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a brief and concise guide to vitamins, minerals, fats, protein and carbohydrates

a brief and concise guide to vitamins, minerals, fats, protein and carbohydrates



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    Nutritiontable Nutritiontable Document Transcript

    • Protein FatsProtein comes from products like fish, eggs, Unsaturated fat is good for us, it comes cheese and meat. Vegetarians may struggle from sources like oily fish and seeds andto obtain protein from these sources so they olives. It can lower blood cholesterol must eat alternative protein sources like quorn, tofu, nuts, beans and seeds. Saturated fat is bad for us, it raises blood cholesterol and can lead to blocked arteriesProtein is needed for the growth and repair and coronary heart disease. It comes fromof the body. If you cut yourself protein will animal products like lard, meat, cheese, repair the cut. cream. A lack of protein could lead to a stunted Fat is needed for energy and warmth. growth, brittle nails/hair. Vitamins A+D are fat soluble Carbohydrates Carbohydrates come in two forms sugary and starchy. Any carbohydrate not used by the body is converted to fat. Sugary carbs come from sugar, give us energy but not much else. This can be natural sugar too (found in fruit). Starchy carbs gives us long lasting energy, comes from cereals, pulses. Low in fat. Starchy carbs also gives us FIBRE which is needed to help prevent constipation and bowel cancer. Vitamins Minerals Iron - helps make red blood cells, which carry Vitamin A – aids night vision. Obtained from oxygen around the body. Obtained from green oily fish, liver, eggs, carrots. Lack of this results vegetables, livers, kidneys, red meat. in impaired vision. Lack of this can lead to Anaemia. Vitamin B – releases energy. Obtained from Calcium – strengthens bones and teeth. Works meat, fish, eggs. Lack of this results in cracked with vitamin D. Obtained from milk, cheese, lips – OUCH! cream, yoghurt. Lack of this can lead to brittle bones. Vitamin C – protects against infection. Obtained from peppers, citrus fruits, green veg. Lack of Folic Acid – correct formation of foetus in this results in scurvy. pregnant women, prevents spina bifida, Obtained from green vegetables. Vitamin D – works with calcium for strong bones and teeth. Obtained from the sun, oily fish Fluoride – works with tooth enamel to protect and eggs. Lack of this can cause rickets. teeth. Obtained from fortified toothpastes and water supplies. Lack of this can lead to tooth decay.