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Memo to principal on evaluation

  1. 1. Memorandum To: John L. Davis CC: Katie Chappuis From: Laurie Roberts- Media Specialist Date: 10/8/2010 Re: Media Center Evaluation Mr. Davis, Here are the results of the Media Center’s program evaluation according to the Department of Education. Category 1: Student Achievement and Instruction 1. Proficient 2. Exemplary 3. Exemplary 4. Exemplary 5. Proficient 6. Basic Category 2: Staffing 7a. Exemplary 7b. Proficient Category 3: Facilities, Access, and Resources 8. Exemplary 9. Exemplary 10. Exemplary 11. Exemplary 12. Proficient 13. Exemplary Category 4: Administrative Support 14. Exemplary 15. Exemplary 16. Exemplary 17. Exemplary 1 CONFIDENTIAL
  2. 2. January 29, 2015 18. Exemplary Category 5: Staff Development 19. Exemplary Mr. Davis, I feel that the SLM library does a very good job at meeting the requirements for a successful media program set forth by the Georgia Department of Education. The library had many areas that received an exemplary, which is the highest level. It also received proficient in many areas, which is very good. However, there were two areas that received basic. The library does a nice job of integrating the information literacy skills into the curriculum by ensuring that the teachers and media specialist are collaborating. The media specialist collaboratively plans with the teachers at the school to ensure that the needs of the students are being met. The library media specialist is familiar with the GPS standards which is required if student learning is going to be enhanced. The library media specialist is actively engaged in the learning process and does a great job of making sure the media program is aligned with the standards and curriculum. The library is adequately staffed and employs a full-time media specialist and a paraprofessional is available for help at all times. The paraprofessional and media specialist work together to ensure that the needs of the students are being met. They are available for answering any questions that teachers or students might have. The media specialist is not required to be anywhere else during the day except the media center. Flexible scheduling is in place and is maintained daily. The media center is open at all times for students and teacher. The library is open early and closes later to give students access to the media center before and after school. The media center is arranged in a manner that meets all state requirements. The media center has many resources available to students is a variety of formats. Students can freely use the media center for projects and to retrieve any information needed. The library houses at least 10 books per student and has at least 3 non-print items per student. Galileo is used correctly. The media specialist collaborates with the teachers to create lessons that incorporate this program. The media specialist teaches lessons to students on how to correctly use this program and provides staff development for teachers. The local school system and superintendent understand the job description of a media specialist and are aware of the happenings in the media center. They allow for local media specialist to collaboratively plan. The library website contains happenings that can be read by anyone on things that are going on in the media center. You are doing a great job of making students and teachers aware of the importance of the media center and encouraging teachers to collaborate with the media specialist. The local policy handbook for the media center is up-to-date and is being followed. The media specialist is providing surveys to teachers on staff development opportunities and is creating many great lessons that are beneficial to both the students and teachers. 2
  3. 3. January 29, 2015 The following are ways that the areas that received “Basic” can receive a better rating: 1. The first area that received basic was 1:6. The media specialist stated that the classroom teacher assesses all lessons that are taught, even those in collaboration with the media specialist. It is very important that the media specialist be involved in the assessment process to ensure the lessons created are beneficial to the students. There should be a time set in the curriculum planner where this can be done. It would be a great idea to have it 3 times through the year so that the current assessments can be used and then reviewed for accuracy. If the media specialist and teacher are collaboratively planning and teaching, then the media specialist should be actively involved in assessing the students. The media specialist should be present during at least some of the assessments whether it is a rubric or a presentation. 2. The next area was 3:12. This is an area that is in the process of being updated now. There should be computers throughout the media center that have destiny on them. Currently there is only one computer and the students have to wait in line to search for a book. The computers in the classroom should also have a link to Destiny so that they can look to see what books are available for checkout before entering the media center. They should also be able to access the Destiny system in the classroom because it can now be used for research projects. The library should have resources that can be accessed from any computer whether in the school or at home. The following is an area that received a “proficient” but should receive an “exemplary” if the following plan is followed. 1. Area 1:5. This area received a rating of proficient because the library media specialist did not feel like the services were being provided to diverse learners as well as the different learning styles. The media specialist should use the student data from CRCT results, classroom assessments, assessments school wide and any data available on students to help excel the students in certain areas. The media specialist should collaboratively plan with the teacher to create lessons and activities that will lead to students’ achievement in problem areas. The media specialist needs to be trained on the Lexile framework so that it can be utilized to assist students in finding reading levels that are right for them and finding books of interest in their range. The media specialist should be aware of students’ weaknesses and learning styles and should find materials that will help excel those students in certain areas. 3