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Sergei Sudlenkov, HP Storage Division Sales Representative, HP Enterprise Business – HP Cloud Services Portfolio and HP Cloud Strategic Approach.

Sergei Sudlenkov, HP Storage Division Sales Representative, HP Enterprise Business – HP Cloud Services Portfolio and HP Cloud Strategic Approach.



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  • Good morning,My name is Sergei Sudlenkov, I’m working for HP as in the CIS cloud competence centre, and it’s a pleasure to be here today.Cloud computing, a hot topic, with as so many definitions as people you’re talking to. There are big supporters and strong critics.Forrester Research have expressed criticism about the nature of and motivations behind the push for cloud computing. They describe "cloud washing" in the industry whereby companies re-label their products as cloud computing resulting in a lot of marketing innovation on top of real innovation. … there a lot of truth in that! They see cloud computing as revolutionary in the long term but over-hyped and misunderstood in the short term, representing more of a gradual shift in our thinking about computer systems and not a sudden transformational change.Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corporation once stated that cloud computing has been defined as "everything that we already do" and that it will have no effect except to, and I quote him: "change the wording on some of our ads“. Oracle Corporation have made a big about turn and have launched a cloud computing center and products. We’ve seen in the past, other terminology hits like App Service Provider, Software as a Service, Utility computing, Grid computing, On demand computing and so on. So It’s worth the effort to share another perspective Richard Stallman (founder of ‘free’ software movement – GNU project & free software foundation) said that cloud computing was simply a trap aimed at forcing more people to buy into locked, proprietary systems that would cost them more and more over time. "It's stupidity. It's worse than stupidity: it's a marketing hype campaign", he told The Guardian. "Somebody is saying this is inevitable – and whenever you hear somebody saying that, it's very likely to be a set of businesses campaigning to make it true.“In all this we must try to be as unbiased as possible.
  • Key pointsBusinesses want the perceived benefits of cloud nowIT needs to maintain control, but is hindered by sprawlCIO’s are looking to private clouds to bring the benefits of public could with control & security of internal ITNotesFrom a business perspective, appeal of cloud is clear: speed, flexibility, economics. The idea of going to a portal to request a service that is instantly provided has innate appeal, particularly compared to the experience they have with most internal IT departments. It only takes a credit card. For many years, businesses are asking for better user experience with intuitive user interface, access to data and their business processes anytime, anywhere. They want access fast at Internet speed now and last but not least they want a flexible model that adapts to the business changes.So, businesses are adopting cloud 5X faster than IT expected. All they need is a credit card to get an IT environment. While end users believe it is allowing them to respond faster to their business needs, without a comprehensive plan and governance model, they could jeopardize the security of their enterprise data and applications. Additionally, CIO’s cannot effectively track, measure and budget for this shadow IT so businesses don’t have a true picture of how their resources are used. CIO’s are struggling with 70% of resources captive in maintenance & operations. So, CIO’s are looking to private clouds to allow them to bring many of the benefits of public cloud with the control and security of internal IT.
  • We have a portfolio of solutions, products and services that will give customers the best answer for them. Each customer will have their own starting point perhaps in workshops, perhaps as a turnkey system, perhaps a basic virtualisation solution.We work from ONE architecture which allows us to provide infrastructure, platform and software applications as a service. This covers products and software from each BU. The ONE architecture is used to create extensible cloud solutions extending from a basic turnkey capability according to where software delivers explicit value. CSA for Matrix adds application lifecycle management. CSA adds (and can be sold stand-alone) workflows through-out IT, heterogeneous infrastructure support, and full stack management.We have massive capability the challenge is to identify the right pieces and then have a simple message.
  • One key simple message is that much of what is required for cloud is well known and may already exist in a customer. The infrastructure parts are a subset of the converged infrastructure proposition we make. The cloud service automation (CSA) is built from ex Opsware (now BTO) software like Operations Orchestration.
