Offshore Marine Aerial Imagery Portfolio 2010


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Recent helicopter aerial imagery shot offshore for marine clients

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Offshore Marine Aerial Imagery Portfolio 2010

  2. 2. AERIAL MARINE MEDIA SDN BHD 80 Jalan Setia Damai U13/15E Setia Alam, Shah Alam Selangor, 40170 MALAYSIA Tel: +603 33 48 72 48 Mobile: +60 19 270 0488
  3. 3. Global Excellence In Offshore Marine Helicopter Aerial Imagery
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION A erial Marine Media Sdn Bhd is a specialist multi media production organisation servicing maritime clients world wide from offices in Malaysia and Singapore. The company is owned by Laurie K. Gilbert s.o.c. - an award winning cinematographer who also currently operates the Singapore production company L’Image Cinematography and previously owned L’Image Hong Kong. Aerial Marine Media are experts providing helicopter aerial imagery of all aspects of the maritime, oil & gas, super yacht, navy and sailing industries which is used for advertising, publication, corporate communications, commercial promotion and entertainment purposes. They operate in all current film, video and HD acquisition formats for both photographic and motion picture application on television and in the cinema.
  5. 5. AERIAL OPERATION A erial Marine Media have established an operational base in Malaysia to allow their photographic team unrivalled access to the shipping lanes of the Straits of Malacca and South China Sea. They utilise cost effective helicopters from Kuala Lumpur which fly offshore from Subang Airport near Port Klang and Senai Airport in Johor Bahru.  To India, Middle East the Mediterranean and Europe ANDAMAN SEA SOUTH CHINA SEA MALAYSIA In coming route from China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan & Hong STRAITS OF MALACCA SUBANG AIRPORT PORT KLANG MALACCA AIRPORT NO FUEL SENAI SENAI Horsburgh AIRPORT HELIPORT X Lighthouse SINGAPORE SINGAPORE INDIAN OCEAN SUMATRA INDONESIA 300 kms SUBANG HELIPORT SUBANG AIRPORT KUALA LUMPUR - HELICOPTER OPERATIONAL BASE SENAI HELIPORT SENAI AIRPORT JOHOR BAHRU - SOUTHERN REFUELLING BASE MALACCA AIRPORT MALACCA AIRPORT - NO REFUELLING FACILITY 1 HR FLYING RADIUS 2 HR FLYING RADIUS NORMAL SHIPPING ROUTE EAST TO WEST
  6. 6. The OHT Heavylift Falcon offshore from the Indonesian Island of Palau Karimunbesar in the Malacca Straits T he Straits of Malacca are strategically and economically one of the most important shipping lanes in the world. This 621 mile channel is bordered by Indonesia, Malaysia and the island nation of Singapore and it is the shortest sea route between the three most globally populous countries of India, China and Indonesia. More than 50,000 commercial vessels annually transit this narrow stretch of water and at certain parts of the voyage, ships of up to Malaccamax size are sailing to within 10 miles of the Malaysian coastline. Aerial Marine Media operate their helicopter camera ships offshore from convenient airports in the two Malaysian cities of Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. Depending on the weather conditions and the exact position of the ship, they can often rendezvous with a photo-target ship within 20-30 minutes from take off. The sailing time between Johor Bahru and Port Klang, the entrepôt for Kuala Lumpur, can be anything from 12-15 hours and the company varies its operation from airport to airport to locate the ship offshore during the normal 12 hour daylight period in the tropics. For aerial photography on the east coast of Malaysia and the South China Sea approach to Singapore, the helicopter photo team normally operate from Johor Bahru because of the proximity to the shipping lanes. Photography in this region is normally executed within 2 hrs sailing time north of the Horsburgh Lighthouse which marks the boundary of both Changi Airport airspace and Singapore territorial waters.
  7. 7. RECENT CLIENTS  Awilco Offshore Norway  Neil Pryde Yacht Sail HK  Amoco Oil USA  Murphy Oil Corporation USA  Atlantis Yachts Singapore  National Geographic Television  Azimut Yachts Singapore  NOR Offshore Singapore  BBC Chartering  North Sails USA  Beijing Olympic Broadcasters China  Oceanbulk Group Greece  British Petroleum Vietnam  Offshore Heavy Transport Norway  Brigantine Services HK  Omega Corp. Geneva  Channel Sea Television USA  OOCL HK  Corum Geneva  Port Of Singapore Authority  Discovery Channel USA  Raffles Marina Singapore  Dockwise Shipping BV  Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club  ExxonMobile Singapore  Rolex Geneva  Fragrant Harbour Magazine HK  Sail Magazine USA  Grand Banks Yachts USA  Siba Ships Italy  Halliburton USA  Shell Petroleum  Hermes France  SNAV Ferries Italy  Heesen Yachts Holland  Solvang ASA Norway  Hyde Park Entertainment LA  Star Bulk Carriers Greece  Jardine Port Agencies Singapore  Suncraft International Inc Sing.  Kellogg Brown & Root USA  Swire Pacific HK  Kenwood Corporation Japan  Tag Heurer HK  Kumagai Construction Singapore  Tattler Magazine Singapore  Lasmo Exploration UK  The Walt Disney Company  Louis Vuitton France  Triton Energy USA  Mount Gay Rum USA  Universal Marine Holland  Maersk Drilling Singapore  Workships BV Netherlands  MSC Shipping Geneva  Yachts International Magazine
