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CIL Takeways Bonnie
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CIL Takeways Bonnie


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Hope everyone enjoyed our Cool Productivity Tools handoutemailed out last week !Here I’ve summarized sessions that I thought most appliedto us as Academic Librarians or were the mostinteresting. Enjoy!Bonnie’s Point of View
  • 2. UNCERTAINTY & IMAGINATION: EVOLVINGLIBRARIES THROUGH TECHNOLOGYLIBRARIES NOW LIVE IN A COMPETITIVE WORLD (Amazon, Google, Netflix, just to name afew)UNCERTAINTIES POSED:1. How will we access information?2. How will WE represent books?3. How will we store our data?4. How will we find stuff?5. What do we hire a library to do?6. How will we represent knowledge?7. What will we need to know?8. What will be the role of place/space?9. How will we measure success/10. Who will document? Who will censor?11. What rights model will dominate?FOR MORE SEE:DANIELWRASMUS.COMI found #5 most interesting:Some ideas were:Community meeting place?Digital Help desk? Source of data?Leisure/pleasure/shopping experience?Freelancer/writers office space?Borrowing of pre-loaded e-devices?
  • 3. PATRON-DRIVEN ACQUISITIONS: WORKFLOW &PERCEPTIONS An E-book librarian discussed three Pilot PDA Projects(EBL, EBSCO, Ebrary) at her library UMBC. During her talk, I went to their library website to get an understanding oftheir e-books collection and was so impressed with the layout of theirlibrary home page, I grabbed a screenshot I love their easy to navigate “APP” look -Check our their library website The presentation was very technical and specific to their particularsubscriptions and institutional challenges that I didn’t get much a takeawayfrom the presentation except that PDA seems the direction libraries aremoving in (as is Berkeley College!)
  • 4. COOL PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS Lessons learning from presenting at conference: A three-hour workshop? What seemed overwhelming at first turned into morethan enough material including breaks, breakout session and questions. Handouts, Iclickers and use of various types of presentation toolsmade for an interesting and interactive workshop. We also included a breakout session where participants picked atool or app we presented and had them download it/use it and share with thegroup what they liked or didn’t like about it. Just as we did with our students on campus, we created completioncertificates for the participants:
  • 5. Computers in Libraries 2014:April 7 - 9, 2014Hilton WashingtonCOOL PRODUCTIVITY TOOLSLessons learning from presenting at conference: Once you come up with idea (ours started as a campus activity), it’samazing how the process will flow from there Collaboration is useful: find a partner to work with and complement eachother’s strengths and weaknesses You can do it too ! Will you be presenting next year?