  • HP differentiator:Unique ppt free, interactive workshop formatComprehensive cloud topic coverage from concepts to financials and technology architectureCustomized roadmap discussion and focusCross-BU and cross-team facilitation addressing people, process aspects of convergenceDesigned for action and execution with roadmap linkage
  • Key pointsFixed price for up to 4 compute servicesIncludes infrastructure based on Matrix as well as the professional services to get the compute service up & runningIncludes delivery of core cloud functionality that can be extended to other cloud servicesNotesNow lets look at under the covers of Cloud Start Solution: It is basically fixed price and scope for services, hardware and software, ready for use 30 days after HW installation and start-up and delivers end to end cloud compute service experience, delivering up to 4 compute services (Windows & Linux, small and medium)What does it include? Set of services providing true cloud user experience: Initially launching this for ‘compute service’ HP is providing true cloud experience to users. It includes the planning, the implementation of the compute services, and other cloud functionality like backup, security and chargeback. Importantly, this cloud functionality can be extended to other services as an environment grows. Delivery of these services from pooled, shared, efficient cloud-enabled platform – BladeSystem Matrix: Matrix is the backbone of the cloud, providing the core self-service portal, the infrastructure provisioning and capacity optimization. Since Matrix is already integrated by design, it’s easy to build services right away.Application lifecycle: CloudStart can easily integrate application provisioning and monitoring through the addition of CSA for Matrix – more on that in a minute. The whole solution is integrated by HP experts. Our experts start from customer needs while providing workshop and planning services to define cloud computing needs, pricing and functionality options for our customers….This solution is unique in the industry – no one else has all the ingredients to pull this off.

HP Cloud solutions HP Cloud solutions Presentation Transcript

  • HP Cloud computingSergei SudlenkovНР Storage Division11 апреля 2012 г. 1 ©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  • WHAT IS CLOUD ? It is not Simple Cloud Service Service Service Consumer Provider• No need to own SW or HW assets • Owns and manage all of the IT assets• No need to integrate or maintain service • Assume functions, costs and risks of• Orders when needed, pays for use the service components The cloud is a means to deliver value packaged as global, highly scalable and flexible services that can be delivered and consumed over a global network through an as-needed, pay-per-use business model. 2 ©2010 ©2009 HP Confidential
  • Cloud, Data Centers and ConvergedInfrastructure are all connected Cloud Converged Cloud Infrastructure Infrastructure architecture (IaaS) Storage Servers Internal Cloud and Power & Cooling Network Shared Management software Global, energy Services Consolidated, efficient data lights-out, centers modern data centers Data Centre Transformation3 ©2009 HP Confidential
  • WHAT IS CUSTOMER MOTIVATION? >70% companies are preparing or already use private clouds – IDC survey, 04.2010 (1) Business factors: Speed, flexible savings The company adapts to cloud solutions more than 5X faster than to the traditional IT changes– Forrester Research (3) IT sprawl: Project oriented, heterogeneity, complexity management and integration70% of IT resources are captivatedby daily routine - Operation / (1) IDC Survey, Cloud Computing Attitudes, Doc.#223077, April 2010Maintenance(3) 4 ©2010 ©2009 HP Confidential (2) Youre Not Ready For Internal Cloud, Forrester Research, Inc., July 2010 (3) 2009 InformationWeek Analytics Survey
  • Proven and ScalableHP CLOUD END- 2 - SolutionsEND OneSOLUTIONS Matrix Architecture Availabl e NOW Cloud Discovery Workshops HP BladeSystem Matrix My first cloud Cloud Start Service Request ed CSA for Servic e Deliver ed Matrix Cloud Design Services: Design, security, business Cloud Maps case, TCO, ROI ... Cloud Service Workflows Automation Deployment scripts Si ze rs Best practice templates Whitepapers5 ©2010 ©2009 HP Confidential
  • INTEGRATED SOLUTION BASED ON PROVEN TECHNOLOGIES– Blade System • Blade Matrix with BL460c/490c servers 30 % Energy Savings when using • Insight Software HP blade servers • Virtual Connect change the standard connections rules– Utility Storage HP EVA or P4500 for small Data • 3PAR Storage – for massive load centres • X9000 for maximum scale-out– Networking Simplified network infrastructure • HP IRF (simple switching, better • HP 2 layer versus traditional 3 layer performance, less consumption, lower TCO ...)– Software Cloud Service Automation (CSA) • CSA for Matrix (SA, Sitescope) • CSA (OO, SA, NA, ...) CSA for Blade Matrix allows to manage the application lifecycle • Business service management In heterogeneous environments6 ©2009 HP Confidential