  8. 8. TESTIMONIALS Recent Testimonials: “The photos look great, exactly what we expected. I received lots of positive response. We look forward to working with you in the future.” Media and Promotion Manager, Dockwise HQ, Holland. June 2010 “ Your choices of angles, altitudes, lenses and lighting are absolutely superb, if not per- fect” Bill Hemmel - Professional Aerial Photographers Association April 2010 “Laurie - you are the Gold Standard of marine photography! With admiration and envy” Jim Wark - Airphoto Jan 2009 “Both are approved. Thank you for your assistance. Good photos…..spectacular!” Dagfinn Thorsen, Offshore Heavy Transport - Oslo Norway June 2009 “The footage was great” Singh Jagdish - Singapore Navy Public Relations. Feb 2010 Everyone ( at Maersk ) is very happy with the (rig) photos and I expect one to be in the calendar for 2010 - Erik Juul Madsen, Site Manager, Maersk Drilling - April 2009 “Very, very nice shots! The wide bow shot gives a mighty impression of the vessel” John M Gramstad, Operations Dept, Solvang ASA - Stavanger Norway . June 2009 “Laurie - you never cease to amaze me with your photography. Well Done” Edward Mitchell Army helicopter Instruction Pilot - Lear Siegel Services Inc USA. “Awesome work as usual” Mike Holthouse - Above All Aerial Photography USA. “Thank you. It is always nice to look at your photography as all the pictures are just excellent” Donald Toh, MD Meridian Port Agencies Singapore June 2010 “Your skills and experience operating inside the helicopter are unique. You are welcome in our aircraft at any time” - SAR Crewman - The Olive Group - Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge - March 2009
  9. 9. COUNTRIES OF OPERATION Operating the Beijing Olympic Games Helicopter Air Wing In Qingdao China A erial Marine Media operate globally and during the last 30 years the staff of the company have shot a wide range of motion picture and photographic projects in all of the following countries: COUNTRY NO COUNTRY NO Afghanistan 1 Korea 8 Argentina 1 Lebanon 1 Australia 100’s Malaysia 20 Borneo 5 Mexico 1 Brazil 1 Myanmar 1 Belgium 1 New Zealand 100’s Canada 1 Pakistan 3 Croatia 1 Peoples Republic of China 80 Egypt 1 Peru 1 Eire 5 Philippines 5 Fiji 1 Raratonga 1 France 3 Sabah 5 Germany 3 Samoa 1 Guam 1 Sardinia 1 Hawaii 15 Singapore 100’s Hong Kong 100’s South Africa 3 India 23 Switzerland 1 Indonesia 9 Spain 1 Israel 1 Taiwan 9 Italy 4 UK 15 Japan 10 United Arab Emirates 1 Kampuchea 1 USA 25 Kashmir 1
  10. 10. RECENT PROJECT IMAGERY BBC Ontario Hellas FOS Clipper Sun Al Jasra
  11. 11. RECENT PROJECT IMAGERY Willift Eagle & Wilcraft Dockwise Blue Marlin & Noble Jim Day Azurite Clipper Helen
  12. 12. RECENT PROJECT IMAGERY Clipper Mars Maersk Deliverer CEC Courage Grand Banks GB53
  13. 13. RECENT PROJECT IMAGERY Willift Falcon & Safe Bristolia Azutite Willift Falcon - Explorer Clipper Mars
  14. 14. RECENT PROJECT IMAGERY Heavylift Hawk BBC Rosario Emirates Adam Big Lift Da Qiang
  15. 15. RECENT PROJECT IMAGERY Seafox 6 Papuan Gulf Heavylift Hawk Dancing Brave
  16. 16. RECENT PROJECT IMAGERY Maersk Developer Dancing Brave Nadezhda BBC Rosario
  17. 17. RECENT PROJECT IMAGERY Heavylift Falcon & Wilforce Seafox Willift Eagle & Wilcraft Willift Eagle & Hakuryu - 10
  18. 18. RECENT PROJECT IMAGERY Heavylift Falcon & Sapphire Driller Maersk Developer Suncraft Willift Falcon & Safe Bristolia
  19. 19. HELICOPTER UNDERWATER ESCAPE TRAINING A erial Marine Media photographic teams are often required to operate many miles offshore and their working environment has the potential to be hazardous. Global companies like Shell, BP and Exxon Mobile, demand that all pilots and photographers must have current H.U.E.T. or Helicopter Underwater Escape Training credentials. D irector of photography Laurie K. Gilbert has successfully completed three globally recognized H.U.E.T. training courses in Australia, Vietnam and Malaysia. He is the only specialist helicopter aerial marine photographic expert operating world wide from S.E Asia, who is internationally accredited in H.U.E.T.
  20. 20. AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHIC CAMERA SHIPS A erial Marine Media can offer their clients a global network of highly experienced pilots and production support crew who provide the company with the professional services and exceptional aircraft suitable for every job. United Arab Emirates San Tropez, France Sardinia, Italy Bangkok, Thailand Johor Baru, Malaysia Sydney, Australia