A2 Music Video Research 2


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This is my second music video research powerpoint presentation. The song I am using this time is 'We Are Young' by FUN. and Janelle Monae.

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A2 Music Video Research 2

  1. 1. A2 Music Video Research Lauren Maskrey
  2. 2. Music Video 2:FUN. & Janelle Monae- We Are Young
  3. 3. How’re the band/artist represented? Is this similar across the videos?:In the video ‘We Are Young’, by Fun. and Janelle Monae, the band and the artistare presented as an older fashioned band in a more modern atmosphere. I like thisidea as it shows the difference between older fashioned atmospheres and moremodern atmosphere’s. In the video they don’t change where they are performing,how they’re dressed or what they are doing. This shows some consistence, but Iwouldn’t want this for my video, I would prefer a variety of settings and what myartists do in the video, I would want to change their outfits too.
  4. 4. What relationships exist between images and lyrics in the chosen video?:There is some relationship between the images and lyrics in the video. This isbecause there is a young teenage girl in the video experiencing the party scene.‘We Are Young’ represents this. I don’t think that the images in the video relatemuch with the lyrics. I don’t want this to happen with my music video, I will makesure that the lyrics and the video coincide.
  5. 5. What relationship exists between the music and the images?:The music video and the images do have some similarities, the scenes in the videoare things that are mentioned in the video. When the teenage girl is at the bar inthe club, the lyrics and music are fitting for that scene. However, most of the musicdoesn’t have much reference to the images and they don’t have many similarities.In my music video, I want the music, lyrics and images to be fitting and I want themto have reference to each other. This means that the audience will have betterunderstanding of the video than something that is more mixed up.
  6. 6. Are there any inter-textualreferences to other media forms? If so who/what?:There are no other major inter-textual references to other media forms, apart froma new phone to be released ‘The Windows Phone’ which gets thrown across theclub by a teenage girl. I will probably have phones and other media forms in myvideo as it is going to be a modern music video.
  7. 7. Is it possible to see any common features in the music video?:There are some common features in the music video, these are:The suits that make the band look more old fashioned, but they’re playing in amodern club.The teenage girl dancing and getting into trouble.The slow-motion in the video.I am going to have some reoccurring features in my video, but I like the use ofslow motion as it makes it seem more interesting and makes it seem like you are inthe scene.
  8. 8. What taglines or catchphrases are present?:‘We Are Young’ is constantly used in the video. The phrase is repeated again andagain, and the video is based on this tagline. This is done by showing teenagers ina club and getting up to various things. I would like a catchphrase in my musicvideo so it’s catchy and I have something to base my video on.