Jason's Search for the Mythical Miss Right: Day 4
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  • 1. Welcome back to Jason's Search for the Mythical Miss Right. On Day Three Bekah Livingston went home after realizing there really wasn't any chemistry between them. That leaves Cayenne Buccaneer, Anne Austen, Saeva Tegenaria, and Iris Fitzhugh to vie for Jason's eye.
  • 2. Rebekah arrived at the spare house and she and Vickie decided to watch a little of the competition. Celly was busy at the synthesizer.
  • 3. "So while they show a review of the last three days, what have you two been up to?" "We had a party last night to welcome Celly. And we think Mrs. Mizutani might have been playing matchmaker. A couple of gentlemen came over in the welcome wagon. They spent most of the day here." "Sounds like you had fun."
  • 4. "Oh yes we did. I must admit, that even though Pong is a strange name he is quick of wit and not threatened by an intelligent female." "That's always a plus," Sarah said with a smile. "We must find something special for tonight to celebrate your arrival as well." "Thanks, but I'm not sure what it would be," she paused for a moment then smiled, "unless one of your gentlemen friends has a brother."
  • 5. "Will you two hush, I'm trying to write a song. I hope Alejandro likes it," the last Celly muttered to herself as she focused on the bridge she was working on.
  • 6. "Lauri, let's go outside, all right?" I raised an eyebrow but nodded and went with her around to the back of the house.
  • 7. "Talk," was all she said after we sat down on the grass. "About what?" I was a bit confused. She was the one who brought me out here after all.
  • 8. "Lauri, you've opened and closed your mouth a hundred times this morning. I've raised three kids, I know what that means." I sat there for a moment, and then buried my head in my hands. "It's falling apart and it's all my fault."
  • 9. "Why is it all your fault?" she asked patiently. She got that from her mother, Ari has patience that would make Job blush. "I'm the one that did the memory suppression It's obvious after yesterday that I didn't do them right."
  • 10. "Lauri, you're not God. You didn't make those women, and you didn't make the minds that store their memories. You have a lot of power, but you can't be expected to flawlessly manipulate the minds of others. Memories are like ninjas. They're elusive, sneaky, and powerful." "I never wanted to hurt Iris. I just wanted to make sure that she was able to focus on Jason. I wanted her to have a fair chance."
  • 11. "You did your best, Lauri." Marina said from behind me. I glanced up at my friend, "Marina I...."
  • 12. "Hey, no tears. Iris is a strong woman, and she's her father's daughter. It's a Fitzhugh trait to land on your feet. Now come on, they're in the hot tub."
  • 13. As Anne settled into the hot tub Jason took a moment to admire her neck, while Saeva and Cay splashed each other with hot water. Anne didn't notice Jason's glances but she did notice that the other tub was empty. "Where is Miss Fitzhugh? "She was inside playing the piano when we came out," Saeva said between splashes.
  • 14. Indeed Iris was playing the piano she had sat down to play after Bekah had left, and got lost in the song. She hadn't noticed the others headed toward the tubs and kept playing.
  • 15. "Do you think perhaps one of us should go get her?" Anne asked the other ladies. Cay glanced her way and smiled, "No need to get out of the tub." She looked toward the house and shouted at the top of her voice, "IRIS, TUB TIME!" Back inside Iris started then looked up over the piano. Nodding she decided to finish the piece, she wasn't going to get time with Jason either way.
  • 16. "See it's cool." "Thank you, Cay." "Cay watch your eyes!" Seava called as she got ready to splash again.
  • 17. Jason closed his eyes and just enjoyed the atmosphere. Part of him knew he should be talking to them, but he just loved listening to the sounds of their voices. He had a feeling he could listen to any of these ladies for the rest of his life and never tire of it.
  • 18. "Thank you for letting me try your exercise uniform earlier, Saeva, and while I do find wearing trousers allows for a greater freedom of movement, I felt quite a bit uncomfortable in them. I believe I will continue to wear my dresses."
  • 19. "Oh I always enjoy wearing a dress on special occasions. It makes me feel feminine and beautiful." "You're always beautiful, Saeva," Jason and Cay said at once and then they looked at each other and smiled. "Thanks."
