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    Info Info Presentation Transcript

    • Corporate Presentation
    • Expat Movers - Introduction
      • Expat Movers, a subsidiary of MLI Logistics Pte Ltd, is operating in Singapore since 1998.
      • Our experienced staff offers 19 years of expertise in the field of:
        • International Logistics,
        • Relocation,
        • Packing & Overseas Customs.
      • We have experience of trade and logistics in the USA, Europe & Asia
      • Our Management Team is well aware of the local regulations of the foreign countries where you come from or where you will ship your household goods.
      • We are an independent company; part of a worldwide network .
      • This will gives us the following advantages versus competition:
        • We can choose our partners based on the following criteria:
          • Reputability
          • Reliability
          • Financial strength
        • We are part of a worldwide network and have the choice of best partners within the following associations
          • FIDI,
          • OMNI
          • HHGFAA
          • AMSA
        • We are able to personalize our offer to each individual client
      Expat Movers - Introduction
    • Expat Movers - Introduction
      • Moving to a new country can be a daunting task, a great adventure, an experience you will always remember, that's where EXPAT MOVERS can help you.
      • We, at EXPAT MOVERS, will give you:
        • A professional service,
        • A proper support with a professional organization,
        • A serious planning to make your move as smooth as possible.
        • Useful tips, check-lists...
      • We will make sure nothing has been forgotten.
      • It is all about Planning !
      • Our Services
      Expat Movers
      • Pre-moving advice for shipping and customs regulations
      • Move planning and scheduling
      • Flexible packing arrangements
      • High quality export grade materials
      • Fluent English and French speaking packing supervisors
      • Fully trained packing staff
      • Access to the best reputable, safe and reliable air and shipping lines
      • A choice from a network of the reliable transit/moving agents around the world
      • On-time delivery services
      • Post-move service and follow-up
      Expat Movers – Our Services
        • Education Pre-Assessment
        • Home/Office Search
        • Visa
        • Work Permit
        • Import Permit
        • Useful Links
        • Useful Associations
        • Useful Numbers Cultural Awareness
        • Spouse Career Awareness
      Expat Movers – Our Services
        • Basic Orientation Programs
        • Settling-In Programs
        • Welcome Programs
        • Temporary Accommodations
        • Airport Transfer
        • Business and Social Events Club
        • Membership Assistance
        • Vicinity Discovery
        • Getting to Know Singapore in a Nutshell
      Expat Movers – Our Services
        • International Household Move
        • Domestic Household Move
        • Diplomatic Shipments
        • Worldwide Unaccompanied Baggage / Excess Baggage
        • Fine Art Transport
        • Storage (normal)
        • Storage (air-con)
        • Vehicle Shipment
        • Pet Shipment
        • Pre-departure fumigation (When required)
      Expat Movers – Our Services
        • Driving Theory Test
        • Maid search
        • Service Career
        • Counselling: Legal, Tax
        • Accounting
        • Emergency /Medical Assistance /Doctors Recommendation
        • Car Purchase / Rental
        • Insurance
      Expat Movers – Our Services
        • Return of Leased Furniture
        • Air Ticket Reservation
        • Temporary Accommodation
        • Housing Termination
        • Travel Arrangement
        • Relocation Service To Next Destination
        • Documentation Assistance
        • Post departure House cleaning
        • Maid / Baby sitter service during the packing
      Expat Movers – Our Services
        • Handyman Services
        • House Cleaning
        • Plumbing/Electrical
        • Computer & Internet Installation advise
        • Carpenter Services
        • Art Restoration Services
      Expat Movers – Our Services
      • “ Liftvans” packing technique
      • Expat Movers builds its own liftvans
      • We provide two types of Lifvans
        • 7 x 5 x 7 Inch. = 250 Cft
        • 7 x 6 x 7 Inch. = 300 Cft.
      • These “liftvans” offer the following advantages
        • Dust free environment
        • High level of security during storage period –
        • It will be your exclusive storage vault.
        • Marked with your full details for identification
        • and tracking
      Expat Movers – Our Services
      • Our Unique Services
      Expat Movers
      • We value the importance of the Antiques in a household move and have a unique Antique packaging expertise and service
      • Together with our sister Company Antique Shippers will offer a unique expertise to pack your valuable art pieces such as :
        • Chinese,
        • Thai,
        • Cambodian
        • Burmese Antiques,
        • Vases, Paintings etc .
      • We can even assist you find an art restorer
      • before you ship your antiques outside
      • of Singapore!
      Expat Movers – Our Unique Services
      • We value the importance of what Expat movers call the “emotional items”
      • We establish systematically a list of these “emotional items” and treat them with special care.
