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Fresh Start to LinkedIn Recruiter
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Fresh Start to LinkedIn Recruiter


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  • and LinkedIn RecruiterSay: Now let’s talk about the differences between and LinkedIn Recruiter.Ask: What are some things that you can do on Comment on customer responses.[Animation 1] Say: is the personal side of the network. This is how you are used to accessing the network. is where your personal professional profile sits, where you build your network, participate in Groups, and get the latest news. What happens here stays here – and stays with you even when you move on or move up. Everything here is yours.Ask: Okay, now let’s talk about LinkedIn Recruiter. What are some things you can do on Recruiter?Do: Comment on Customer responses.[Animation 2] Say: LinkedIn Recruiter is the company side of the network. This is how you access the network for your work and doing your job. Recruiter is where you source candidates, post jobs, and send InMail communications. What happens in Recruiter stays in Recruiter – and also stays with your company.[Animation 3]Say: Once you have access to your Recruiter account, a permeable wall is created between and Recruiter. So, although the two sites are distinct, your information is able to flow between them. For example, as we just talked about on the last slide, the profile you create on is the one you use to represent yourself when you post jobs and send InMail messages from Recruiter. Time: 3 minutes
  • Transcript

    • 1. Fresh Start with LinkedIn Recruiter
    • 2. Today’s agenda –  Log in!  Demo  Accessing the Training Center  Courses to take
    • 3. How to Log In! 3
    • 4. 5 Recruiter Demo
    • 5. 6 Training to Success! ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
    • 6. How to access the training center LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
    • 7. 8 Suggested WebEx Live Training Courses Use LinkedIn to Enhance your Recruiting Efforts (30 minutes) In this session, participants will learn how to leverage the functionality of their personal accounts to ensure their Recruiter activities will achieve the best possible results.  List how many members are on LinkedIn  Explain importance of LinkedIn membership  Identify key facets of profile to develop to attract passive candidates  Locate profile privacy settings  Locate Groups and explain basic group best practices Succeed with LinkedIn recruiter: (60 minutes) An introductory course in how to use LinkedIn Recruiter to post jobs, search the network, reach candidates, and take advantage of the built-in organization and collaboration tools.  Describe benefits of being a member on LinkedIn  List areas of profile to tailor to attract passive candidates  Describe differences between & Recruiter  List benefits of Jobs, InMail, Search and Collaboration  Explain daily work flow within Recruiter  List Boolean modifiers supported by Recruiter Searching with Boolean Modifiers and Other Refinement Filters: (45 minutes) In this foundational course, participants will learn how to build keyword search strings using boolean modifiers and idenitfy refinement facets to get better search results. We will also explore saving searches, and setting search alerts so Recruiter can do the work for you.  Select appropriate keywords and search terms to include in a search.  Create search strings using Boolean modifiers.  Use refinement facets to refine search results.  Use Custom and Talent Pipeline Refinement filters to refine search results  Locate Save Search tool  Explain Search Alert tool and locate within Recruiter Engage Talent with Effective InMail Messages : (45 minutes) Learn InMail messaging techniques, including how to strategically send InMail in bulk and create templates.  List key benefits of InMail  Explain InMail best practices in communication  Identify poor practices with InMail communication  Explain 7-day response guarantee  Explain InMail rating system/score LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved8
    • 8. 9 Instructor led Webinar Details Strengthen your Searching (60 Minutes) Learn how to correct poorly performing searches with the proper use of Boolean modifiers to generate tighter search results, apply the different methods of talent mining to uncover relevant profiles, and employ a methodical workflow within recruiter to get more done faster. • Analyze search results and search strings to identify the issues that cause poor search results. • Use keyword fields, activity filters, and refinement filters to improve search results. • Identify and apply the different methods of talent mining. • Use Saved Searches, Search History, and Search Alerts to work more efficiently. Building and Managing your Pipeline: (45 minutes) Learn our best practices for building and managing a strong pipeline for you and your organization. • Explain the value of pipelining candidates. • Describe the purpose, and functions of LinkedIn Recruiter’s Talent Pipeline features: tags, statuses, sources, import. • Use projects, notes, tags, statuses, sources, importing, custom fields, Update Me, and searching your pipeline to manage anticipated hiring needs. • Use Saved Searches, Search History, and Search Alerts to work more efficiently. LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved9