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Presented at NJLA conference- True Crime, Crime Fiction, Crime Manga
(with CL Quillen and Lanora Melillo)

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  • Comics equal graphic novels
  • Crime fiction spends a great deal of time sorting through the chaos to find some order, a sense of resolution for the often inexplicable madness of murder.Real crimes don’t work that way.Evidence is misfiled, suspects evade arrest on technicalities, investigations stretch out for years before an end in sight- if at all.True crime is a messier affair, but in the hands of good writers, the true spector of violence and mayhem, science and psychology, is elevated to literary art.
  • Crime= all crime is not just murderPaddy Whacked= best true crime titleDrug dealers, gangs, mafia
  • Queen of True Crime–Subject: murderers- United StatesSubject: criminals- United States
  • Subject: Murder InvestigationSubject: women serial murderersSubject: serial murderers
  • Subject: criminal profilersSubject: police chiefs
  • Fact Crime not True Crime
  • Westergard 364 True Crime section
  • Late 1980s comic writers – interesting work, noir themes, storytelling– realistic crime dramas and even superhero stories
  • Beautiful, painstakingly researched volumes
  • The collection development wiki still exists!
  • Njla true crime 2011

    1. 1. 364 with a bullet- true crime,crime comics and crime fiction Laverne Mann Lanora Melillo C.L. Quillen
    2. 2. The Classics of True Crime The Edgar Awards for True Crime given since 1948 1966
    3. 3. The Classics of True Crime 1967
    4. 4. The Classics of True Crime 1980
    5. 5. The Classics of True Crime 1975
    6. 6. The Classics of True Crime
    7. 7. The Classics of True Crime
    8. 8. 1The Classics of True Crime
    9. 9. The Classics of True Crime
    10. 10. The Classics of True Crime 1992 (creator of The Wire)
    11. 11. The Classics of True Crime
    12. 12. 364 with a bullet- true crime,crime comics and crime fiction Laverne Mann Lanora Melillo
    13. 13. True Crime categories-- Mafia, Gangs Ann Rule Family + Seduction Police + Profilers Cold Cases Historical Crime Classics New Jersey(To have and to kill, seven Jersey murders)
    14. 14. Mafia, GangsAl Capone Tokyo ViceJohn Gotti This is for the Mara Salvatrucha Angels of Death: Inside the biker gang’sLa Cosa global crime empire – J Sher Nostra Hell’s Angel – R BergerCasino- Paddy Whacked: The untold story of the Nicholas Irish American Gangster Pileggi Havana Nocturne – TJ English Gomorrah (Naples) – R. Saviano The Good Rat- Jimmy Breslin Underboss – P Maas
    15. 15. Ann Rule
    16. 16. Family, SeductionShattered: a mother’s love, a husband’s betrayal, and • Cruel Doubt a cold blooded Texas murder JoeAngel Face: The true story of student killer Amanda McGuiness KnoxA date with death: The secret life of the ‘craigslist’ killerCold as ice: a true story of murder, disappearance, and the multiple lives of Drew PetersonLJ bestsellers True Crime 2010
    17. 17. Police, Profilers• FBI profilers • Prison, punishment 365• John Douglas• John Walsh• Dr. Bill Bass (Body Farm)• The Killer of Little Shepards• Three weeks inside the mind of BTK
    18. 18. Cold CasesZodiac KillerJon Benet RamseyNatalee HollowayBob CraneThe Murder Room
    19. 19. Historical Crime• Jack the Ripper• Lindbergh Baby The Case that never dies• Conspiracy theories!• The Killer of Little Shepards• Manhunt: The twelve day chase for Lincoln’s killer• Devil in the White City• Black Dahlia
    20. 20. 2011 Edgar Awards Best Fact Crime Scoreboard, Baby: A Story of College Football, Crime and Complicity by Ken Armstrong and Nick PerryThe Eyes of Willie McGee: A Tragedy of Race, Sex, and Secrets in Jim Crow South by Alex Heard Finding Chandra: A True Washington Murder Mystery by Scott Higham and Sari HorwitzHellhound on his Trail: The Stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr and the International Hunt for his Assassin by Hampton SidesThe Killer of Little Shepherds: A True Crime Story and the Birth of Forensic Science by Douglas Starr
    21. 21. Underrated…Strange piece of paradise Terri JentzA rip in heaven Jeanine CumminsLucky Alice Sebold
    22. 22. NoveList• Crimelibrary.com• www.mafianj.com• www.americanmafia.com• Mysterywriters.org• Truecrimereport.com• Truecrimebookreviews.com
    23. 23. Crime Manga Lanora Mellilo,Secaucus Public Library
    24. 24. Crime Fiction C.L. Quillen,Old Bridge Public Library
    25. 25. Crime ComicsGenre: American comic booksOriginally popular in 1940s, 1950sMoralistic tone and graphic depictions of violence, criminalactivity
    26. 26. CRIME COMICSDetective ComicsBatmanBatwomanEd Brubaker:SleeperCriminalGotham CentralIncognitoBrian Azzarello:100 BulletsBrian Michael Bendis:PowersFrank Miller:Sin City
    27. 27. A treasury of Victorian murderRick GearyGraphic Nonfiction:Jack the Ripper Lindbergh ChildBorden TragedyThe Beast of Chicago
    28. 28. For more information about graphic novel collection development in libraries, please visit the NJ State Library GN wiki at: Comicsnj.pbworks.com Workshop Presenter Materials Core Collection Lists comics & graphic novel news sourcesPictures of graphic novels in libraries
    29. 29. Questions?Comments?
    30. 30. Thans!• Laverne Mann lmann@piscatawaylibrary.org• Lanora Melillo• C.L. Quillen