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Custom campaigns corpcomm

  1. 1. Livestream Corporate Communication
  2. 2. 2013 Tesla shareholder meeting •  Livestream is the global leader in broadcasting live on the web •  In-house video production company: 100–150 productions per month •  Custom web development team (90/150 employees in dev/tech) •  We make live broadcasting on the web a reality simple!
  3. 3. Features and Capabilities Our platform focuses on helping clients: •  •  •  Extend reach with strategic live streaming integration into aid in information sharing Stream video in real time or save for rebroadcasts as video on demand. Branded player and event page with company messaging.
  4. 4. Live Streaming
  5. 5. Livestream Production & Promotion •  •  •  •  •  Video Production: TV broadcast quality production team with state of the art gear Encoding: award winning and industry leading encoding software and hardware Custom Web Development: custom integration of features you select on your site, Facebook fan page and more Dedicated Project Management: provided to monitor your production fully throughout life of project Promotion: reach 10MM+ social subscribers and activate advertising to an in market audience of viewers who watch live streams
  6. 6. Livestream Production Services
  7. 7. Live on your site
  8. 8. Key Benefits: 1. Connect with professionals who can’t physically attend an event. 2. Social Media value 3. Ready-made content platform that allows for: •  Live video, archive video, photos, text posts, graphics •  Feeding for your (i) website (ii) Facebook page (iii) YouTube channel (iv) Twitter feed •  Real time editing and clip creation; full file downloading 4. Global CDN allows to to stream from anywhere in the world
  9. 9. Case Studies
  10. 10. •  To keep employees and investors informed on new partnerships, IMG Worldwide conducts digital roundtable discussions from their offices around the globe. •  IMG utilized Livestream’s in house production team to produce their event. Livestream provided a 2HD camera solution using our turnkey production switcher, the Livestream Studio HD500. •  IMG’s goal was to re-energize their meetings and inspire conversation between new partners within the IMG organization. Each new partnership and investment gave a 10 minute presentation showcasing capabilities and technology. Viewers were able to ask questions through comments and chat, presenters were able to answer in real time through moderation.
  11. 11. F8: Facebook Developer’s Conference •  As the official livestreaming partner of Facebook, Livestream has unparalleled access to providing video production services for the world’s leading social media hub •  This year’s Livestream of the event allowed 300 times the number of people at the event to view it LIVE •  Livestream-produced live video drew in over half a million unique viewers
  12. 12. •  Full coverage of the 2012 Google I/O Developers conference •  Updates included Google Glass, Nexus 7, Chrome browser for web and mobile, Android, Jelly Bean OS and more •  Live demonstrations of Google Glass via skydiving entrance!
  13. 13. •  Moet Hennessy used Livestream for their 2013 Distributor conference from the Times center in NYC. Goal was to present champagne strategy and marketing initiatives for for 2014. •  Player iFrame was embedded within Moet’s internal intranet system, restricting viewership to from public viewing. •  Moet received project management to assist with account configuration, analytics, and support through their production.