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Mining Company Improves Surge Control


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Mining Company Improves Surge Control

  1. 1. METALS & MINING ROSEMOUNT 1595Mining Company Improves Surge ControlEfficiency with Conditioning Orifice PlateRESULTS• Accurate and repeatable measurement in short piping installation• Improved response time for compressor surge control• Improved process control and efficiencyAPPLICATIONAir flow measurement to the blowers during copper smeltingCUSTOMERSouth American Mining CompanyCHALLENGEIn the mining industry, the smelting phase is a difficult process to controldue to the various gases and concentrates used for this process. Blowersutilize oxygen enriched air that is provided to the furnace. During thesmelting phase, the converter is continuously loaded with copperconcentrate and silica (quartz) for fusion-conversion. In thefusion-conversion process, slag is separated from the white metal which isthe heaviest phase (containing 70% - 75% copper) and oxygen enriched airis introduced allowing the oxidation of the different minerals. Significantamounts of energy are consumed during this fusion-conversion process.A precise control of air flow is very important due to the fusion-conversionprocess requiring a specific air-to-oxygen ratio depending on the furnaceloading. This enables the plant to maintain an accurate pressure signal inorder to prevent surging of the blowers. The air-to-oxygen mixture is thensent to the furnace during the process of copper extraction.The additional challenge consisted of limited space for an accurate flowmeasurement. Previously a 24-in. (600 mm) venturi flowmeter wasinstalled with less than the recommended piping lengths, which resulted inpoor performance. Because of the large size, the piping could not bechanged or replaced due to the associated costs for replacement. Figure 1. Rosemount 1595 Conditioning Orifice PlateIn the mining process, flow measurement technology is important from anaccuracy and repeatability standpoint, but durability and response timeare also essential. The one possible location for a flowmeter installation didnot require reducing the pipe size or adding existing piping for adequatestraight pipe lengths, but it did have to perform accurately after anupstream flow disturbance with limited downstream piping. For more information:© 2006 Rosemount Inc. All rights reserved
  2. 2. METALS & MININGSOLUTION The Rosemount 1595For the service of measuring the air flow to the blowers with reduced Conditioning Orifice Platepiping, Emerson provided the Rosemount 1595 Conditioning Orifice Plate requires less straight run,along with the Rosemount 3095 MultiVariable™ transmitter. The requiredinstallation was only two pipe diameters (2D) after a 90-degree elbow with significantly reducinglimited downstream piping of only two and a half pipe diameters (21/2D). material, labor andGenerally under these conditions, a flowmeter installed after a single procurement costs.elbow with limited downstream piping does not perform as accurately asneeded for this precise measurement. The previous installed venturiproved to be inaccurate in this installation.The Rosemount 1595 Conditioning Orifice Plate requires less straight run,significantly reducing material, labor and procurement costs. It delivers±0.5% accuracy after an upstream flow disturbance and requires only 2Dupstream and 2D downstream of piping. Thus, the Conditioning OrificePlate offered a more economical installation compared to other flowmeasurement technologies due to the limited straight piping.The combination of the 1595 Conditioning Orifice Plate along with the3095 MultiVariable™ transmitter provided a very accurate measurementand actually showed the facility operators that their compressors were notas efficient as they had thought. The engineering operators said that “The1595 Conditioning Orifice Plate and 3095 transmitter performed withpreciseness, fast response and a very repeatable measurement.”Now, the customer is looking to replace all of their existing flowmeters thatare performing poorly due to installation restraints and inadequate pipingwith this conditioning orifice plate flowmeter combination.RESOURCES Figure 2. Rosemount 1595 Conditioning Orifice Plate withRosemount 1595 Conditioning Orifice Plate 3095 MultiVariable™ transmitter, installed in a pipe section with 2D upstream and 2D downstream. 3095 MultiVariable™ Mass Flow Transmitter Emerson logo is a trade mark and service mark of Emerson Electric Co.Rosemount and the Rosemount logotype are registered trademarks of Rosemount Inc.All other marks are the property of their respective owners.Emerson Process Management Emerson Process Management Emerson Process ManagementRosemount Division Heath Place Emerson Process Management Asia Pacific8200 Market Boulevard Bognor Regis Private LimitedChanhassen, MN 55317 USA West Sussex PO22 9SH 1 Pandan CrescentT (U.S.) 1-800-999-9307 England Singapore 128461T (International) (952) 906-8888 T 44 (0) 1243 863121 T (65) 6777 8211F (952) 949-7001 F 44 (0) 1243 867554 F (65) 6777 For more information: www.rosemount.com00830-0400-4828, Rev BA