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An aerial credit porfolio

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Aerial Project Credit Portfolio 2010

  2. 2. GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  3. 3. GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  4. 4. GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  5. 5. Malaysia Singapore INTRODUCTION A erial Marine Media is a specialist film, television and photographic production organisation servicing clients globally from South East Asia. The company, which currently has bases in both Singapore and Malaysia, is owned by Hollywood accredited cinematographer Laurie K. Gilbert s.o.c. who also operates Singapore film production company L’Image Cinematography. Gilbert shoots in all current motion picture film, HD and photographic acquisition formats providing dynamic imagery for feature films, documentaries, corporate communications, commercials and all print and publishing media. In the last thirty years he has won multiple cinematography craft awards world wide and has achieved an international reputation for global excellence in offshore marine, air to air and helicopter aerial imagery. GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  6. 6. CREATIVE A s a motion picture director of photography, Laurie K. Gilbert s.o.c. takes personal responsibility for originating 100% of his companies commercial aerial and offshore marine imagery . The craftsmanship of this imagery has been recognized by all of the following professional organisations:  Society Of Operating Cameramen in Hollywood - SOC  The Guild Of Television Cameramen in Europe - GTC  Australian Cinematographers Society - ACS  Professional Aerial Photographers Association in the USA - PAPA  Singapore Professional Photographers Association - SPPA Recent Testimonials: “Your skills and experience operating inside the helicopter are unique. You are welcome in our aircraft at any time” - SAR Crewman - The Olive Group - Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge - March 2009 Everyone ( at Maersk ) is very happy with the (rig) photos and I expect one to be in the calendar for 2010 - Erik Juul Madsen, Site Manager, Maersk Drilling - April 2009 “Laurie - you are the Gold Standard of marine photography! With admiration and envy” - Jim Wark - Jan 3rd 2009 Airphoto “Very, very nice shots! The wide bow shot gives a mighty impression of the vessel” John M Gramstad, Operations Dept, Solvang ASA - Stavanger Norway . “Both are approved. Thank you for your assistance. Good photos…..spectacular!” Dagfinn Thorsen, Offshore Heavy Transport - Oslo Norway GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  7. 7. RECENT CLIENTS  Awilco Offshore Norway  National Geographic Television  Amoco Oil USA  NOR Offshore Singapore  Atlantis Yachts Singapore  North Sails USA  Azimut Yachts Singapore  Oceanbulk Group Greece  Corum Geneva  Offshore Heavy Transport Norway  BBC Chartering Singapore  Omega Corp. Geneva  Beijing Olympic Broadcasters China  OOCL HK  British Petroleum Vietnam  Port Of Singapore Authority  Brigantine Services HK  Raffles Marina Singapore  Channel Sea Television USA  Republic Of Singapore Navy  Corum France  Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club  Discovery Channel USA  Rolex Geneva  ExxonMobile Singapore  Sail Magazine USA  Fragrant Harbour Magazine HK  Sands Casino Singapore  Grand Banks Yachts USA  San Miguel Brewing  Halliburton USA  Siba Ships Italy  Hermes France  Shell Petroleum  Heesen Yachts Holland  SNAV Ferries Italy  Hyde Park Entertainment Hollywood  Solvang ASA Norway  Jardine Port Agencies Singapore  Star Bulk Carriers Greece  Kellogg Brown & Root USA  Suncraft International Inc Singapore  Kenwood Corporation Japan  Swire Pacific HK  Kumagai Construction Singapore  Tag Heurer HK  Lasmo Exploration UK  Tattler Magazine Singapore  Louis Vuitton France  The Walt Disney Company  Mount Gay Rum USA  Triton Energy USA  Maersk Shipping Denmark  TWI/IMG New York  MSC Shipping Geneva  Universal Marine Holland  Murphy Oil Corporation USA  Workships BV Netherlands  Neil Pryde Yacht Sail HK  Yachts International Magazine GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  8. 