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Coeliacs/diabetes/pregnancy/CHD Coeliacs/diabetes/pregnancy/CHD Presentation Transcript

  • Coeliacs Coeliacs cannot digest the protein called gluten which is found in wheat. Wheat is used in a large range of products from breads, cakes and pasta If someone with coeliac disease is exposed to gluten, they may experience a wide range of symptoms and adverse effects, including: diarrhoea bloating abdominal pain weight loss Gluten free alternatives are now being produced where they extract the gluten. Gluten free flours are now available/ Gluten Free symbol
  • Diabetes Diabetes is a common disease. There are two types, type 1 diabetes which you are normally born with and then type 2 which is caused by lifestyle choices like an unbalanced diet and no exercise Diabetes is a condition where the amount of glucose in your blood is too high because the body cannot use it properly. Everyone is recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle and managing your weight well is particularly important if you have diabetes. Take regular exercise and eat a balanced diet
  • Pregnancy During pregnancy it is important that the mum follows a well balanced diet and has a healthy BMI. During the last three months of pregnancy mum will need about 300 KCAL more a day. Mothers who lack sufficient folic acid before conception and in early pregnancy are at increased risk of having a baby with spina bifida . The need for calcium doubles during pregnancy, and are particularly high during the last ten weeks when calcium is being laid down in the baby's bones .
  • CHD Coronary heart disease is the biggest killer in the UK. CHD occurs because too much blood cholesterol has been deposited in the arteries to the heart, limiting the blood flow to the heart. A heart attack occurs when one of the coronary arteries blocks completely. CHD can be prevented through eating a balanced diet which is low in saturated fat, also taking plenty of exercise and not smoking both help. Taking steps to reduce saturated fat in the diet can help, cutting visible fat from meat, reducing or eating only small amounts of products like butters / cheeses. Blocked arteries
  • Coeliacs C (Cant eat gluten) O (Oats) E