  • HP Cloud Services Portfolio7
  • HP CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURECONSULTING AND SUPPORT SERVICES • Build consensus on cloud vision and concepts Cloud Discovery • Review cloud opportunities and implications Why ? Workshop • Detail key considerations for the business • Develop strategic cloud architecture Cloud Roadmap Service • Conduct gap analysis and program planning What ? • Build multi-year roadmap for cloud adoption • Architectural analysis and validation Cloud Design • Detailed design How ? Service • Implementation plan and bill of materials Cloud Sourcing and • Analysis of workloads Workload Analysis • Checked against 4 domains Service • Recommendation against 3 strategies for each workload Cloud Security • Analysis of the 15 domains of cloud security • Security control maturity and compliance state How ? Service • Security and compliance remediation roadmap HP Restricted • Mission Critical Services HP Support • Insight Remote Support Services for Cloud • Education Services8 ©2009 HP Confidential
  • BUILD THE VISION AND STRATEGYHP CLOUD DISCOVERY WORKSHOP •Create common cloud understanding • Duration: 1 day •Mobilize teams for fast decision-making • Availability: Global •Evaluate cloud opportunity, risks • Attendees: C-level decision makers, CTOs, •Share cloud best practices chief architects •Identify strategic cloud related initiatives • GTM: Direct HP sales •Explore HP Converged Infrastructure and delivery Architecture and technologies •Layout next steps9 ©2009 HP Confidential
  • HP CLOUD WORKSHOP DISPLAYSV1.5 INTEGRATES CI VISIONINGWORKSHOP Setting the Scene Cloud Transformation Cloud Service Cloud Financials Concepts Journey Portfolio & ROI Cloud Cloud Security & Cloud Service Governance & Cloud Roadmap Infrastructure Availability Management Organisation10 ©2009 HP Confidential Link to Panel PDFs
  • BUILD AND ACTIONABLE PLANHP CLOUD ROADMAP SERVICE•Identify desired target state built on • Duration: 4-6 weeks (small), 8-12your cloud strategy weeks (large)•IT organization takes the leadership • Availability: Globalrole via an internally driven program • GTM: Direct HP sales and delivered by experienced HP TS•Determine current capabilities across Consultants in 3 modulesmain domains such as servicemanagement, technical architecture, • Module I: Future state definitionculture & staff, governance etc. • Module II: Program plan development • Module III :Business case•Create a roadmap of projects to developmentachieve the desired state•Develop a solid, facts-based businesscase for fast investment decision-makingand CFO buy-in 11 ©2009 HP Confidential
  • HOW MATURE IS YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE? Example customer priorities roadmap Domains Management Technology & Culture & Staff Demand, Supply tools & Architecture (IT Personal) & IT Governance Stage 5: Processes Adaptive, Adaptive, Policy-Based, End-To-End, Business Real Time Customer Pooled, Management Process Alignment of Shared Automated IT Processes Automated & Focused Supply to Infrastructur Infrastructure Integrated with Business Demand e Processes Desired Stage 4: Service-Based State SOA- Service Supply Driven Compliant Management. Focused by Service Service Service Centric, Custome Infrastructure Demand Oriented Services Integrated IT r Forecast Processes Roadma Integrated, Tools & p Stage 3: Consolidated, Information Cross built on Centralized Virtualized, Collection Functional Governance Optimized Shared Consolidated, HP’s Expert Teams Infrastructure Rationalized, IT Portfolio Processes Stage 2:Stages Standardized Tools Standard IT Standardize Standardized Departmental/ Centralized Processes, ITIL Technology Teams Policies, d Supply Constrained Current Stage 1: Project-Based Manage to State Dedicated, Management Tools & Technology Project Compart- Project-Based Information Focused Resources & mentalized Ad Hoc IT Processes Budget 12 ©2009 HP Confidential 11 April 2012
  • CLOUD ROADMAP FRAMEWORK 1. Where do you want to be? Identify client’s desired target state based on their cloud strategy 2. Determine what client’s current capabilities across the domains based on the gaps, create a roadmap of projects to achieve the desired state 3. Develop a roadmap to close the gap to balance cloud capabilities across domains13 ©2009 HP Confidential