  • 20. "Why don't we all dress up tomorrow night? And if he's good, maybe we'll let Jason wear his hat again."
  • 21. "Hey, enough about the hat! And I will wear the hat whenever I please!" Jason growled. He wasn't that interested in talking about style and fashion to begin with and the running gag about the hat was running thin with him.
  • 22. "Jason, you don't want to talk about shoes and dresses?"
  • 23. "No, I really don't. Okay I like nice clothes and I like to change my look occasionally, but I do NOT enjoy talking about it. I don't." Saeva looked a little worried about things at that point, and Cay just nodded once filing the information away. Anne though looked seriously at Jason and spoke directly, "Then change the subject. Do not grouse at us as we talk amongst ourselves, especially if you are not taking part in the conversation."
  • 24. "You're right, Anne. I wasn't helping anything. I'm sorry, guys." The ladies forgave him but there was a quiet moment as they tried to figure what to talk about now.
  • 25. Iris came over to the second tub noticing the silence. She wondered what might have happened, but she didn't want to ask. The song she had been playing haunted her and she wanted to soak in the water and see if she could figure out why.
  • 26. Finally Anne looked around, "Bekah was telling me the other day about a magnificent treat called an ice cream sundae. Do you think we might be able to purchase one after the competition is over?" It wasn't much but it was better than the tense silence.
  • 27. Saeva jumped on it, "I'm sure we can, Anne. And they are so delicious. If nothing else I will take all of us out and get the ingredients to make them." "I'm down with that," Cay put in, "Forget diamonds, ice cream is a girl's best friend." They were all waiting now to see how Jason would react.
  • 28. "Mmmm, Ice cream is great. I'm going to learn how to make an ice cream cake one day. I love to cook." The tension faded as they talked about their favorite foods and got to know each other a little better.
  • 29. "Don't care what is written in your history as long as you're here with me. I don't care who you are; where you're from; what you did; as long as you love me." She was singing the song again softly to herself when she heard his voice in her head. "Iris, there are a multitude of facts that I have yet to relate..." "Jack, I don't care. Do you love me?" "With all my heart." "That's all I'll ever care about." She kept her eyes closed as the memory played through her mind. Could it really be so simple? She couldn't fool herself into thinking she would be staying after tomorrow. She was too far behind. But could she love Jack knowing about Cayenne and her mother? And if she could what would she do about it? She tired to shove it out of her head and relax. Jack wasn't here so what good was it to dwell on those things. She had been telling herself that for the thirtieth time when she heard Jason calling her name.
  • 30. She got out of the tub and joined him, "Sorry, I was in my own little world." "That's all right, Iris. I was just wondering I really enjoy cooking and I was wondering if you had any favorite recipes?" "Oh well I love Eggs Benedict. Especially if the Hollandaise sauce is just right." "I've never had it, but I'm sure it would be delicious. Where's the best place you ever found it?"
  • 31. The talked about food for several minutes before Jason segued into another of his favorite topics. "And we have a net just outside the house. Sephy and I spent a lot of our summers having kick offs before we ran down to have a swim in the ocean." "It must be nice having a sibling so close to you in age. I was an adult before my first sister was born." "Well, Sephy could be a pain too, she was very spoiled, but she got a little better as we got older, and after Miny was born. All in all though she's a pretty cool sister." "Miny is the youngest?"
  • 32. "Yep, and one mean video game player. She plays SSX 3 like nobody's business. I haven't beaten her since she turned seven." "Ooh I love video games. Do you guys have Sims3?" "Oh yeah, we've had it almost since Grandma moved into the neighborhood." "What do you think?" "I don't play that much, but Sephy loves it. I prefer 'Cruise Speed 500' myself." "I haven't seen that one yet, I'll have to look for it."
  • 33. "Oh do, definitely! And if you find it, get the soundtrack for it as well. The music is awesome. Perfect for smustling." "It's really that good?"
  • 34. "Oh definitely it should win an award for certain." "You've sold me!"
  • 35. After the sun set he moved to Cayenne. "We've had some really great weather here other than that second day when it rained." "Now don't say the R word, Jason unless you really want more of it," she winked at him playfully. "I won't say it again then." "You're right though it has been quite lovely."