8. COUNTRIES OF OPERATION Photo: Rich Roberts –Hawaii B oth Aerial Marine Media and L’Image Cinematography operate world wide and they have provided a wide range of commercial clients with imagery for cinema and television from all of the following countries: Afghanistan Korea Argentina Lebanon Australia Malaysia Borneo Mexico Brazil Myanmar Belgium New Zealand Canada Pakistan Croatia Peoples Republic of China Egypt Peru Eire Philippines Fiji Raratonga France Sabah Germany Samoa Guam Sardinia Hawaii Singapore Hong Kong South Africa India Switzerland Indonesia Spain Israel Taiwan Italy UK Japan United Arab Emirates Kampuchea USA Kashmir Vietnam GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  9. 9. RECENT INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS CLIENT: Republic Of Singapore Navy LOCATION: The South China Sea PROJECT: A series of 2 photo expeditions offshore from Singapore and into the South China Sea to film the ships of the Republic Of Singapore Navy. The camera ships were Super Puma and Cougar aircraft flown by pilots of the 125 and 126 Squadron of the Singapore Air Force out of Sembawang Air Base Photo: Copyright Janes CLIENT: ESPN Asia LOCATION: The deserts of the United Arab Emirates PROJECT: Helicopter aerial cinematographer for a one hour ESPN Asia documentary of the 2009 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge - shooting from two Search & Rescue aircraft operated by the Olive Group. Six cameramen and a production support team spent five days and nights operating from the Moreeb Hill bivouac camp in the southern deserts of the UAE CLIENT: Beijing Olympic Broadcasters China LOCATION: Qing Dao, China PROJECT: One of three specialist cameramen responsible to the Chinese host broadcaster for shooting the global aerial television coverage of the Olympic Sailing Regatta in the city of Qingdao. On 16th Dec 2008, the I.O.C. awarded the entire sailing television team the Golden Rings Award for the “Best Sports Coverage of The Olympic Games” in competition to the producers of 37 other Olympic sports. CLIENT: The Walt Disney Company USA LOCATION: Hawaii USA PROJECT: The Morning Light Project Helicopter cinematographer and camera operator for a Hollywood feature film produced by Roy E. Disney, which received theatrical release in 2008. DOP Laurie K. Gilbert also did many of the offshore marine equipment trials in preproduction and shot much of the specialist Mako Head and Tyler Mount footage used in the final film. Photo: Leslie DeMeuse GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  10. 10. RECENT INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS CLIENT: Hyde Park Entertainment Hollywood LOCATION: Bangkok Thailand PROJECT: The Street Fighter - Legend of Chun Li A series of 35mm helicopter aerial sequences shot over the Thai city and river locations of Bangkok, for inclusion in the Hollywood feature film The Street Fighter - Legend of Chun Li released globally in March 2009. The film was directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak and the BK117 aerial camera ship was provided by theThai company Sai - Chang Flying Services. CLIENT: Grand Banks Yachts Seattle USA LOCATION: China Sea - Malaysia PROJECT: Extensive helicopter aerial photography and video coverage of the GB41 and GB53 yachts which were shot off the east coast of Malaysia. The material is designed be used globally for magazine release and sales and marketing purposes. CLIENT: Channel Sea Television Los Angeles USA LOCATION: Honolulu, Hawaii PROJECT: A dramatic twenty minute documentary on the challenges of the 2007 Trans Pacific Yacht Race from Long Beach in California to Dia- mond Head in Waikiki. The DOP worked as far as 30 miles offshore in a helicopter with E.P. Roy E Disney, to capture the excitement and the drama of one of the most spectacular historic offshore yachting events in the world. Photo: Sharon Green CLIENT: Royal Shell Petroleum, London UK LOCATION: Royal Sultanate of Brunei PROJECT: A series of 35mm film commercials called “JAAP” which form part of a global branding campaign for Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum. The advertising agency was J Walter Thompson, production company was Serious Pictures London and Director was Ivan Bird. A Tyler Gyro mount was mounted into a Sikorski S61 Sea King Helicopter to shoot offshore images of a Brunei based oil rig. GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  11. 