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Yammer for Dummies …

Yammer for Dummies
Initiative from Belgian Social Security FPS

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More in: Technology , Business
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  • 1. Initiated by Belgian Social Security
    (in collaboration with Sara Jane Deputter, FOD Economie)
  • 2. Social Media Summerschool
  • 3. Facebook little’s brother for business,
    Sahring news,
    Enterprise social network,
    Enhance internal communication and collaboration amongst employees
    What is it?
  • 4. Why should you use it?
    Improve your professional life
    Share knowledge,
    Get to know each others,
    Enhance direct and informal contacts,
    Reduce use of emails,
    Find out new ways of collaborating,
    Searh for solutions to your problems through your entire network,
  • 5. Yammernary
    My feed: all messages posted by people I follow
    Topics -# : hastag : key interests
    Mention - @yammername (ID): refers to a person. The message appear in @yammernames’s My Feed
    DM – Direct Message: private message that dosn’t appear in“My Feed”
    Yunch: Lunch between Yammerfolks
  • 6. Sign up,
    Create your profile,
    Follow colleagues,
    Edit your profile
    Send your 1st message,
    Anything else?
    Where to start?
  • 7.
    Step 1 : create your account
  • 8. Step 1 : create your account
    2 Give your professional email adress
    Confirm via the email you receive in your inbox
  • 9. Step 1 : create your account
    Giveyour data
    4. Clic on NEXT
  • 10. Invite your colleague on yammer (yammer/nameofyournetwork)
    As soon as they join your Yammer, you follow them
    Clic on next
    Step 2 : follow your colleagues
  • 11. Step 3 : edit your profile
    4. Upload a picture (fitting with your professional environment)
    5. Download the tool on your desktop (if your want)
  • 12. Step 3 : edit your profile
    This is the name of your Yammer (e.g. fo our SPF)
    5. Clic on edit
  • 13. Step 3 : edit your profile
    6. Add all data you want to share
  • 14. Step 4: Send your first message
    7. Write down what you want to share
    “update” : you can select :
    Tip: like for Twitter, you can use hashtag # to emphasize a topic
  • 19. Step 4: Send your first message
    React on your colleagues’ message, add a comment, …
    Via “more” you can:
    • add “Topics” (#),
    • 20. See the entire conversation
    • 21. Add a bookmark to find back the message faster
    • 22. Transfer the comment by email
    You like what your read? Clic on “like”
  • 23. Step 4: Send your first message
    Clic on message to send a private message (readable only by the people you have send it to)
    Activity Stream:
    All recent activities on Yammer new members, new topic, …))
  • 24. Step 5: anything else?
    List of groups you belong to.
    Via Groups Directory, you can manage your groups
    You can create groups (interest-based, by teams, for an event ,…). Groups are internal to your Yammer
  • 25. Step 5: anything else??
    Create your own group
    • A name
    • 26. Describe the group
    • 27. Public: free access to everybody
    • 28. Private: join only upon request
    Clic to join or leave a group
    • Locker = Private: join only upon request
  • Step 5: anything else??
    You can edit properties
    Cliqclic on “More”(or less) to see wht you can do
  • 29. Step 5: anything else??
    • Members: your colleagues who are on Yammer. You can decide to (un)follow them
    • 30. Communities:groups of interst shared with colleagues/frieds/contacts from other organisations
    • 31. Topics:list of all topics (#) qui sont déjà utilisés. Clincking on one # give you the list of all messages related to this topic.
    • 32. Upgrade: switch to a paying version of Yammer
    • 33. Invite:send request to colleagues to join Yammer
    • 34. Notifications:you are informed whan new colleagues join, when you have a reply to one of your messages, whan someone mentions you
    • 35. Bookmarks:to be added to find faster a message
    • 36. Likes:when I like, approve the content of a message
  • Step 5: anything else??
    • Sent messages: list of all message you sent
    • 37. RSS: Really Simple Syndication: you get a notification when something new is published about a topic you like
    • 38. Leaderboards:who are the biggest contributors, who get the most “like”
    • 39. Files:all files uploaded on Yammer
    • 40. Images:all images uploaded on Yammer
    • 41. Videos:all videos uploaded on Yammer
    • 42. Praise:all praises given to colleagues
    • 43. Links:all posted links
    • 44. Polls:all posted polls
    • 45. Events:all posted events
    • 46. Questions: all posted questions
    • 47. Org chart:via your profile, you can show the hierarchy links in your team
    • 48. Apps Directory: all applications compatible with Yammer
  • Step 6: Modify your preferences
    Cliic on “my settings”
  • 49. Step 6: Modify your preferences
    Edit your data
    Delete your account
    Edit the language
  • 50. Step 6: Modify your preferences
    Basics: change your first/last name, picture and email
    Profile: edit your profile
    Password:edit your password
    Org chart:edit your organisational chart
    Networks:networks you belong to
    My applications:apps you have downloaded
    Notifications:too many emails -> edit your preferences
    Preferences:edit your preferences?
    • message settings
    • 51. Use full name of @yammername?
    • 52. View on date, time, …
    • 53. Feed settings: how to organise your message on My Feed
    • 54. Publisher settings: Use “enter” to go to the next § instead of sending the message
    Join us on Yammer/HappyYammerBelgianUsers