  • 36. "Well Anne, what do you think of the snow and cold?" "Well I'm not to thrilled with the cold, but...and do not tell my sisters this, I love building snowmen." "My lips are sealed."
  • 37. And Saeva he caught in the bathroom. "Aww, come on now Saeva do you really think the Goats will beat the Llama's for the pennant?" "Of course, but they'll never beat the Shrews." "I don't know, the Shrews have been pretty quiet lately the Bats have taken over that division."
  • 38. "Hey, the Bats are great, but the Shrews are older and more experienced. And everyone loves them." "That's true. I guess we'll find out in the fall." "We'll have to have a sports party!"
  • 39. "Sounds good. I'll make the food." "Mmmm. I'm so glad we figured out what you liked to talk about." "Me too!"
  • 40. "I hope you like this too," she said as she reached for his arm and began to trail kisses along the length of it until she reached his shoulder.
  • 41. "Mmmmm, I do indeed. Where did you learn to do that?" "The power of three, Jason, the power of three."
  • 42. He laughed at her joke, but then watching her, seeing her smile he knew that he had to get to know her better. She was quite beautiful inside and out.
  • 43. After the conversations were over Jason had called free time for the rest of the night. Cay had combed for shells on the beach. Iris had gone back to the hot tub to try to figure out all the strange memories that were flooding back to her. Anne had grabbed a plate of gelatin, while Jason and Saeva had went outside to play some catch. The game had been cut short however when Anne had interrupted them to talk to him about Vickie.
  • 44. Once everyone came in for dinner, Saeva called Anne on it. "How rude can you be, Anne? I know you aren't normally so what got into you?" "What do you mean, Saeva?" "Interrupting Jason and I in the middle of our game?" "Ohhh, did I interrupt? I thought the game was over." "I almost hit you with a ball!!"
  • 45. "Look, Anne, really what is going on?" "Saeva, think about what you were doing. You were out after dark alone with a man. What would people think? If you had simply asked one of us to chaperone you, nothing would have had to be done." "Propriety? This is about propriety? Listen, Anne you may live in the nineteenth century, but I don't. So back off."
  • 46. "Listen, Miss Tegenaria, I may come from a different time and place as you, but I *do* have a sense of what is proper and what is not. I respect myself and the teachings of the plumbob." "Listen Miss Austen, I'm not bound by your rules and sensibilities" "Listen both of you," Jason said without turning around, "I don't want to hear it. Please I know you both have things you can talk about that won't lead to an argument. I'm asking you to find one."
  • 47. "Perhaps you are right, Jason. Miss Tegenaria let us put this aside for the peace of the house." "All right. Sorry, Jason. All right Anne, what shall we talk about?" "Hmm, let us talk about those ice cream sundaes."
  • 48. "Morning, Jason." "Good Morning, Cay. So you decided to be first?" "Absolutely, no time like the present."
  • 49. "I agree with that," he responded as he reached up to cup her cheek.
  • 50. "Not yet, Jason." "Your brother again?" "That's part of it." "Part of it?" "You're still moving a bit fast for me, Jason." "You tempt me, Cay." "It's mutual, Jason."
  • 51. Jason sighed and dropped his hand. "Jason, don't, please." "I care a lot about you, Cay, I don't want to rush you." "I'm sure you can find ways to show me how you feel."
  • 52. So he leaned in and whispered things into her ear. The blush that crept over her face made him smile.
  • 53. "Jason, you are incorrigible" "Is that too fast?" "No, your fine."
  • 54. "Anne, the morning light becomes you," he said as he lifted his hand to her cheek.
  • 55. "Jason! Is it not bad enough that we are alone? Please there are limits." "I...yes, yes of course. What was I thinking?" "I do not know," she was quite irritated at his attempt at a caress.
  • 56. "Might I at least hold your hand, Miss Austen? And will you please accept my apology?" "Of course, Mr. Xenobia. Jason, thank you for understanding." "Oh Anne, I want to understand you so much more." "Perhaps that can be arranged." "I hope so."
  • 57. "And Anne, I love the way your eyes sparkle when you're angry." "Jason, how am I to respond to that? Anger is not an emotion I should be encouraging in myself." "True, but I also love they way they look when you're thoughtful or happy. So I win no matter what." "Jason."
