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Dolby meeting 120710 v1.0


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  • 1. building better business TM Fact Finding Meeting Dolby Laboratories Intro to Effective Global Project Management DJ Moulton, Laurence Lew December 7, 2010
    • To obtain direction and information needed to develop the Dolby “Introduction To Effective Global Project Management (PM)” workshop
    • To identify immediate next steps
  • 3. Facing unprecedented growth in its business, Dolby is seeking a way to evolve … “The Dolby Way” COMPANY GROWTH Increase in employee base Increase in geographic footprint Increase in leadership team WORK Increase in number of projects More work spans multiple geographies Increased complexity
    • Dolby is experiencing significant growth in its company and in its work ….
    • … . resulting in a need to develop THE DOLBY WAY
  • 4. The explosive growth in project work poses some key challenges to Dolby … ? What else keeps YOU up at night that project management may be able to solve? 1 There is a need for a greater number of resources with adequate training to effectively manage the large number of projects within the organization 2 There is currently no standard approach to project management within Dolby; project management skill varies widely by individual 3 Managing virtual project teams adds increased complexity and requires special skills to be successful
  • 5. Dolby wishes to take immediate steps to address the increase in project work
    • Offer PM basic training for its employees
      • Incorporate techniques to address project management in virtual teams
    • Provide simple, easy-to-use PM tools
    • Develop a “Dolby PM Standard”
      • Draw from “best practices”, existing Centers of Excellence (e.g. The Mobile Group) and Subject Matter Experts in the organization
      • Understand the benefit of PMI certification to the organization and to its employees
  • 6. Dolby’s first step is to develop a project management basics workshop… Workshop Description Target Audience Things To Consider Key Learning Outcomes
    • A workshop which introduces the fundamental concepts of project management, presents the basic approach towards successfully managing a project, and provides simple tools and techniques that can be used to overcome common obstacles to project completion.
    • Individuals with little or no exposure to traditional project management concepts. Individuals who will be working in or leading project teams.
    • Identify basic roadblocks common to project management in virtual teams and how to address them
    • Project team members learn how to operate in a basic project team
    • Project managers learn how to manage a basic project
    So what should the workshop look like ? ? What other information will help us to create a successful workshop?
  • 7. … then Dolby can address the “Dolby PM Standard,” as well as other ways project management can serve the organization
    • Develop a “Dolby PM Standard”
      • Draw from “best practices”, existing Centers of Excellence (e.g. The Mobile Group) and Subject Matter Experts in the organization
    • Think about how project management can best serve Dolby
      • Is project management a functional skill or is it an organizational competitive advantage?
      • In what ways can project management support the corporate strategy?
      • Can project management help in the organizations basic operations, e.g. resource management, budgeting/finance, compliance …
    • Conduct a Current-State/Future-State PM Skills Assessment
      • Assess the organization’s existing PM capability, i.e. how good is Dolby currently at project management?
      • Determine the organization’s desired PM capability, i.e. how good should Dolby be at project management?
  • 8. Our immediate next steps …
    • Review project plan
      • Agree on overall timeline and approach
    • Conduct workshop development
    • Continue discussion on how we can help Dolby’s overall organizational effectiveness