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Vidi ta organizatsiyni_formi_pidpriyemstv

  1. 1. • Enterprise - independent economic entity created by the competent public or local self-government body, or other entities for satisfaction of social or personal needs by systematic carrying out of production, research and development, trade, or other activity pursuant to the Economic Code of Ukraine and other laws. Article 62 Economic Code of Ukraine
  2. 2. Enterprise types • Depending on property category approved by the law, the following enterprise types can operate in Ukraine: state enterprise4 private enterprise1 collective property enterprise2 communal enterprise3 enterprise operating on the basis of mixed property 5 Article 63 Economic Code of Ukraine
  3. 3. In terms of the share of a foreign investment and its amount in the charter fund of the enterprise, there are distinguished: • enterprises with foreign investments (foreign investment share in the charter fund of such enterprise shall amount to no less than 10 percent) • foreign enterprises (enterprises with 100 percent foreign share in the charter fund) Article 63 Economic Code of Ukraine
  4. 4. PRIVATE ENTERPRISE Private enterprise is considered to be an enterprise that operates on the basis of private ownership of one or more citizens, foreigners, stateless persons and its (their) labor or the use of hired labor. Private enterprise also operates on the basis of private ownership of an entity - a legal entity. Article 113 Economic Code of Ukraine
  5. 5. COLLECTIVE ENTERPRISE Collective enterprise is corporate or unitary enterprise operating on the basis of collective property of the founder (founders). producers’ cooperatives ; consumer cooperative societies; enterprises of social and religious organizations ; other enterprises pursuant to the law. Article 93 Economic Code of Ukraine
  6. 6. PRODUCERS COOPERATIVES - voluntary associations of citizens on the basis of membership for joint manufacturing or other economic activity on condition of their personal participation and conglomeration of property share contributions (fixed contributions), participation in enterprise management and distribution of profit between cooperative members respective to their participation in operations (article 95 Economic Code of Ukraine). The founders :  Ukrainian citizens;  Foreign citizens;  Stateless persons. !!! Number of members of producers’ cooperative shall be no less than three. Article 95 Economic Code of Ukraine
  7. 7. Article 111 Economic Code of Ukraine CONSUMER COOPERATIVE SOCIETIES Consumer cooperative societies - unitary or corporate enterprises founded by consumer society (societies) or alliance (association) of consumer societies pursuant to this Code and other laws for achieving goals specified in the charters of these societies, alliances (associations). Primary unit of consumer cooperation is consumer society self-governed organization of citizens who unite for joint economic activity aimed at collectively organized satisfaction of their economic and social interests on the basis of free will, property and mutual assistance.
  8. 8. Article 112 Economic Code of Ukraine Enterprises of citizens associations and religious organizations Enterprises of citizens’ associations and religious organizations - unitary enterprise founded on the basis of property of the citizens’ association (social organization, political party) or property of religious organization for carrying out economic activity aimed at achieving statutory goals. Property right of citizens’ associations shall be exercised by their highest statutory bodies in the manner prescribed by the law and statutory documents. Property rights of religious organizations shall be exercised by their managerial bodies in compliance with the law.
  9. 9. The City Council on behalf of and in the interests of the municipal community can create, reorganize and liquidate communal enterprises, institutions and establishments. The City Council approves the statutes of communal enterprises, institutions and establishments; determines the main directions of their activity, the procedure for disposition of their profits.
  10. 10. Shall possess: →communal property rights on the basis of full economic management. Shall carry out activities not prohibited by law and determined by its statutes, and namely:  manufacturing  scientific and research  commercial and other activities for for the purpose of making profits.
  11. 11. State Enterprise - economic or other business activities of state enterprises for the purpose of producing material goods and providing services to economic actors (public and private enterprises). • subordinated to the Ministry; • Are non-profitable, do not pay taxes; • financed by the state budget, without any external financing sources • have the right of economic independence; • The State is the owner and management is transferred to the personnel; • competitive basis with application of tenders. • opportunity to achieve macroeconomic objectives; • economic activities on a commercial basis; • The State may set up plans developed together with the company management.
  12. 12. Enterprise operating on the basis of mixed property (combining property of different property categories) - based on mixed ownership can be created such enterprises to the authorized fund of which is introduced property, such as private, collective, communal and public owners.
  13. 13. Depending on foundation (creation) and charter fund formation mode, Ukrainian enterprises can be Unitary Corporate
  14. 14. Enterprises based on the number workers and volume of gross revenue from product sales for the year can be classified as The average number employees during the reporting year exceeds one thousand Gross income exceed Large The number of employees does not exceed fifty persons. Gross income for the period not exceeding Small Medium- sized