  • 58. Jason smiled at Iris as she came in. "Good Morning." She smiled back but her hand across her stomach holding her elbow seemed like a wall between them. "What beautiful eyes you have." "A little role reversal?" "I've never been called a wolf." "I can understand that."
  • 59. "Iris, are you all right?" "I...no, I've been dealing with a lot. I should have left days ago." "No, I don't think so." "Why?" "Because by staying we've become good friends. Iris, I don't regret any of our time together here. I've learned a lot about you. And I've liked what I've learned. No matter what happens in the future, I'll cherish our friendship." "So will I, Jason. So will I. If there had been more time, and I didn't have so many ghosts, things might have been different. Quite different." "I know they would have, Iris."
  • 60. How oft it seems we are doomed to repeat
  • 61. The suffering stings of our defeats.
  • 62. And yet when life's blessings we survey
  • 63. It turns and goes the other way.
  • 64. And so when noon came they all sat in the living room Jason paused for a moment as he tried to put into words what he was thinking and feeling.
  • 65. "Cayenne, Anne, Iris, Saeva first I wanted to say that you rank among the best women I've ever met. Each of you are spirited, and intelligent and I hope our friendship lasts a very long time."
  • 66. "But Iris, even though I think you've tried, you can't let down your guard and let me get closer to you. You have someone else on your mind, and I believe in your heart. And even though love on many levels is a choice, it can't be forced it comes from sources we can't even begin to comprehend. I'm sorry, I'm not making much sense am I?"
  • 67. "No, Jason, you're making perfect sense. You're a good guy, Jason. I'm lucky I met you." "I'm the lucky one, Iris."
  • 68. When we sat down for the exit interview Iris was adamant that she didn't want to talk about it. "Really, Lauri it's too soon, and I've got too much going on in my head for this." "It's all right, Iris."
  • 69. "It's all right??? What do you mean it's all right? I want to know just went wrong! I want to know why she didn't try to fight for him. What was all the problem with the memories? You messed up didn't you? You thought you could toy with my family and it backfired. Well my little girl is hurt what are you going to do about that?!"
  • 70. "Dad stop! Will you just shut up! Lauri isn't the reason I'm here and not in the house! She is not the reason I'm hurting right now. And for that matter neither is Jason. This goes a lot deeper than that. And if you want to yell at people for hurting me perhaps you should look in the mirror. Seems to me you hurt me a few times in your life as well." A voice from the next room was directed at the two people on the couch, "Rhys, Iris! Stop fighting this instant!"
  • 71. Iris looked up in shock at the voice, "Mom?" Rhys was speechless.
  • 72. "Er yeah well that wasn't how I planned for this meeting to go," I said wincing slightly on the couch. "It's all right, Lauri. It wasn't your fault."
  • 73. "Lucy, I..."
  • 74. And then he turned toward me, "Why can't you leave us alone! Why do your kind always have to interfere!"
  • 75. "Rhys! Will you stop blaming her? I'm the one that wanted to do this. I'm the one who chose to come here." "You chose...?" "Yeah. I wanted my family back is that too hard to believe?"
  • 76. Rhys didn't answer her, but stood up and glared at me. I was watching Iris and Lucy share a hug, but I heard his words, "Don't think this is the end of it little miss simself." After his threat though he turned to Lucy, "Can you come outside with me?"
  • 77. Once outside Lucy looked at him, "What did you want, Rhys?"
  • 78. "This," he said as he pulled her into a hungry kiss.
  • 79. "Thank you, Lauri, from both of us."
  • 80. "Of course, Iris. You're welcome. But I think you might want to call a taxi to go to the other house. There are people there waiting for you." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well that's the end of Day 4 so here are the scores: Cayenne: 100/43 143 Friends Mutual Crush 2 bolts. Saeva: 100/37 137 Friends Mutual Crush 2 bolts. Anne: 98/34 132 Friends, Mutual Crush 2 bolts. Iris: 60/31 Friends, Crush her side, 2 bolts. Cayenne still holds the lead but Saeva and Anne have worked hard today to take it away from her. Saeva especially, she gained 47 points to take second place. Anne gained 29 points and still holds close in third. This will be a tight match. Well until next time, happy Simming!