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Style Sheet Powerpoint

  1. 1. My Magazine<br />
  2. 2. STYLE SHEET<br />COLOUR SCHEME<br />Possible fonts for article headings and mast head<br />POP<br />POP<br />POP<br />These are some examples of the types of images I will use. I will include a variety of posed and live shots at different angles to show the variety of music which was popular in the 80s. I will use a variety of old and new photos to show the artists ‘back in the day’ and to show what they are like now. <br />This will be the font that the main body text will be written in.<br />
  3. 3. Pitch<br />POP is an old magazine which has been brought back for an 80s pop/pop rock music special edition. The magazine will be aimed at an older audience of around 30 - 40 as this is the age group of people who were around when this music was first released. However the magazine will also be suitable for teenagers who are also fans of 80s music. Readers are likely to be both male and female happy people who have a passion for 80s pop/pop rock music and like to show this by wearing bright clothing. <br />The magazine will cover a range of 80s music including pure pop such as Bananarama and music with a more rock side such as Blondie. It will feature ‘then and now’ articles showing how the artists have changed from the 80s and will include information about comeback albums and tours. Articles on 80s popstars will be featured as well as song lyrics and posters.<br />It will have a bold and bright style to represent the 80s with a higher ratio of picture to text on the front cover. There will be a variety of posed and live photography, however there will be a large posed photograph used on the front cover.<br />The double page spread will feature an article about how Madonna is searching for the next ‘Material Girl’ showing how she is stepping away from the 80s. It will also say how the 80s is coming back or beginning for some artists such as The Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga as some of their music has an 80s influence. <br />
  4. 4. Front Cover – Flat Plans<br />
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Contents Page – Flat Plans<br />
  7. 7.
  8. 8. DPS – Flat Plan<br />
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Reasoning for choices<br />My audience researching influenced my the choices I’ve made about how my magazine will be. On my survey I asked what colours people thought represented 80s music and the answers were mostly a range of bright colours. Both green and purple were popular answers therefore this is why I have chosen to use these colours. I have also decided to use the colour white which was influence from my existing product research. ‘No1 Magazine’ consisted of a white background which I thought worked well. It also means that the bright colours I am using will stand out more.<br />The reasoning behind my font choice is also through my existing product research. I found that text/articles were written using a simple font so that they are easy to read therefore I have decided to follow this route. The title ‘POP’ will be written in bold so that it stands out and reflects the 80s music era as being ‘bold’ and ‘making a statement.’ <br />I will use mostly posed photography as I found this was mostly used in the magazines I researched, especially for the front cover. I will use a full body, posed shot for the front cover which ‘No1 magazine’ has influenced me to do.<br />