11. RECENT INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS CLIENT: Asia Project Chartering, Singapore LOCATION: Offshore from Singapore PROJECT: A series of images of the freight ship BBC Ontario as it carried a load of brand new container moving cranes from China, where they were build, to their final destination in Brazil . The images were shot 5 miles offshore from Singapore when the ship passed through the S.E Asian port for bunkering purposes. CLIENT: Maersk Drilling LOCATION: Straits of Malacca, Straits of Bali, Thailand PROJECT: Maersk Developer, Maersk Discoverer & Maersk Deliverer. A series of 3 helicopter expeditions offshore from Bali Malaysia and Thailand Bali to photograph the drilling rigs as they completed deep water testing and sailed for their first desti- nations after launching in Singapore CLIENT: PSA Port Of Singapore Authority LOCATION: Singapore PROJECT: PSA Corporate Communications Extensive helicopter aerial 16mm motion picture film and photographic stills coverage of the port facilities of the city of Singapore, as part of a global PSA corporate communications project. CLIENT: Exxon Mobile Singapore LOCATION: Singapore PROJECT: Jurong Facility Imagery Extensive helicopter aerial photographic coverage of the ExxonMobile facility and processing operation at Jurong Island in Singapore. GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  12. 12. RECENT INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS CLIENT: Murphy Oil - Prosafe Production LOCATION: Malacca Straits Malaysia PROJECT: Dramatic helicopter photographic and HD video coverage of the departure of the worlds first FDPSO for operation in the Congo. The ship, which was built by Keppel Shipyard in Singapore, is owned and maintained by Prosafe Production and the drilling rig is operated by Murphy Oil. CLIENT: Suncraft International Inc LOCATION: Penang Malaysia PROJECT: Navy Fast Patrol Boat Extensive HD Video and photographic stills coverage of a Malaysian built Fast Patrol Boat for global export. The client was Suncraft International in Singapore and the aerial camera ship was an EC120 from Kuala Lumpur based company Integrated Special Services flown by Capt. Sabri. CLIENT: Siba Shipping Italy LOCATION: Batam Island Indonesia PROJECT: Ship Construction Photography Extensive photographic coverage, including specialist time lapse photography, of the construction of two live-stock carriers in the Labroy shipyard on the Indonesian island of Batam. 12 photographic expeditions over a 14 month period resulting in over 3000 stills CLIENT: Workships BV Netherlands LOCATION: Newcastle, NSW, Australia PROJECT: As the Australian continent struggles with drought and erratic water supply, there is an ambitious desalination solution in place and as part of the project, the high precision drilling rig Seafox 6 was relocated from Singapore to NSW. The rig was shot as it arrived under tow at the port of Newcastle and then six months later in operation offshore from Botany Bay. GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  13. 13. RECENT INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS CLIENT: Ocean Heavy Lift Norway LOCATION: Straits Of Malacca, Malaysia PROJECT: The Wilforce is a self elevating drilling unit which was designed by Baker Marine Services Pacific and was built in Singapore by PPL Shipyard, Jurong. The rig was photographed in the Straits of Malacca from a Robinson R44 helicopter whilst in transit on the Heavylift Falcon en route to a contract with Repsol in Libya. CLIENT: British Petroleum UK LOCATION: Offshore Vung Tau, Vietnam PROJECT: Nam Con Son Oilfield Extensive aerial video and photographic coverage of the construction of the Nam Con Son oil and gas platforms 400 kms offshore from Vung Tau in Vietnam. CLIENT: British Petroleum UK LOCATION: Ho Chi Minh Province, South Vietnam PROJECT: Gas Trans Shipment Terminal Extensive aerial video and photographic coverage of the trans shipment base constructed in the Mekong Delta to receive, process and export the oil and gas originating offshore from the Nam Con Son platforms. CLIENT: BBC/Discovery Television Europe LOCATION: Pedang in Sumatra, Indonesia. PROJECT: “Voyage To The Heart Of The Tsunami” Helicopter aerial sequences of the city of Pedang in West Sumatra, for a documentary film on the analysis of the active undersea geological features of the Indonesian coastline and their relationship to potential volcanic activity. GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  14. 