared with other types of giveaway bags. However, the problem with most tote bags is that they lack rooms or spaces where delegates can put their conference materials. For instance, pens can easily be lost inside a large tote bag. To solve this problem, it is important that the tote bag should come with several partitions where the delegates can separate small items than big ones. Does It Cater To The Venue? When deciding which conference bags you should give as promotional items, it is important that you consider the
  4. 4. venue of the event. For instance, if the conference will be held in the city and the delegates will be commuting through public transportation like buses or trains, then you should give conference satchels that are lightweight and collapsible. Now if the conference is an overnight event, you can send delegates overnight bags which also serve as bags where they can pack their clothing. Planning for your conference bags is easy as long as you follow the tips above. Good luck!