The 7 Secrets Every Business Must Know
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The 7 Secrets Every Business Must Know



The 7 Secrets Every Business Must Know to LEGALLY STEAL Floods of FREE Google Traffic From Your Competition

The 7 Secrets Every Business Must Know to LEGALLY STEAL Floods of FREE Google Traffic From Your Competition



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    The 7 Secrets Every Business Must Know The 7 Secrets Every Business Must Know Presentation Transcript

    • SEO Uncovered: The 7 Secrets Every Business Must Know to LEGALLY STEAL Floods of FREE Google Traffic From Your Competition
    • What is SEO? Search en gine opt i mi za tion (noun) Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the unpaid (“natural” or “organic”) search results.
    • SEO is inbound marketing • Getting your products and services in front of prospective customers at the moment they are actively looking • SEO doesn‟t interrupt • With SEO you are earning and building trust
    • Misconceptions • SEO is free marketing! • SEO doesn‟t work • SEO is black magic • SEO is rocket science • SEO is illegal
    • REALITY: SEO is a legitimate marketing strategy practiced by almost all of the world‟s most successful companies
    • Who cares? • There are over two billion people online • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine • The majority of web traffic is driven by the „Big Three‟ search engines-Google, Bing and Yahoo (Search Engine Journal)
    • Who cares? • 77% of search engine users choose organic over paid listings1 • 67% choose organic search engine results when purchasing2 • Organic click-through generates 25% higher conversion rates than PPC3 (1,2,3 Search Metrics)
    • High rankings in the search engines are VERY valuable!
    • How valuable?
    • Keyword phrase: “Auto Insurance”
    • Cost-per-click
    • Keyword phrase: “Auto Insurance” Search volume = 110,000 CPC = $66.31 Total value = $6,964,100
    • Traffic by Google Ranking
    • Keyword phrase: “Auto Insurance” Search volume = 110,000 CPC = $66.31 Total value = $6,964,100 x 42% = $2,924,922 in organic traffic monthly!
    • Benefits of SEO • Boost website traffic • Increase visibility among target audience • Build relationships and influence • Increase conversions (subscribers, members, etc.) • Increase sales (gain new customers0 • Measurable results • The big guys can‟t out bid you!
    • Downsides of SEO • Can be slow to get results • Somewhat our of your control • Requires consistent effort over time • No guarantees
    • How can SEO work for your business?
    • The 7 Secrets Every Business Must Know…
    • 1. It all starts with keywords • Knowing your target keywords is your first step • Choose your battles • Don‟t spread yourself too thin
    • 2. Content is King • Search engines “feed” on content • Train Google to keep crawling and indexing your site • Don‟t worry about keywords; just keep things relevant (most of the time) • “Naturally” include your keywords in your content
    • 3. Have an active social media presence • Social is becoming more important to search engines • Add sharing buttons to your website to promote sharing! “[The] lines of SEO and Social Media continue to be blurred” (Jen Lopez, Community Manager at SEOMoz)
    • 4. Get links from other high value sites • A link is like a vote for your site • Some votes matter more than others • More links = GOOD
    • 5. VIDEO! • Google LOVES video! • Roll the camera regularly! • Use your keywords in the video and the video title
    • 6. Channels refer to major “authority” sites • Examples include: - YouTube - Amazon - Craig‟s List - Pinterest - Et. Al • Get your content on them • They will rank!
    • 7. If you are local, optimize for local • Include local keywords throughout content and site • Add your local address to your site • Add your local phone number • Get listed in all local directories • Create local videos • Get links from local organizations and businesses
    • *BONUS SECRET* 8. Create content for people • Not for search engines • If people like your content, Google will take note… • Make it personal-share your story
    • *BONUS SECRET* 9. Be consistent over time • SEO is a marathon, not a sprint
    • Example
    • Example
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Is SEO a good marketing strategy for my particular business?
    • How much time will I need to spend each week on SEO?
    • How can I avoid common mistakes that businesses make with SEO?
    • How important is keyword research?
    • How important is link building?
    • Should I hire an SEO consultant to do all of this stuff for me?
    • If I‟m redesigning my website, when should I start thinking about SEO?
    • What things will get me in trouble with the search engines?
    • If I hire someone, how can I be sure they won‟t use black hat techniques?
    • How else can I improve my rank? • Ask Google for advice!* • Keep things “white hat” in nature • Install Google Analytics on your site (if you haven‟t already) *Google’s Webmaster Guidelines tell you virtually everything you need to know.
    • SEO: Not a Slam Dunk 1. Time commitment ($) 2. Complexity 3. Content creation 4. Established competition (breaking in) 5. Link building (can be laborious, slow) 6. Time required to achieve results 7. Finding consultants you can trust
    • SEO: It‟s worth it! • The ROI of SEO is well documented • A highly ranked website works 24/7, when your sales team is asleep • A well-ranked website is a very sellable asset
    • Small biz survey “If you had to put all your marketing time and budget into only one channel, what would it be?”
    • Survey says… Answer: SEO! SEO is considered the single most important marketing channel for SMBs. (MerchantCircle/ survey of 2,500 US small businesses)
    • Questions?
    • We’d love to help. • Just get in touch! (213) 607-9100