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Non linear powerpoint - conflicts
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Non linear powerpoint - conflicts


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  • 1. Types of Conflict By: Lauren Johnson
  • 2. Four Main Types of Conflict 1. Man vs. Man 2. Man vs. Nature 3. Man vs. Society 4. Man vs. Himself Your Challenge
  • 3. Man vs. Man Man vs. man conflict is external conflict that exists between two people – male or female. This can be an argument, disagreement, misunderstanding, physical fight, or other type of conflict. What are some examples? Examples
  • 4. Examples of Man vs. Man Conflict  Strangling and shooting in Of Mice and Men  School shooting in Give a Boy a Gun  Rape in Speak Go Back
  • 5. Man vs. Nature Man vs. nature conflict is a conflict that exists between a man or woman and an outside force. A man or woman can have a conflict with weather, animals, land, natural disasters, etc. What are some examples? Examples
  • 6. Examples of Man vs. Nature Conflict  TV show Survivor  Surviving natural disasters (ex: Hurricane Katrina)  Man vs. Wild  In novel Holes, Stanley trying to survive in the desert Go Back
  • 7. Man vs. Society Conflict between man and society occurs when a man or woman disagrees with societal beliefs, laws, values, or customs. What are some examples? Examples
  • 8. Examples of Man vs. Society Conflict  Rosa Parks’ refusal to leave her bus seat  Huck Finn’s desire to travel with Jim despite societal rules  The Book Thief Go Back
  • 9. Man vs. Self Man vs. self is a conflict that occurs internally. This conflict occurs when a character struggles with his thoughts, ideas, morals, and/or beliefs. What are some examples? Examples
  • 10. Examples of Man vs. Self  Hamlet’s internal struggle  Jay’s inability to come to terms with present in The Great Gatsby  Dimmesdale’s physical torture in The Scarlet Letter Go Back
  • 11. Think about the types of conflicts that exist in our class text, The House on Mango Street. What are the major conflicts? What type of conflict are they? What does this teach you about the text? Your Challenge