Introducing RateDiary- Where it Pays To Rate!


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RateDiary is a new tool for businesses to collect valuable customer feedback. The tagline, "where it pays to rate" means the business compensates the consumer for an honest review. Only paying customers can leave a review for a business. Consumers earn RateDollars in the form of a gift card for writing an honest review. All reviews are indexed by the search engines, too. Businesses can join for a fee (special launch rates available) and consumers can join for free and earn RateDollars when they suggest one of their favorite businesses sign up. Reviews are never filtered. Ever. That is what makes RateDiary different. RateDiary includes is an iPhone app and Android is launching soon. When customers leave reviews, their profile is saved, giving the business an opportunity to market to their clients via a built-in email program.

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Introducing RateDiary- Where it Pays To Rate!

  1. 1. “Where it pays to rate” What is Rate Diary?
  2. 2. “Where it pays to rate” What the heck is RateDiary?
  3. 3. “Where it pays to rate” Well, it all started with a plumber…
  4. 4. “Where it pays to rate” Who worked hard day and night..
  5. 5. “Where it pays to rate” His customers appreciated him.
  6. 6. “Where it pays to rate” ..and gave him good online reviews…
  7. 7. “Where it pays to rate” ..however, he learned that one lukewarm or negative review..
  8. 8. “Where it pays to rate” ..might never go away, even after rectifying the problem..
  9. 9. “Where it pays to rate” ..and that didn’t seem right.
  10. 10. “Where it pays to rate” Online reviews should not be filtered – ever!
  11. 11. “Where it pays to rate” So he set out on a journey to create a new kind of review system..
  12. 12. “Where it pays to rate” What is Rate Diary?
  13. 13. “Where it pays to rate” RateDiary is ready to join the other review sites…
  14. 14. “Where it pays to rate” ..with one BIG exception.
  15. 15. “Where it pays to rate” YOU control your online reputation.
  16. 16. “Where it pays to rate” NOT THEM!
  17. 17. “Where it pays to rate” How is that even possible, you may be wondering?
  18. 18. “Where it pays to rate” At RateDiary, we reward our customers financially……
  19. 19. “Where it pays to rate” ….when they take the time to leave a review.
  20. 20. “Where it pays to rate” Yes, we believe in PAYING customers who take the time to give you valuable feedback.
  21. 21. “Where it pays to rate” Whoa, let’s pull back the curtain for just a minute… And that is not a “pay to play” scheme – it’s asking for feedback – good OR bad.
  22. 22. “Where it pays to rate” And, as a legitimate business, you want to know when service might not be up to your standards, right?
  23. 23. “Where it pays to rate” And, our mission at RateDiary is to increase that number.
  24. 24. “Where it pays to rate” As a RateDiary member, you give your paying customers RateDollars
  25. 25. “Where it pays to rate” Sorry, getting ahead of ourselves! When a paying customer writes a review, they get rewarded.
  26. 26. “Where it pays to rate” With RateDollars, in the form of a Gift Card.
  27. 27. “Where it pays to rate” That can be used anywhere, for anything – no restrictions.
  28. 28. “Where it pays to rate” It’s putting money back into the economy And we think that is a good thing.
  29. 29. “Where it pays to rate” So, instead of doing this, on a flimsy receipt that usually gets tossed.
  30. 30. “Where it pays to rate” You could be doing this & capturing valuable feedback. Disclaimer with Expiration date. Voucher # Easy directions on How to redeem.
  31. 31. “Where it pays to rate” As the business owner, you can email or print a voucher RateDiary Voucher For quick delivery to your customers!
  32. 32. “Where it pays to rate” All they do is write a free-form review online, on your RateDiary portal.
  33. 33. “Where it pays to rate” They click submit, and you’ve just gotten a review!
  34. 34. “Where it pays to rate” And that review can be posted on Facebook, G+, your website.. Pretty much everywhere online!
  35. 35. “Where it pays to rate” What do you think that will do for your online reputation? We think it can only go one way, and that is UP!
  36. 36. “Where it pays to rate” And your customer received some RateDollars; now that is a win-win!
  37. 37. “Where it pays to rate” Did we mention we don’t use the ‘star’ system? We have our own Rate-O-Meter. Your customer slides the arrow up for a higher review.
  38. 38. “Where it pays to rate” Other benefits you get besides honest reviews?
  39. 39. “Where it pays to rate” So, what do you do now that you know about RateDiary? 1-866-3-REVIEW Or visit us online.
  40. 40. “Where it pays to rate” And then sit back and wait for your reviews to come in!
  41. 41. “Where it pays to rate” What is Rate Diary?