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Credential NBN Media 2014

  3. 3. ABOUTUS Who We Are? Advantages Corporate Structure Key Personals NBN Media is a multimedia communications company activities in many fields : Digital marketing, PR, advertising, design, publishing, printing,... 3 Our Vision: Become the No. 1 agency in the field of health care in Vietnam and is one of the leading in the field of Digital Marketing. Our Exprerience: NBN Media is a trusted partner agency of many major brands in the country and abroad. We helped them creative many effective communication strategies. Creative High Quality Professional
  4. 4. ABOUTUS Who We Are? Advantages Corporate Structure Key Personals 4 Digital Marketing PR Advertising Advantages of NBN Media that others agency do not have: NBN Media has strength in two key services sector: PR – Advertising and Digital Marketing. NBN Media owned 2 magazines leader in the field of health care in Vietnam: Sức Khỏe Gia Đình & Sống Khỏe. Have support team are leading experts in the field of the health. Having intimate relationship with the Ministry of Health (T5G), Medical Publishing, other departments in the medical field, health care.
  5. 5. ABOUTUS Who We Are? Advantages Corporate Structure Key Personals CEO Administration Creative Director Collaborators Editor Editorial General secretary Designers Photographers Monitoring Production Financial & Accounting Sales Director Northern Sales Director Southern Sales group Sales group Salesman Salesman Issued Editorial Secretary Editorial Secretary ReporterReporter Editor CHAIRMAN Sales Sales & Marketing Account Planner Buying PR - Marketing Creative 5
  6. 6. ABOUTUS Who We Are? Advantages Corporate Structure Key Personals 6 Nguyễn Bá Ngọc Chairman of the Board Knowledge: MBA of HSB Experience: more than 11 years in journalism, operating private media company for 10 years. Lê Quang Vũ - CEO Vice Chairman of the Board Knowledge: Master's in MGIMO Experience: more than 11 years in journalism, has been an editorial secretary for the Vietnam Economic Times, Sành Điệu. Thái Văn Hòa Creative Director Knowledge: MBA of HSB Experience: more than 11 years in journalism, has been an designer for the Vietnam Economic Times, Sành Điệu.
  7. 7. SERVICES PR - Advertising Media Planning + PR Campaign + Advertising Campaign Booking Media Creative Concept Idea Event + Press Conference + Customer Conference + Launching New Product + Festival + LiveShow + Exhibitions and Fairs Sponsor TV show Sponsor Radio Programe Digital Marketing Mobile Marketing Social Marketing + Facebook Marketing + Youtube Marketing Email Marketing Viral Marketing Google Adwords & SEO Ads Network Display Print & Publishing Magazine Guide Book Handbook Marketing Brochure Catalogue Poster Leaflets & Flyers Newsletter Webiste/ Wapsite Application E – Newsletter E – Book Newcasts Social Media Content Video Content Marketing Design Media Consultant Forum Seeding Orther Services 7
  8. 8. SERVICES PR - Advertising We have 5 years’ PR and advertising experience for the sectors including healthcare services, medicine, nutrition, food, drink, beauty, retail,… 8 Media 360: Have the ability to integrate multiple media in PR/Advertising campaign to achieve the best effect of communication. NBN Media creative ideas based on insight about the market, brand and label. Experience: Worked with major brands: MobiFone, Parkway Singapore, Panadol (GSK), Mega, Pharmaton (Boehringer), Nautamine (Sanofi Aventis), Thai Lan TAT,…
  9. 9. SERVICES PR - Advertising 8 NBN Media offers two PR service packages :  Developed from the idea of brand.  Implement one particular campaign as required by brands  Use activation to promote brands + bring social benefits for community  Activation conjunction with the health care project by the Ministry of Health (T5G), Union Women Viet Nam,… 1 2PR PR + Activation
  10. 10. CASESTUDY Case study #1: Panadol PR Campaign Client: GSK Label: Panadol Cold and Flu 10 Magazines & Newspapers
  11. 11. CASESTUDY Case study #1: Panadol PR Campaign 11 Magazines & Newspapers
  12. 12. CASESTUDY Case study #1: Panadol PR Campaign 12 Magazines & Newspapers
  13. 13. CASESTUDY Case study #1: Panadol PR Campaign 13 TVC
  14. 14. CASESTUDY Case study #1: Panadol PR Campaign 14 Radio
  15. 15. SERVICES Digital Marketing 2. Email marketing Email marketing systems of NBN Media can send millions emails at the same time. Package Services: NBN Media consulting, support to compose advertising mail content, filtering contact data, send email and reports results after that. 1. Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing Services: - Mobile App Package: design, content production, promoting. Case Study: App MobiFone Kết nối, App Bà bầu. - Advertising Messages: SMS & MMS 15
  16. 16. SERVICES 3. Social Marketing Facebook Marketing Youtube Marketing  Management services package fanpage/ group. + Establish, content building, promoting + Design image, create event/game/contest + Viral marketing on Facebook.  Facebook Ads + Page Post Ads + Sponsored Stories + Promoted Post.  Management services Youtube Channel + Establish, upload content, promoting + Produce video, dubbing, tagging, and communications in order to increase views, up like, share, comment.  Sponsor producing video clip Youtube Benefits: advertising products and services in Youtube video, reach to large amounts of viewers. 16 Forum Seeding
  17. 17. SERVICES 4. Google Ads SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a combination of process experts and specialized software to put one particular webiste in top 5 or top 10 natural search results. As ad networks link multiple websites to post ads at the same time on several different websites. As automated advertising program that allows advertising appear when customer search keywords related to the products or services that you are offering. 17
  18. 18. CASESTUDY Case study #3: Fanpage MobiFone Client: MobiFone Campaign: Fanpage MobiFone Results after 8 months: Increase > 50.000 likes Talking about this on the double Interaction of each post increase 30 % NBN Media take care fanpage MobiFone:  Content building. + Information about new products and services MobiFone + Game mini (have awards) + Contest, survey.  Design cover & avatar  Running Facebook Ads in order to increase likes.  Control and reply comment. 18
  19. 19. 19 NBN Media compiled and publish 2 magazines and 2 guide book leading prestigious in the field of health care. Print & Publishing 1. Magazines & Guide Book SERVICES
  20. 20. SERVICES 2. Handbook Marketing Full service It’s an handbook introduce full of information about products and services of your company. It can be converted into a variety of formats: print, applications, e-book, HTML email, wap, web, pdf,... 1. Concept Idea 2. Edit Content 3. Design4. License 5. Publishing 20
  21. 21. CASESTUDY Case study #2: Handbook 21
  22. 22. CASESTUDY Case study #2: Handbook 22
  23. 23. SERVICES 3. Newsletter 23
  24. 24. SERVICES Content Marketing Media NBN capable of producing content marketing in various formats for different media channels depending on brand requirements. Forms: - The article on the website, wapsite, blog, social media, email, e-newsletter. - Video, audio - Application. 24
  25. 25. OURCLIENTS 25
  26. 26. CONTACT Contact: 097.779.1690. Email: NBN MEDIA PR – MARKETING AGENCY Headquarter: Room 1701, 17T6 Building, Hoang Đao Thuy, Ha Noi, Viet Nam. Tel: - Fax: HCM city office: 4th floor, 40/25, Bui Vien, P. Pham Ngu Lao, 1 District, HCM city, Viet Nam. Tel: 08.39351751 - Fax: 08.39351753 Website: 26
  27. 27. THANK YOU! 27