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June 2012 presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. We’re all about Art!¡Lo nuestro es el Arte!
  • 2. ¿Cómo enmarcaríamos una mascara Italiana para realzar su belleza?What do you do to make a 5” Italian mask extra special?
  • 3. Para empezar: Montaje invisibleFirst off: The mask’s invisible attachment
  • 4. ¿Que tal un Fondo con Oro marmoleado?How about a marbled gold or silver back round?
  • 5. ¿Qué tal paredes de espejo… como de carnaval How about a beveled “carnival” mirrored frame?
  • 6. Y para terminar: Un marco con Finish with afiligrana en oro gold filigree top frame
  • 7. Miniatura del Pintor Canadiense Gary Slipper 2x3” Gary Slipper stamp
  • 8. iUna muestra de su propio talento!… Si, también es Artísta!Lavinia Ruiz The Artist (yes… our Lavinia!)
  • 9. Tallado para acomodar a Sta. Bárbara Carved to accommodate Sta. Barbara
  • 10. Instalación de marco de Banak para “Garci Crespo “ Installing custom Banak frame
  • 11. Un pintor muy contento con su marco de oro de 22K Satisfied artist pleased with his 22k. Gold Frame
  • 12. Cerámica de “David Leonardo” a punto de ser envíada Shipping clay sphere of “David Leonardo”
  • 13. Poster originalFrances del siglo XIX, Marco tallado, cubierta en acrílico con protección UVOriginal French Poster 19th century. Hand Carved frame, with UV protection Acrylic
  • 14. Marco “Pleinair” de 1 mt. con rollo giratorio japones de 3mts. de largo (Observe las perillas inferiores para recorrer el pergamino)“Pleinair” frame 3’ wide w/oriental finish, interior 10‘ Japanese scroll. (Note the knobs at the bottom to change screens)
  • 15. Acercamiento del mecanismo Close up of Brass Knobs
  • 16. Dr. Erwin Schillinger dueño de la pieza Owner Dr. Erwin Schillinger
  • 17. Virgen con marco Gótico
  • 18. Encargos a gran escalaLarge work, large stretchers and frames
  • 19. Marco especial para medallas antiguas Custom frame for vintage silver medals
  • 20. Peineta de carey, fondo de encaje, filos en oro Tortoise shell comb on lace with gold filet
  • 21. Últimos toques al oro 22k para cartas de Frida Kahlo Final touches to 22K gold frame for Frida Kahlo’s original letters
  • 22. Marco Tallado listo para aplicar acabado Carving ready for finish
  • 23. Últimos toques al TalladoFinal touches to hand carved frame
  • 24. Ya t e r m i n a d o I t ’s a l l d o n e
  • 25. Auto retrato de Francisco Poceros(bisabuelo de Lavinia) El arte corre en la sangre! Lavinia’s great grandfather self portrait… art runs in the veins!
  • 26. Montando traje de luces en marco tallado Mounting torero suit for carved frame
  • 27. Detalle y espejo antiguo para interior del marco Detail and antique mirror lining frame
  • 28. Sombrero charro en exhibición Charro hat in its placeEscogiendo marco para sombrero Deciding frame for charro hat
  • 29. Armando marco para “Finca” Rachel Horn Designs en Hollywood, CA. Assembling frame for “Finca” Rachel Horn Designs, Hollywood, CA.
  • 30. Paisaje de Mary BrenemanMary Breneman’s Landscape
  • 31. Tallado sobre pedido Custom carving
  • 32. Kimono de bodasen caja de acrílico Wedding Kimono in plexiglas box
  • 33. Marcos, Bastidores Escaleras y TransporteInternacional de Obra para Lynne GleasonFrames, Stretched Canvas, Working Stairs, and International Art work transportation for British Artist Lynne Gleason
  • 34. Algúnos de nuestros diplomas Some of our Diplomas
  • 35. Restorations By Mariana Darinka Ferreiro BraunThe restoration projects shown are examples of Mariana Braun’sexpertise. Mariana not only works in the private sector but hasalso won awards form the Mexican Government for heroutstanding work.
  • 36. SAN LORENZO Complete restoration treatment.Oil on canvas, Anonymous, 18th C. A Flemish school, linen backingMéxico D.F. 1997, Private collection technique was used here.
  • 37. This painting attributed to Goya, had yellowed due to the oxidation of the varnish.
  • 38. The Goya, after removal of the old varnish and new applied
  • 39. Accidents do happen! Can you see the Restoration? This is acrylic on canvas Private collection by V. Gandia San Miguel de Allende
  • 40. THE CHILD IN THE TEMPLEThe yellowing varnish causes the Oil on canvas, Anonymous 18th centuryloss of appreciation of details and Private collectionperspective. San Miguel de Allende, 2007
  • 41. In order to reverse this deterioration, ANONYMOUScleaning processes are used to restore O i l o n m e ta l , 19th centurythe paint and the tones to their México, D.F., 2004original quality. Private collection
  • 42. The damage is clear, but look Portrait, Oil on canvasat the un-sightly line a round Anonymous 19th centurythe edges. They don’t show in San Miguel de Allende, 1998the restauration Private collection
  • 43. The deterioration suffered in paintings VIRGEN DEL CARMENis reversible to a greater or lesser extent Oil on canvas, Anonymousas a result of specialized treatments which 18th centuryinvolve modern restoration techniques. San Miguel de Allende 2007 Antigüedades La CantadoraThis is an example of the greater extent!
  • 44. ANONYMOUSWhat a difference a Oil on canvas, 20th centurycleaning can make! Mexico D.F. 1996 Galeria Crispin Trapote
  • 45. All art is subject to deterioration owing to different factors such as the effect of theenvironment or just careless handling. The common environmental causes arechanges in humidity, heat, UV damage caused by your home’s lighting, not just thesun... and every day’s pollution of our air.The organic materials that most paintings are made out and created are also subjectto deterioration. The textile fibres loose elasticity from oxidation and becomebrittle, causing tears, holes, etc. In such cases it is possible also to restore thecanvases using specialized restoration processes.Everything needs maintenance and so do your art valuables!
  • 46. ¿Por qué seleccionar Lavinia’s?Porque Lavinia’s es… Simple y sencillamente, ¡TODO EN ARTE!• Transporte y Embalaje de colecciones de Arte• Sistema “EURO-HANG” para Montaje de Arte• Restauración de Marcos/Obras de Arte• Importación y Exportación de Arte• Accesorios y Telas para Artístas• Enmarcado y Talla de Molduras• Décor & Art “Sourcing”