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  • 1. Survey Results These are my results from my Music Magazine Survey, twenty people from my target audience (mostly female aged sixteen to seventeen) took my survey and answered my music questions, which will help me towards designing my own Music Magazine – although not everyone answered all my questions, so the percentages for the results may very. I have learnt that most of my target audience prefer Indie music, and tend to have heard music through the radio. And that most of my target audience download their music form websites such as Limewire and iTunes. Also that most of my target audience have been to a gig at venues such as The UEA, Wembley Stadium, The Waterfront and The O2 Arena. Furthermore, most of my target audience buy a Music Magazine once a month, and normally buy ‘NME’ and ‘Kerrang!’. And Finally, most of my target audience are attracted to a Music Magazine because of the band on the front, what’s knew about music and the articles. The things that surprised me was the amount of my target audience who download music off websites like iTunes and Limewire rather than go out and buy music. And also that most my target audience only buy a music magazine once a month. I am going to use some of these result in the design of my own Music Magazine; I am going to have the theme Indie, the style to be bold and to stand out with the image and text, and to include a new artist on the front and a in-depth article on them, and also to include a ‘What's New’ main cover lines section – include things like ‘Upcoming Gigs’, Upcoming Artists and bands’, etc – to attract people to read the Music Magazine.
  • 2. Question One
  • 3. Question Two
  • 4. Others: Club, Jazz, Dubstep, Punk, Alternative, R'N'B, Classical, and Dance. Question Three
  • 5. Calvin Harris Favourite artist/bands Rihanna My Chemical Romance Biffy Clyro Jack Peñate Paramore Arctic Monkeys Van Helman Lostprophets Mumford and Sons MGMT Akon Go:Audio 3OH!3 Snow Patrol Muse Pendulum Prodigy Lil’ Wayne Enter Shikari Question Four
  • 6. Question Five
  • 7. Buy: HMV. Download: iTunes, Limewire,,, Youtube Converter,, and Frostwire. Question Six
  • 8. UEA: Dizzee Rascal, The Wombats, Air Traffic, La Roux, Tinchy Stryder, and Go:Audio. Wembley Stadium: Biffy Clyro, My Chemical Romance, and Muse. Waterfront: The King Blues and All Time Low. O2 Arena: Rihanna and Bon Jovi. Others: T4 On The Beach, Paul Weller, Kerrang Tour, Jonas Brothers, Coldplay, and V Festival. Question Seven
  • 9. Question Eight
  • 10. Other: The Big Cheese Question Nine
  • 11. Attraction to Music Magazine “ Club, DJ and Dance Scene” “ Band on the front” “ The music and artists in them” “ The articles” “ The band on the front” “ The band” “ There are loads of different bands and new music to find out about and because it specifies in the sort of music that I like” “ The pictures” “ Colourfulness” “ The bands” “ Indie artists” “ In-depth articles” “ Bold colours” “ Bold text” “ New bands” “ Latest news in the music world” “ Bright colours” “ Indie scene” “ What’s new” “ Bold and bright writing” Question Ten