  • HP CLOUD ROADMAP SERVICE SCOPEAND DELIVERABLES IT Organization Better business Module I: Develop a high level architecture of the Internal outcomes future operating model to match the cloud strategy Accelera Value Sourced Value Delivered te Hosted or Servi growth ce •Business view Outsourc ed portfo Lower lio •Functional view costs •Technical view Cloud Mitigat e risk •Implementation view Module II: Undertake current state analyses, gap analyses and program planning •Strategic planning report •Executive presentation on results •Multi-year transformation road map •Set of project briefs Optimization Project Costs (K$) Project Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 3 Yr 4 Total SGDC ADR target servers/ apps data center move process improvements capacity mgt 421 223 433 816 412 770 0 144 238 0 0 0 1,238 779 1,442 virtualization 408 637 184 0 1,229 service monitoring 139 284 15 0 438 others 50 22 7 0 79 Module III: Business and ROI case Shared services 174 548 366 0 1,088 Production Server Details Project mgt 370 698 191 0 1,259 Application RTO/RPO Title Type HW/SW Lease Costs 50 1,158 1,158 1,108 3,475 Hostname HPUX Server / partition type CPU Mem # Drives Total 2,268 5,346 2,304 1,108 11,027 DB SIHP8040 11i SD32A 16 X 1.1 Ghz 24 Gb 2 A5P 24/15min SAP AP CRM effort APPS SIHP8045 11i RP7410 8 X 875 Mhz 8 Gb 1 DB SIHP8042 11i SD32A 16 X 1.1 Ghz 24 Gb 3 A6P 24/15min SAP AP Supply Chain APPS APPS SIHP8028 SIHP8035 11i 11.11 RP7410 RP7420 6 - and 8 X 875 Mhz 8 X 1 Ghz 10 Gb 32 Gb 1 1 APPS SIHP8053 11i S16K-A 8 X 875 Mhz 6 Gb 1 A7P 48/24 SAP AP Tech. Srv./GCF DB SIHP8043 11.11 RP7420 8 X 1 Ghz 32 Gb 2 Optimizations DB SIHP8047 11i RP8420 28 X 1 Ghz 24 Gb 3 Financial Summary of Transformation Scenarios •ROI and benefits ANP 24/15min SAP AP NEA APPS SIHP8054 11i S16K-A 8 X 875 Mhz 8 Gb 1 APPS SIHP8057 11i S16K-A 8 X 875 Mhz 8 Gb 1 Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Scenario 4 Scenario 5 Scenario 6 APPS SIHP8059 11i S16K-A 8 X 875 Mhz 10 Gb 1 Investments $100,000,000 Optimization HW/SW Leasing $3,475,000 $3,475,000 $816,406 $1,961,544 $3,475,000 $3,475,000 Labor $7,558,875 $7,558,875 $816,406 $816,406 $7,558,875 $7,558,875 EAI Systems Rack and server costs $1,303,667 $3,028,004 $1,369,686 $7,328,980 $2,725,203 $3,028,004 $80,000,000 SG-Intra056 and SG-Intra057 (SAP & BW Prod) – Both W intel Rack installation costs $391,613 $1,145,138 $391,613 $1,145,138 $801,596 $1,145,138 •Cash flow analyses Network connectivity $13,275,420 $21,195,420 $13,275,420 $23,314,092 $15,915,420 $18,034,092 NPV of Savings: $ 61,390,026 $ 49,860,564 $ 7,906,646 $ (14,041,660) $ 54,496,881 $ 51,649,305 $60,000,000 Internal Rate of Return (%): 253% 177% 52% neg 216% 193% Payback Period (months): 12 16 31 >48 14 15 $40,000,000 •Payback period HP Confidential - DRAFT $20,000,000 4 investments $- •Alternative scenarios Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 415 ©2009 HP Confidential TOTAL CASH FLOW - Existing TOTAL CASH FLOW - Future
  • DESIGN SOLUTIONS WITH EVOLUTIONIN MINDHP CLOUD DESIGN SERVICE •Detailed and flexible cloud design that you can evolve from private to public • Duration: 6-8 weeks • Availability: Global •Comprehensive HP reference • Delivery: Delivered by experienced architecture for different sourcing and HP consultants, architects and cloud types technologists • GTM: Direct HP Sales •Expert and objective technology, tools, standards recommendations •ITIL v3 interpretation for cloud •Full mapping of HP and partner technologies for cloud •Mitigate implementation risk with a detailed bill of materials and implementation plan 17 ©2009 HP Confidential
  • HP CLOUD DESIGN SERVICE SCOPEAND DELIVERABLES1. Cloud Service Functional Architectural analysis (functional architecture) • Strategic technical roadmap • Service Portfolio architecture • Business functional requirements • Analysis of applications • Validation of design standards2. Detailed Design Development (technical architecture) • Develop detailed infrastructure design including, hardware, OS, storage, network, software (JAVA etc), hypervisor, app servers • Back-up and recovery design • Design and recommendation for management tools for efficient platform operations • Bill of materials for implementation3. Implementation Planning (implementation architecture) • Design and deployment of organizational tool, process and procedures • Migration plan • Implementation cost estimation • Support plan18 ©2009 HP Confidential
  • “HP CLOUD START”: BASIC HP CLOUDSERVICE SOLUTION CloudStart: Implementation of services Fixed price for up with a common "cloud" to 4 compute functionality: services • Cloud services planning and definition • Deployment of computing services • Applying of backup and security policies, payment and usage reporting The life cycle of Microsoft System Center applications* : • Deploying Applications • Applications Monitoring Based on HP BladeSystem Matrix • backbone of the cloud deployment • core self-service portal • Load balansing • Cloud platform «by design»* За дополнительную плату19 ©2010 ©2009 HP Confidential
  • 20 ©2009 HP Confidential