14. RECENT INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS CLIENT: Roy E Disney - The Walt Disney Company LOCATION: San Tropez, Cote d’Azure, France PROJECT: Les Voiles De San Tropez Documentary coverage of the annual classic sail boat race Les Voiles De San Tropez, which attracts some of the most significant vintage racing boats in the world to competition off the south coast of France. CLIENT: Rolex, Geneva Switzerland LOCATION: Costa Smeralda Yacht Club, Sardinia PROJECT: 2004 Rolex Maxi Worlds Regatta Documentary coverage of the final event of the 2004 Rolex Maxi Worlds series which was held offshore from the Costa Smeralda Yacht Club, on the Italian island of Sardinia. The event attracts the cream of the worlds’ maxi racing yacht skippers and crews. CLIENT: Solvang ASA Norway LOCATION: Horsburgh Lighthouse Offshore Malaysia PROJECT: Clipper Hebe, Clipper Helen and Clipper Mars Three offshore aerial expeditions to photograph the Clipper Hebe, Clipper Helen and Clipper Mars which are transportation tankers operated by the Norwegian shipping company Solvang ASA. The ships were built in shipyards in Germany and Korea and are designed to transport a wide range of both chemicals and gas world wide. CLIENT: MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company LOCATION: Capetown, Sydney, Rotterdam, Hong Kong PROJECT: We Cover The World A global corporate video production designed to showcase the business potential of the global resources of the 198 container ship fleet operated by MSC. The production team filmed material , including extensive helicopter aerials, in Cape Town, Switzerland, Rotterdam, Fremantle, Hong Kong, Sydney and Pusan. GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  15. 15. RECENT INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS CLIENT: Consolidated Marine Management, Greece LOCATION: Malaysia PROJECT: Hellas FOS and Hellas Glory are brand new LPG tankers built for the Piraeus-based Greek shipping company, Consolidated Marine Management by the Korean Hyundai ship yard. On their maiden voyages, both ships sailed to Singapore for bunkering and the aerial camera team were able to fly from Johor Baru and locate and photograph the ships off the east coast of Malaysia. CLIENT: DBS Bank Singapore LOCATION: Sydney Harbour PROJECT: Horizon Investment Television Campaign A television advertising campaign commissioned by DBS Bank in Singapore with the creative theme of “Horizon”. The series of four 35mm film commercials were shot in locations that included Sydney harbour and the Blue Mountains. CLIENT: Cicada Films London/Discovery UK LOCATION Mount Tambora - Indonesia PROJECT: The Year Without Summer Helicopter aerial sequences of a team of European vulcanologists investigating the geology of the caldera of Mt Tambora on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa. The material was for a for a UK commissioned documentary production on global effects of the volcano's eruption in 1815. CLIENT: Offshore Heavy Transport AS Norway LOCATION: Malacca Straits PROJECT: Offshore Heavy Transport are a Norwegian based heavy lift shipping company who specialize in the marine transportation of oil rigs etc around the world. This oil rigwas being transported from Singapore to the Suez Canal via the Malacca Straits on the topside of the Willift Falcon and was photographed offshore between Indonesia and Malaysia from a Robinson R44 Raven. GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  16. 16. RECENT INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS CLIENT: Dutch Land Reclamation Engineers LOCATION: Johor Baru Malaysia PROJECT: Port Tanjong Pelepas Helicopter aerial video coverage of the land reclamation project and supporting infrastructure that is to become the Port Tanjung Pelepas Phase 11development on the Sungai Pulau River, in Johor Baru, Malaysia. CLIENT: Roy E Disney, Hollywood USA LOCATION: Los Angeles, Hawaii & the Pacific Ocean PROJECT: 2005 Centennial Trans Pacific Yacht Race Production of an 18 minute and a 60 minute television documentary of the 2005 Centennial Trans Pacific Yacht Race from Long Beach in California to Honolulu, Hawaii. L’Image Cinematography was responsible for the offshore helicopter aerial, motion picture imagery. CLIENT: Atlantis Yachts South East Asia LOCATION Phuket Thailand PROJECT: Azimut Aldila For Charter A photo shoot designed to produce lifestyle themed images that could be used to market the 45ft luxury cruising yachts Aldila to potential charter customers world wide. The imagery was shot offshore from many of the photogenic islands situated close to Phuket in Thailand. CLIENT: ESPN 11 Television, Orlando USA LOCATION: Key West, Florida PROJECT: Key West Regatta Television and photographic coverage of the Key West Regatta in Florida, USA for the ESPN11 television network as part of their commitment to world class television coverage of international sailing. GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  17. 