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1  done. looking back at your preliminary task, what
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1 done. looking back at your preliminary task, what


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  • 1. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product.
  • 2. The tools I used when producing my YC magazine and the tools I used when producing my final magazine...
    From the lists of tools I used in each magazine, I can see that I used a lot more tools in the making of my final magazine. This shows my progression from my YC magazine and shows how my Photoshop skills have improved.
    Final Magazine
    YC Magazine
    • Text tool – For the masthead and cover lines.
    • 11. Shape tool – To put a background behind the masthead so it could be seen more clearly.
    • 12. Free transform - To adjust the image size.
  • Improvements since my YC magazine...
    Bigger Masthead
    When designing my final product I decided that my masthead must be much bigger than it was in my YC magazine. I wanted it to stand out so that it would attract my audience.
  • 13. My final magazine looks much better with a clear background as it makes it look more professional. This is an improvement from my college magazine as for that I didn’t do anything to the background and kept the background from the image. I used the background eraser to make this improvement.
    2.Clear Background behind image
  • 14. 3. Variety of cover lines with different fonts and colours
    When I made my YC magazine my cover lines were all written in similar fonts and in black. This looked boring and nothing stood out therefore when I made my final magazine I used colour and different fonts to make my front cover more interesting. I also used drop shadow to add interest to some of my cover lines.
  • 15. 4. Bar code, price and issue number
    My YC magazine did not feature a bar code, price or issue number. Therefore when I made my final magazine I made sure I included these conventions.
  • 16. From YC magazine to my final product...
  • 17. Unlike the YC magazine contents page, for my final magazine I have included the text and photos. I have developed my contents page by presenting the information in random boxes instead of columns,