      • We have a range of special packaging similar to the ones we use for the antiques items
        • Water proof shipping case
        • Wooden crates
        • Foam wrapping for very fragile items
        • Silica Gel / Humidity Absorbers
        • Water Proof Brown Paper
      Expat Movers – Our Unique Services
      • Our Moving Services
      Expat Movers
        • Even though our employees are always careful and professional when handling personal belongings during transit and storage, it is important to recognize, there is a always a risk of loss or damage while you are shipping your household goods….this why we encourage you to purchase an insurance protection
        • We have arranged a special programme of insurance underwritten by a large and reputable Insurer i.e.. AIG...
        • This insurance programme is specially designed to insure household goods and personal effects for both domestic and international transit
      Expat Movers – Our Moving Service
      • STORAGE
      • We find for each move adapted storage
      • solutions:
        • Storage location (Singapore or at destination)
        • Timeframe of storage
        • Types of facilities
        • Tracking and Coordination in the delivery
      • We have in Singapore and at destination climate-controlled warehouse facilities with modern protection systems against theft and damages like ... pests, water..
      Expat Movers – Our Moving Service
      • We understand and have integrated in our services the importance and emotional attachment to family Pets.
      • We have an expertise and reliable partner in pet transport.
      • We can assure to our customers that all customs regulations, registrations, special travel requirements and medical regulations are under control so that our customer’s pets will arrive safely in their new homes.
      Expat Movers – Our Moving Service
      • Upon request we can ship special items
        • Vehicles
        • Boats…..
      Expat Movers – Our Moving Service
      • Household goods can be shipped directly to the new home or the job site where our partner employees will unload, unpack
      • and install.
      • We will take care of your goods until they are unpacked in your new home at your new destination
      • We can route the household goods to a safe and secure warehouse facilities for storage followed by complete or partial deliveries.
      Expat Movers – Our Moving Services
      • Why Choosing
      • Our Services
      Expat Movers
        • Because we value your attachment to your belongings, we are offering what is important in a move:
          • Packing and loading specialists
          • Experts in logistics who are well acquainted with the exportation and importation of personal effects.
        • This is why you have with Expat movers the guarantee that your packing , shipment and unpacking is in the expert hands of a mover and not a forwarding agent.
        • We don’t want that your furniture and your personal effects are treated like ordinary merchandise !
      We value your belongings
      • What are the items I want to pack? Ask yourself what are the items you really want to keep and ship .
      • What will be the size of my home at destination ? Do I need a storage facility – If yes , we can arrange secure storage for your household goods .
      • What about the import taxes at destination? We will check for you what are the Import Taxes and Entitlements of household and personal effects at destination.
      • Is the voltage the same for my electrical appliances? This is important as it will determine what electric appliance you will take, especially if you come from a 110 volt system country to a 220 volt or vice versa.
      • Can I take my special items.. Like ..firearm, Wine, Alcohol ? They are ‘sensitive goods’ and may be subject to import ban or heavy duties and taxes. We will be able to give you an answer regarding these special items.
      We will give you professional and expert advise
        • Our offer is transparent . We try to integrate all the costs in our offers, to take every potential problem into consideration .
        • Unexpected events can cause delays, increase storage fees or delivery charges. We understand these delays and have the experience to help our clients to be prepared in advance and always find ways to minimize the impact on these unexpected items on their budgets.
        • We will closely inspect all items for quality control
        • We will cross-reference shipping documents to ensure accuracy.
      We have a transparent offer
      • Different steps for the move
      Expat Movers
      • 6 weeks before your move  
      • Make appointment for a pre-move survey with Expat Movers at your home.    
      • Arrange to obtain: passport, visa, work permit, international driving license.    
      • Inform your children’s school of the move and request necessary documents for inscription in their new school.    
      • Ask your bank what are the terms for closing your account it is preferable to transfer your accounts or to arrange transfers to your new country of residence.    
      • Consult your doctor to check that your vaccines are up to date if required in the country of destination.    
      • Consult a veterinary for your pet vaccinations and ask for documents necessary for the transport and entry in your country of destination.    
      • Cancelling local subscriptions - (it may take up to three months notice).
      Expat Movers – What are the different steps of your move
      • We will come to your house or office to do a survey to:
      • Estimate the volume of your belongings. This is a critical step in order to ensure an accurate quotation and make sure that we establish the volume of your goods to be transported in order to use the right packing / shipping tool
      • To address your needs and your concerns (emotional items, antiques, special packaging requirements….)
      • We will give you a check list to help your move preparation from an administrative and practical perspective.
      • Our team will check the house access. Is it difficult, does the Condo has a lift, does it require shuttling, special transport, moving equipments….
      Expat Movers What are the different steps of your move
      • Survey follow up
      • Our customer service executive will prepare a formal quote within three days:
        • Price per Cft from residence to residence (or storage point)
        • Storage price per Cft per month (if required)
        • Fumigation cost (if required)
        • Insurance protection premium
        • List of what is included in the offer and what is excluded.
      • The quotation will be sent to you by mail, fax of by post; directly at home or to your company HR contact person.
