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Choosing fonts
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  • 1. FontsLauren Menage
  • 2. ConstantiaORated – I quite like this font because it looks quite professional and not too childish for my target audience age
  • 3. Bernard MT CondensedO Rated – I didn’t mind this font but im not too sure on it yet because it might be a bit too bold and chunky which might make it hard to read
  • 4. Adobe Fan Heiti Std BO Rated – I thought this font was a bit too plain and spaced out
  • 5. Edwardian Script ITCO Rated – I really liked this font but it doesn’t suit the genre of music I am looking at and it is quite hard to read sometimes. I want my font to stand out against other magazines and I don’t think this font will do that
  • 6. Freestyle ScriptO Rated – this font seems too arty for my music magazine so I don’t think I will be using this one
  • 7. Baskerville Old FaceO Rated – I think this was my favourite font as its quite simplistic and isnt over the top and I also don’t think it will get lost in the rest of the magazine. In the right colour I think this will make a good font for my front cover
  • 8. ElephantO Rated – I think this font is similar to the Bernard MT Condensed font. This one seems easier to read than the Bernard one however I still think it may be a bit too chunky.
  • 9. Felix TitlingO Rated – i like the simplicity of this font however i don’t like the way that it is always in capital letters so i don’t think i will be using this one
  • 10. The following colours have the inspirationfrom Billboard magazine as out of the threechart music magazines I could find, thisrelates more to both male and femaleaudience and doesn’t involve so much pink.All colours chosen are all unisex.
  • 11. Baskerville Old Face1 Bernard MT Condensed2 Constantia 3