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Front cover

  1. 1. The target audience of this magazine would people who are planning to go to college and possibly their parents too. The reason for this audience is that there is students on the front which shows who the audience is. The girl in the main picture is not looking at the camera, she is looking down at her work. This means that it doesn’t look as personal. Also, she looks stressful, which will put people off from reading the magazine. She looks quite isolated from everything. The title ‘T.H.S Academy College’ is in red bubble writing with a line underneath. This stands out and appeals to anyone. Because there are sub-headlines related to exams and looking for a job, it shows that the target audience is students.
  2. 2. The title ‘Eddies’ is brightly coloured and stands out from the blue background and has a unique name. ‘ Back to school!’ is the main headline and stands out again so the audience knows what they will be reading about. The sub-headings are related to school and will appeal to the target audience and also their parents. It gives them the information that will interest them. The main picture shows people of the same age as the target audience. The headline is a different colour from the title and stands out as it’s white.
  3. 3. The title of the magazine is on the contents page, and is the same from what was on the title page. It’s clear it’s the contents page, and it’s in black which is a different colour. However, the black writing blends in with the girls hair, so this is a flaw to it. The main image on the contents page is of the same girl on the front of the magazine. On one hand this shows consistency but on the other hand it shows they didn’t use any other models. The three subheadings are in different colours, bright colours, that make them stand out. Each page subject is black and in bold which draws our attention to those subjects. The page number is bold and yellow which also makes them stand out.
  4. 4. The ‘contents’ title is bold and black which contrasts from the white background. The school logo is in the top right corner, which shows what school the magazine is for. The numbers along the left side stand out from the blue background. The title of each page is dark blue which stands out from the white background. All the pictures are to do with the school, and they show clearly what will be in the magazine. All the sub titles of in black and are also standing out in front of the white background.