      • An expat mover personnel will follow up with you or the HR person after 2 days.
      Expat Movers What are the different steps of your move
      • 4 Weeks before the move
      • Sell or dispose of any items you don't want to take with you.
      • Discuss with Expat Movers about information regarding export customs clearance . Remember that some countries allow tax free entry for goods bought 6 to12 months before their arrival at destination.
      • Provide Expat Movers your list of sensitive or items subject to import restrictions at destination (e.g. alcohol, wines, books, video tapes, animals, medicine, ivory etc.)    
      • Search if necessary for temporary accommodation after the move at home and in your country of destination. It may take few weeks before your consignment is delivered.    
      Expat Movers What are the different steps of your move
      • 2 Weeks before the Move
      • With the forms given to you by Expat Movers, make a detailed inventory with replacement value of all goods to be moved.    
      • Drain fuel from all petrol devices.    
      • Arrange to have your children and pets looked after on the moving day. .. NB : Expat movers can arrange for you a maid/baby sitter fore the day (or days) of the move.
      • Clean and dry all kitchen appliances and garden tools to avoid damage due to humidity during transport.    
      • Expat Movers will prepare the special items packaging: wooden case, case for items to be wrapped with foam, water proof cases….
      Expat Movers What are the different steps of your move
      • 2 Weeks before the Move
      • We will deliver to your house packaging material (wrapping paper, carton boxes, scotch tapes….) if you want to pack some items by yourself
      • Get the Condo Management agreement for the packing team to start working in the premises.
      Expat Movers What are the different steps of your move
      • The day of the packing
      • The team leader will arrive around 9 AM and will introduce to you our packing crew
      • The team leader will identify with specific stickers with the client what has to stay and what has to be packed
      • The team leader will allocate a team by room for the packing
      • Each package will be labeled and marked with: item description, your name and the room description
      • A number will assigned to each package for tracking and easy identification at destination.
      • While our team will take care of all aspects of packing, we appreciate our client valuable support, guidance and advice during this packing phase; whenever needed.
      Expat Movers – What are the different steps of your move
      • The day of the Packing
      Expat Movers – What are the different steps of your move
      • The day of the Packing
      Expat Movers – What are the different steps of your move
      • The day of the Packing: Recommendations
      • Keep aside: passports, confidential documents, cash, travel tickets.
      • Keep aside: personal effects, personal jewellery, hand bags, cameras, hand phones... and clothing that you don’t wish to send with the move.
      • Prepare the new address if you leave the country before the move.
      • Prepare the final valued inventory
      Expat Movers – What are the different steps of your move
    • Expat Movers – What are the different steps of your move
      • Upon completion of the packing
      • We will remit to the clients:
        • The Expat Movers packing list
        • The original insurance certificate
        • Customs documents for the country of destination (to be completed)
        • Performance report for the packing crew and service evaluation
        • Commercial invoice
      • The client will give us
        • A copy of his passport
        • The valued inventory
        • His new address at destination (itinerary form)
        • Signed packing list (the client keeps one copy), the signed customs documents and the performance report.
      • The packing crew will load the container (or the truck)
      Expat Movers – What are the different steps of your move
      • After the container loading
      • The customer is welcomed to witness the sealing
      • of the container.
      • The customer goods will be sent to the port if
      • already in a container or in an Expat Mover warehouse
      • for container loading (or fumigation if required).
      • Expat Movers team will prepare the export customs
      • formalities.
      • The Expat Movers executive will send the customer
      • the loading and shipping schedule confirmation together
      • with a copy of the bill of lading.
      • Expat Movers will send the full details of the overseas partner who will handle the customs clearance, delivering and unloading of container at destination.
      • Expat Movers has a follow up / tracking system which allows you to follow up your shipment.
      Expat Movers – What are the different steps of your move
      • Once the goods are at destination
      • Thanks to the Expat Movers tracking system, the destination agent will be informed of the expected time of arrival (ETA) of the vessel.
      • The Destination agent will arrange the customs clearance of the household goods.
      • The Expat Movers destination agent will deliver and unload the container at the point of destination.
      • The agent will unload the container and install in each designated room the packages
      • The agent team will open all the packages and will help you to put the items at the place of your choice.
      • The agent will remove the packing debris the same day.
      Expat Movers What are the different steps of your move
      • Once the goods are at destination
      • The destination agent will assist you with potential claims
      • In the event you discover, at the point of delivery, that your
      • shipment has incurred damages, you should immediately
      • notify Expat Movers destination agent and the insurance
      • broker
      • You have to fill a claim with the insurance> Logon to go
      • the insurance broker web site and state the damages on line.
      • It is necessary that you send to Expat Movers within 7 days of the date of delivery, these documents by registered mail with the details of any damages incurred as well as supporting quotations for repair.
      Expat Movers What are the different steps of your move