17. RECENT INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS CLIENT: Jardine Port Agencies & Biglift Norway LOCATION: Malaysia PROJECT: Biglift Shipping, formally known as Mammoet Shipping, is a Norwegian based marine company specializing in the global transportation of heavy loads and large scale projects. M/v Da Qiang is one of their smaller ships and this series of images of the ship and her load was taken in the Malacca Straits, equidistant from the coast- lines of both Indonesia and Malaysia. CLIENT: Universal Marine Holland LOCATION: Horsburgh Lighthouse, Pedra Branca, PROJECT: Papuan Gulf Photographic Imagery Extensive photographic coverage of a new container ship build for Universal Marine in Holland by a Chinese shipyard. The ship was on its maiden voyage when it was photographed off the coast of Malaysia and Indonesia, in the Pedra Branca area of waterway approach to Singapore. CLIENT: National Environment Agency Singapore LOCATION: Jurong, Singapore PROJECT: Semakau Wild Life Island Photographic and video coverage of a new man - made wild life reserve which has been created from incinerator ash, offshore from Jurong Island, in Singapore. Video was used in a National Geographic documentary and photographic imagery was used by the Singapore Straits Times. CLIENT: Sands Casino, USA LOCATION: Singapore Waterfront PROJECT: Singapore IR Development Extensive helicopter aerial coverage of the Singapore Land Bank area which has been chosen for the future development of an International Resort and Casino complex. GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  18. 18. HELICOPTER UNDERWATER ESCAPE TRAINING H elicopter aerial photographic teams are often required to operate many miles offshore and their working environment has the potential to be hazardous. Global clients like Shell, BP and Exxon Mobile, demand that photographers and cinematographers operating on their projects must have current H.U.E.T. or Helicopter Underwater Escape Training credentials. C inematographer Laurie K. Gilbert has successfully completed three internationally recognized H.U.E.T. training courses in Australia, Vietnam and Malaysia. He is the only specialist helicopter marine photographer / cinematographer operating world wide from S.E Asia, who is internationally accredited in H.U.E.T. until July 2010 . GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  19. 19. ADDITIONAL PROFESSIONAL INFORMATION PROFESSIONALTRAINING: Royal Scholarship - International London Film School WEB PAGE: HOME / OFFICE TEL: +60 333 48 72 48 HANDPHONE MALAYSIA : +60 19 270 0488 HANDPHONE SINGAPORE: +65 962 10488 ACCREDITATION: Society of Operating Cameraman - Hollywood Australian Cinematographers Society Guild of Television Cameramen Foreign Correspondents Association Professional Aerial Photographers Association CITZENSHIPS: Australia & United Kingdom APEC CARD: Visa Free entry to all APEC countries MEMBERSHIP: Superyacht Singapore Society CHINA PROJECTS: 80 Projects since 1989 VIETNAM PROJECTS: 25 Projects since 1994 USA PROJECTS: 20 Projects since 1984 HELICOPTER AERIAL EXPERIENCE: Since 1978 OFFSHORE MARINE EXPERIENCE: Since 1985 GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  20. 20. AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHIC CAMERA SHIPS W ith 30 years experience in helicopter aerial offshore marine projects, photographer Laurie K. Gilbert has access to a global network of specialist film pilots and a wide range of helicopter camera ships. United Arab Emirates San Tropez, France Sardinia, Italy Bangkok, Thailand Johor Baru, Malaysia Sydney, Australia GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488
  21. 21. AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHIC CAMERA SHIPS Photo: Sharon Green Honolulu, Hawaii Penang, Malaysia Newcastle, Australia Johor Baru, Malaysia Singapore Qing Dao China GLOBAL EXCELLENCE IN OFFSHORE MARINE HELICOPTER AERIAL IMAGERY Home/Office +603 33 48 72 48, Mobile +60 19 270 0488