Lululemon Athletica Digital Strategy Critique


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Digital Strategy critique for MKTG 7546

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Lululemon Athletica Digital Strategy Critique

  1. 1. Lauren Byrd MKTG 7546 Digital Strategy Critique
  2. 2. Lululemon Athletica was founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson. Lululemon opened its first store in November 2000 in Kitsilano, a beach area of Vancouver, BC. For the first quarter of fiscal 2014, Lululemon expected net revenue to be in the range of $377 million to $382 million and the company ended the 2014 fourth quarter on February 2, 2014 with 254 stores in North America and Australia. About/History
  3. 3. SWOT
  4. 4. Direct Competitors Nike Adidas Fabletics Athleta Under Armour Indirect Competitors J. Crew Urban Outfitters GAP American Apparel Competitor Information Strengths Strong global brand Lots of celebrity/athlete endorsements Swoosh known worldwide Weaknesses Labor/ factory conditions Can be expensive at full price Online prices can be high compared to sales in stores Opportunities Fashion forward clothes, new yoga line Strong social media presence for influence Threats Very competitive brands in athletic gear, tennis shoes, etc. Fake imitations and replicas sold worldwide Nike
  5. 5. Lululemon embraced see through yoga pant scandal & posted ad to website and social media after Jimmy Kimmel commercial Jimmy Kimmel Anything new? watch?v=hZkSFhfL-hM
  6. 6. Brand loyalty through community Experience = drive consumer base Grassroots marketing approach Rely on community for promotion through word-of-mouth Website for selling clothing Each store has its own personal FB page to promote community events Social media – promote healthy lifestyles Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Shit Yogis Say Previews of Clothing Current digital marketing practices
  7. 7. Facebook Lululemon Social Media
  8. 8. Instagram Social Media
  9. 9. Facebook page (if only Lululemon is searched, the official Facebook page is not shown, it will only come up if the words ‘Athletica’ are also included in the search) Facebook Confusion?
  10. 10. A larger advertising strategy should be formed More visibility online Promotion Strategies Discounts, Loyalty program Social media should attract more than one segment Different videos & pictures that aren’t just women and yoga Respond to customers with complaints & show that it has been resolved on website Executive Summary
  11. 11. Be more searchable with an encompassing online presence Become more segmented to other age and gender groups in social media and marketing efforts Break stereotypes that Lululemon is just yoga apparel online and in stores, and improve customer relations and feedback on the website Increase sales and loyal customers Goals and Strategies
  12. 12. Online advertising Google ads, Facebook ads, Banner ads Fix search name on Facebook page Personal store FB pages get confusing and only some personal stores manage Twitter accounts Good to connect with other stores but need to stem off of main page Tactics
  13. 13. Break gender/age/activity stereotypes Show videos/pictures of people using/wearing Lululemon in different activities on social media other than just yoga and use models that are various ages and gender Promote young kids and men more on social media and web pages New youth line – Ivivva (PROMOTE IT) More Tactics
  14. 14. Create an app Om finder is a yoga finder tool created by Lululemon but the store does not have its own app Link app with loyalty program Respond to quality issues with answers and refunds Wunder Under pants are receiving bad reviews on the website In order to get rid of these reviews, people must be refunded if the pants are not of good quality More Tactics
  15. 15. Om Finder App
  16. 16. Product Reviews
  17. 17. Loyalty Program Loyalty program Marketed in stores, websites, and social media. Information will be given by staff to customers during the purchase 10 credit points will be earned for every $100 spent, when reaching 100 credit points a gift is given. The gift could be merchandise or perhaps a free fitness class at a participating gym, workout, or yoga studio. Quarterly discounts Weekly updates on new products Keep expanding product line More promotion offers across the wide range of stores Allow engagement and ideas from community and not just ambassadors More Tactics
  18. 18. Sales growth, operational growth, and product innovation are all KPI’s that would best demonstrate a good digital marketing performance Hootsuite Google Analytics Monitor social media accounts Monitor website for product reviews Measurement/Metrics
  19. 19. Compare Rate of Investment (ROI) before and after the marketing strategy implementation. Compare the customer engagement by viewing the number of tweets, Facebook views, etc. logged compared to the past. Increased traffic to the website should also increase. View Google analytics to see if traffic to the site has increased since the marketing strategies have launched. Measurement/Metrics
  20. 20. More online advertising Men & children used more in ads to break stereotypes Product reviews on website resolved Loyalty program, app, better customer purchasing online and in store Summary
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