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  • The success of our campaign depends on a thorough understanding of your customers, consumers and communities.
  • Now: Pepsi Refresh, General Pepsi Facebook Fan Page~2.5 Million fans, 47,000 followers of the General Pepsi Twitter. Has sub pages and accounts too.


    Pepsi Co. already has a very strong online marketing identity. However there are tweeks that I see that can be made. By incorporating some traditional marketing with their social media sites they can go over an beyond. My main focus for them would be to try to get the College, 18-25 year old demographic back.
    Pepsi Co brand is very large and can be found in over 200 countries:
    To name a few:
    Pepsi, Frito Lay, Tropicanna, Quaker and Gatorade.
    My main focus to bring forth to the client would be on their Pepsi Refresh Project and getting their soft drinks back on top as well as knocking out Monster and Redbull out of the top sports for energy drinks and get amps’ numbers up there too.
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  • Focus on your cause and project. It has so much potential.
    Currently you are looking for people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive impact.
    Pepsi is having people take a look around their communities and think about how they want to change it.
    They have the opportunity to create an idea, or support one.
    Pepsi is accepts 1000 ideas every month
    On the first of the month people can vote for up to 10 of their favorite ideas each day
    Already doing a very positive project, good feedback across the boards. Now we can build up more publicity with an event.
    From August through November start pushing the competition
    Do a 24-hour texting/tweet event that leads to a benefit concert/celebrities, on campus. Competition between Big Ten Schools.
    This will create the buzz in the 18-24 year old demographic.
    Main social media usage would be through Twitter and Facebook as well as with Mobile Device use
    This would be easy to track since it is a competition on the number of “Tweets,” “Reposts,” and “Texts
  • Ongoing Media Relations Activities, Start our initial focus on Pepsi Products—Pepsi Max and amp
    Focusing on the Pepsi brand. Make them the go to cola; keep your customers coming back.
    Why Pepsi over Coke? Over Dr. Pepper? Etc.
    Get Viral: Use YouTube videos of spring/summer vacations, the best thirst quencher. Use real customers—on a boat with a cooler of Pepsi, start them on YouTube then stream them to traditional TV advertisement
    Create Campus Buzz:
    Like Redbull, Monster, get campus representatives for amp.
    Focus on Sporting Events too, and the Extreme Lifestyle
  • The amp campaign will launch May 1st and continue for a year ending on April 30th with a major emphasis on distinguishing amp as a brand and stealing share from its competitors. The campaign will be constant all year round but some months will be lower than others, so a pulsing strategy is required. The campaign will be at its highest frequency and reach period in the months of February, July and November. These months are based on major sporting events and concerts around February and July, such as NASCAR and the Super Bowl. In November we will be increasing advertising during college tailgating seasons and during exam week. January and March are the lowest period for reach and frequency and that is when advertising will be decreasing.

    The main objective of this campaign is to increase brand awareness and unseat Monster for second-place in the industry. Since energy drink users are brand loyal, getting the younger demographic of users, ages 13-35, will provide a self-sustaining market for years to come. Males are the primary users of energy drinks, so although amp will market to all, the primary focus will be on male users.
    The brand is currently positioned as an energy drink that will help you amp up, which is a strategy that would be wise to continue. There needs to be more emphasis on the fact that amp is not just an energy drink, but a lifestyle. amp is going to be positioned as the brand that gets you to the next level, so whether you are trying to perform that impossible trick in the skateboard ramp, or stay up that extra hour to get a better grade on that important final, amp is the drink that will amp up your performance and get the job done.
    Use celebrity Blogs, Videos from X-Games, etc

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  • Pepsico.ppt

    1. 1. Social Media Marketing Strategy LF
    2. 2. Mission and Vision “At PepsiCo, we believe being a responsible corporate citizen is not only the right thing to do, but the right thing to do for our business” Your Mission To be the world's premier consumer products company focused on convenient foods and beverages. Your Vision "PepsiCo's responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate -environment, social, economic - creating a better tomorrow than today." In everything you do, you strive for honesty, fairness and integrity. LF
    3. 3. Why LF for the Job… Like you, we are driven by the intense, competitive spirit of the marketplace We will direct this spirit toward solutions that will benefit both your company and your consumers We are prepared to go the extra mile to show we care Like your products, we will provide a campaign and marketing strategy only that we are proud of We will speak with truth and candor, in addition to being clear, honest and accurate, we are responsible for ensuring your communications are understood LF
    4. 4. 2,500,00 0Pepsi Facebook Fans 47,000Twitter Followers LF
    5. 5. Next Move… Start off with a few projects and expand Pepsi Refresh Project The Pepsi Brand The Go To Soft Drink amp Energy Drink The Go To Energy Drink LF
    6. 6. Pepsi Refresh Project Do Some Good On Campus LF Create Buzz on Campus A Competition Between Big Ten Schools 24-Hour Texting/Tweeting Event Students from the schools can either create or support an idea Campaign will run from August through November Students will be driven to the Website/ Facebook/Twitter pages then they will submit their votes and Ideas Winners will be judged through proven social media engagement implemented in a strategic timeline
    7. 7. Lets Get Viral: Use YouTube videos of spring/summer vacations! Use real customers—on a boat with a cooler of Pepsi We can start them on YouTube then stream them to traditional TV advertisement LF The Go To Soft Drink
    8. 8. Distinguish amp as a brand and steal share from its competitors Create campus representatives for US 4-year colleges and universities, with those representatives, create a Facebook Fan Page personalized for each campus On those pages post times/places of where one can get free amp and swag LF The Go To Energy Drink
    9. 9. LF 30% Facebook/Twitter 25% Campus Representatives 25% YouTube 20% Facebook/Twitter Budget
    10. 10. What’s Next? • Pepsi Co/LF Weekly Calls • Weekly Reports • Strategy Approval • Key Spokespeople Availability for Media Interviews, YouTube Videos, Photo Opportunities for Facebook Pages, Blog Posts on Website, Tweets back and forth between us and them – Viking Football Players, NFL, other athletes—PEPSI MAX – Dale Ernhardt, JR—amp – Singers/Actors LF