Administrative Policy Handbook/ Policy Issues Paper
            ITEC 7132/ Fall 2007
            Dr. Judith Repman
Board policy                       There is nothing
                  states  ...
States that   Is very                                  
Purchasing of   ...
Nothing is    Uses DDC
  Processing        stated in
                   the board
States that   Rules for what
Supervision in      it is the     is expected are
                    job of the    included....
Has a very    Needs to be                
                 detailed      u...
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Administrative policy handbook checklist


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Administrative policy handbook checklist

  1. 1. Administrative Policy Handbook/ Policy Issues Paper ITEC 7132/ Fall 2007 Dr. Judith Repman Submitted By: Laurie Roberts • Note: All policies for our school system and school board were revised in 2007. • Note: All board policies were revised in 2004. Policy Board Acceptable Needs Needs Adding Examples Policy Updating Media Center Program No board The media policy program’s P.html available. mission statement is too vague. It needs Mission to be updated to Statement sound more educational and eye catching. Board policy Includes everyone is available. that can be included on the Media committee and what is expected Committee of them. Board policy Excellent: It tells is available. every roll that the Implementation media specialist is nton/adminres/MediaSpEvalFor of Media required to m.doc complete. It also Program and explains what is Roles and expected educationally. Responsibilities of Media Specialist Board policy Needs to be just states more specific as that there far as what his/ Media will be a her media responsibilities Personnel helper. include.
  2. 2. Board policy There is nothing states stated about staff an00/anderson.htm nothing development for Staff about staff media and development technology staff. Development States Needs to be nothing updated. It about this needs to be m/ policy. assigned to one person. It also needs to include Web Page guidelines for ington/mediacenter/files/C77A25 how often it should be 90754C4EABAB7A43B47ABB updated. FD81.doc States It is stated that nothing the personnel about how should be urriculum/library/appendixD.pdf Evaluation of often or by evaluated, but whom they does not Personnel shall be include how pgs. 47-50 evaluated. often and what they are looking for. States There is nothing Great Handbook for Volunteers. nothing stated about about volunteers. It should volunteers be included so that the media specialist Stormonth/PDFs/LMCVolunteers.pdf and volunteer know who can be a volunteer, what their Volunteers responsibilities are, and what jobs they can volunteers to help with. States A section about nothing who, what for, about the and when should use of the be added. There Use of Facility facilities. is nothing included stating who can use the media center and when it is available. Budget/ States that Funding this will ffice/admin/budgetplanguide.doc be reviewed once a year.
  3. 3. States that Is very Purchasing of each detailed about dmin/selection.html school what it can be Media shall abide purchased by the with, who can procedural purchase it, guidelines and the . guidelines in which to follow when purchasing items. States Nothing is nothing included about about any grants or Grant Writing grant items that may writing. be purchased with grants. States that This section each needs to be ection2.html school updated. It shall abide only states by that the Gifts procedural media guidelines specialist . should approve all gifts. It should include who it belongs to and what can be accepted. Collection and Development States that Includes when they shall it should be abide by done, what it the should Inventory procedural determine, and guidelines explains how it . will help determine future needs. States Explains what nothing it is, the about this different types Weeding in the or categories, board and what is to policy. be done with materials
  4. 4. Nothing is Uses DDC Processing stated in the board policy about this policy. States Will be Needs to be nothing determined by updated to mediacenter/files/C77A2590754C4EA about this media include loan BAB7A43B47ABBFD81.doc Circulation in the specialist. period and board information policy. about lost or damaged materials. Access to Media Center Faculty and States that Includes a very Teachers use of this is up detailed to the section about the media media teachers and center specialist. faculty having access to the media center States that Needs to be the media updated. It is specialist stated that and flexible principal scheduling will Scheduling are in be used; charge of however, with this. the library being used as an elective class, not much of this is happening. Staff Procedures States that Is included and Collaboration this is list a very required detailed w/ media to definition. specialist improve classroom instruction . Computer Lab States that Sign Up/ Access this is up Schedule has to the been approved. media specialist.
  5. 5. States that Rules for what Supervision in it is the is expected are job of the included. Computer Lab media specialist to inform the teachers about this. States that Rules are it is the posted and job of the sent to Individual media teachers. students visiting specialist Teachers during the day to make a support and schedule help media concernin specialist with g this. any problems. States that Needs to be the system more extensive. complies Needs to include with a definition and mediacenter/files/C77A2590754C4EA Copyright Laws copyright the actual policy. BAB7A43B47ABBFD81.doc law. Includes a short sentence. Class Projects States List when they nothing can be done about and the class process to go projects. through when scheduling them. Student Policies Procedure for Nothing is Rules are individual stated in posted all the board around library students visiting policy. and there is a throughout the section about day this in the student handbook. Nothing is Is included in Behavior in stated in student the board handbook. Media Center policy. Also posted above every computer in media center.
  6. 6. Has a very Needs to be detailed updated. s/Approved0708AUPStudents.pdf policy Does not Acceptable use about the include what for Computers internet they can do and Internet and what and how Resources can sites long they can be can use visited. It computer. currently Does not has a include if it blocker. can be leisure time or has to be educational. Nothing is Is not stated in informative mediacenter/files/C77A2590754C4EA board enough. Needs to BAB7A43B47ABBFD81.doc Checkout policy. include how procedures many books. Although students and teachers know, it needs to be written somewhere. Nothing is Needs to be stated in updated. Does mediacenter/files/C77A2590754C4EA board not include what BAB7A43B47ABBFD81.doc Overdue books/ policy. happens when a Fines book is overdue or anything about checkout Nothing is States that there stated in is a consequence mediacenter/files/C77A2590754C4EA board but does not state BAB7A43B47ABBFD81.doc Lost and policy. what it is. A Damaged policy needs to Media be approved that addresses these items.